Save a Little Dumpling

   Qiqi closes her laptop then kisses the computer before putting it into her backpack. Yeah! Finished! She savors the last bite of the delicious Strawberry Cake then looks out the Cafe’s large window, it is snowing!

Qiqi sips water while considering if she should order another cup of coffee or go down the street to pick out a dress for tomorrow night. She looks at her watch then watches the snow falling outside.The Pear Blossom tree strung with lights outside the cafe already has a thin layer of glistening white snow. Qiqi sighs,So beautiful! 

 When she leaves the Cafe she is very happy she put the finishing touches on her Webtoon. She impulsively takes a selfie with the Pear Blossom tree in the background then puts it on her official Weibo. She looks at the picture, nice! The snow covered tree is beautiful! The photo only captures her profile looking up catching snowflakes in her open palm, she doesn’t want anyone to recognize her. But Xue said the higher ups want her to post more to build her fan base.

She captions it ‘Catching snowflakes after finishing the latest arc.’ After Qiqi puts her phone away she playfully spins around. I need to find the perfect dress to catch CEO Sun’s attention at the Jade Auction! 

   Qiqi wanders aimlessly down the crowded sidewalk. She can’t help but smile when she sees a small boy bundled up in a bright blue puffer jacket sticking his pink tongue out to catch a snowflake.

The tall man holding his hand is talking on his phone and not paying attention to the boy as he drags him along. Qiqi watches the little fat dumpling moving his short legs trying to keep pace with the man. When the little boy spots a small black ktten he begins jumping and straining to get out of the man’s grip. Qiqi can’t take her eyes off the little boy, I wish I could draw him, he is absolutely adorable, he could be a little brother in the next arc.

   Obviously the tall man is angry with whomever he is speaking with because he suddenly raises his voice and stops. When he is distracted the little boy takes the chance to break free and run towards the black kitten.

Qiqi reacts faster than the man who is focused on his phone conversation as the little boy trips over the edge of the sidewalk while chasing the small frightened kitten. The boy has the kitten’s tail in his hand and is tumbling into the street.

Qiqi hurriedly scoops him and the kitten into her arms. She wraps them tightly into her embrace but is unable to control her momentum. She rolls on the street with the little boy and the furry ball buried in her arms. The sound of honking and screeching brakes can be heard and that is when the man realizes he is no longer holding his nephew’s hand.

   Qiqi hears the brakes and squeezes her eyes shut thinking she is about to die. The car skids to a stop only a few centimeters from where they are lying in a huddled position on the street.

The driver helps Qiqi up and the man takes the little boy into his arms. When the driver sees she only has superficial injuries he hurriedly hands her a black business card. She pushes it back and shakes her head, “It wasn’t your fault. Honestly, I’m really glad your driving skills are sooo good!”  Holding the black kitten in one hand she fans herself with the other,” Goodness! I thought I was dead!”

  “…”The driver nervously looks behind him at the black Bentley, Boss is on his way to an important dinner meeting and shouldn’t be delayed by arguing with her. He said to give the woman his business card,  the driver shoves the black business card into her backpack on the ground, “Miss call  for your compensation.” He runs back to the black Bentley and speeds away.

   Sara picks up her backpack afraid to look at her laptop. Well,Thank God I sent the finished arc to Kang Xue and backed up my work this time. She winces as she limps to the sidewalk.

  The man is checking the little boy for injuries without paying any attention to Qiqi. The scene on the sidewalk is becoming chaotic with people stopping to gawk at the little boy crying uncontrollably. Qiqi sees the man is having trouble, he doesn’t seem to know how to comfort the little cutie.  

  She limps over to them and touches the little boy’s arm. The little boy turns his chubby face towards Qiqi and his crying subsides a little when he gazes longingly at the black furry ball in her arms. Qiqi can see he wants to touch the kitten, she smiles brightly, “Could you do me a favor and pet the kitten? He is shivering and frightened.”

  The imposing looking man lifts his swordlike eyebrow, should Little Sheng be rewarded for being disobedient? Well, if he will stop crying that will be good.

   The little boy shyly reaches out and touches the kitten’s head. He sniffles and slowly calms down. Qiqi takes a tissue from her purse and wipes his nose. Qiqi’s voice is soft as she says, “Thank you. He isn’t shivering anymore.”

  The man watches Qiqi wondering when she will try to ingratiate herself with him for saving Little Sheng. A middle aged man rapidly approaches and the cold man motions towards Qiqi.

  Shi Tong is in a panic. He was being reprimanded on the phone with Sun Zerong when Qui Sheng broke away. He takes a black card embossed in gold and hands it to Qiqi.

   The man holding the little boy sounds like he is giving an order. He curtly says, “Shi Tong will take you to the hospital. If you need anything in the future contact him.”

  Listening to the man’s domineering tone she wants to throw the business card back at him. She looks at the little boy affectionately who is petting the kitten in her arms then at the man with a cold glare. Would it be so hard to form the words thank you!

Qiqi angrily teaches him. “Sir, I don’t want your compensation. But, as a thank you I would like you in the future please take better care of the child. You were more concerned about your phone call than the precious little dumpling entrusted to you…” She raises her voice, “So very irresponsible…  the consequences…well…could have been horrifying for his parents.” Qiqi flings the card towards a nearby trash can then storms away. Hmmph! What a loser!

    Sun Zerong watches the eye-catching scene of the black card slowly floating through the white snowflakes then landing square in the trash can.

The little boy and Shi Tong both look at Sun Zerong to see his reaction. They have never heard anyone scold the big man and walk away unscathed. Shi Tong breaks out into a sweat, the little girl just tossed the Boss’ business card that is nearly impossible to touch like it was a piece of disgusting garbage. Unbelievable…does she want her little life! 

   Qiqi’s action of straightening her back as she limps away does not go unnoticed by Sun Zerong.  Brave girl. I will let you go this time because you saved Little Sheng. There is no next time. He raises his eyebrow looking at his assistant. “Shi Tong, find out who the girl is, from her school uniform she goes to a private High School.”

 Shi Tong silently cries, Boss, do you know how many private High Schools there are in Bashu City! Weren’t you just telling me the upcoming Expo was of the utmost importance! I should devote myself to managing the artists! How do I have time!

  The little dumpling knows it is his fault and he likes the beautiful sister. She saved him and smells good. He is terrified of this Uncle but as a little man he needs to defend the beautiful fairy that saved him. “Un..Uncle was my fault. My fault!” He tugs on his sleeve and looks up at him with fear in his eyes. “Please..Please Uncle..don’t hurt the beautiful sister!”

   “…” Sun Zerong’s lip twitches, am I that scary?

 . Shi Tong:Yes. Definitely yes.

   Qiqi is cursing the incompetant man because instead of going to look at beautiful dresses she needs to go to the pet shop and see if they can keep the kitten.  She pets the little black kitten. “I’m sorry little kitty, Fat Cat at home is unreliable, he might hurt you.”

  Sun Zerong sneezes twice, “Sun Shi, call Doctor Jing to meet us at my house.” Dammit! if YanYan didn’t fire the goddamn nanny I wouldn’t have needed to bring Little Sheng with me.

  “Uncle Zerong, I don’t hurt anywhere, the beautiful sister protected me and the kitten. She was amazing like Supergirl! She smells really good too! Like strawberries! You don’t need to call Dr. Jing. She will definitely tell mommy.”

   “Be quiet or we go to the hospital and you get a needle.” 

   Little Sheng doesn’t say another word as they walk to a Silver Maybach.

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