Dinner With LiLi

  Qiqi puts on a black tulle short skirt then slips on white t shirt with a Red Butterfly on the front. The shirt is from LiLi’s first Red Butterfly tour two years ago. Fang Chao gave her the shirt after he attended LiLi’s concert in Shanghai. She frowns, what shoes? She decides on a short pair of flat black leather boots. After she is dressed she puts on a light layer of makeup and a little pink lipgloss.

  Qiqi limps out into the living room and sees Fang Chao teasing Fat Cat with a ball of yarn. Fat Cat is disgusted with himself; he can’t resist the temptation to play. Fang Chao is laughing watching Fat Cat jump around on his stumpy legs.

  “Fang Chao! Stop teasing Fatty!”

  “The cat’s name is Fatty? Hahaha”

  “Well he is on a diet…soon his name will be Skinny. “ 

  Qiqi hears Fat Cat hissing as he storms away glaring at Fang Chao who is holding his side laughing. 

  She walks over and picks up Fat Cat and pats his head “I’m sorry.” She takes another snack and holds it to his mouth. He is fuming and doesn’t immediately open his mouth. Qiqi says, “Oh…not tasty?” She moves her hand and he snatches it from her finger, It’s okay.

  She opens the sliding glass door and rubs her arms, “Brrr…hurry and do your business.” 

  Fat Cat goes out the door and turns around, You know I don’t like an audience when I poop!

  Qiqi laughs, “Don’t watch him Fang Chao he gets nervous and can’t go.”

  “That is ridiculous.”

  “No.. I’m serious. He is very fussy.”

  “When did you get a cat?”

  “Well when my roommate moved out she left it. I was going to find a home for him but I got attached.”

  “Qiqi you are too soft hearted.”

  Fat Cat scratches at the door to come inside the apartment, it is fucking freezing out here, hurry up!

  Qiqi fills his water dish then opens the door. “To be honest he is such a fussy pain in the ass I’m afraid someone would mistreat him.”

   Fang Chao looks at Fat Cat, “Why do I feel like he knows what we are saying?”

  Qiqi grabs his arm, “You get that feeling too? I thought it was just my illusion!”

  Fang Chao flicks Qiqi’s forehead, “Maybe little cousin your weird behavior is rubbing off on me.”

  They both are laughing walking to the door. Fang Chao puts Qiqi’s coat on her then tightens her red scarf around her neck, “Hop on my back. I will carry you.”

  Qiqi loves to be carried by Fang Chao even when she isn’t hurt.“Okay.”

   They leave the apartment building and Fang Chao’s driver opens the back door of the Silver Maybach. Once inside Fang Chao tells him to turn up the heat. “Qiqi, it will warm up soon.”

  “I am surprised it is snowing so heavily. Earlier there was only a light snowfall.”

  “The weather report said it will snow through tomorrow.”

   When they arrive at Ming’s Qiqi is hesitant about letting Fang Chao carry her through the restaurant. He says, “Who cares what these people think. Pull your coat over your head they won’t see your face.”

  “Good idea.” She really doesn’t want to limp through the restaurant to the private room upstairs.

  When they arrive outside the private room Qiqi tells Fang Chao to put her down. She doesn’t want to listen to Kang Xin’s teasing. He puts her down then says, “Don’t say anything embarrassing about me in front of LiLi.”

  Qiqi has a big smile exposing her perfect white teeth. She hits him with her small fist, “Why would you say that!”

  “You know after a few glasses of wine you spout whatever nonsense comes to your mind. No filter at all. As a matter of fact, don’t drink any alcohol… have juice.”

  She suddenly hugs him, “Fang Chao, why are you so worried.” She looks up at him, “You are my favorite cousin, of course I have your back.”

  He towers over Qiqi so he leans down to look her in the eyes, “Remember that and have juice.”

  Fang Chao pats her head then they enter the door of the private room. Fang Chao feels his heart skip a beat, LiLi..LiLi is right in front of me. Qiq sees him freeze and pulls him into the luxurious room, “This is Fang Chao.”

   Kang Xin stands up and shakes his hand, “Fang Chao, the CEO of FCG?”


 Kang Xin pours him a glass of wine, “I am looking forward to the release of ‘Legends Of The Jianghu 2.”

   Fang Chao takes the glass of wine. He feels comfortable talking to Kang Xin. “It should be out next week. We are working out a few bugs at the moment.”

  “Let me introduce you, this is my fiancee Tang Jingli, you probably recognize LiLi.”

 Fang Chao’s face turns red as Kang Xin introduces LiLi. “Nice to meet you.”

  Qiqi takes off her coat and LiLi squeals, “Where did you get that t shirt! It is from my concert two years ago!”

  “Fang Chao gave it to me, he is a big f..” She stops when she sees Fang Chao giving her a death glare, then continues,“He is a big fan of yours.” Big fan! He is a Giant Fanboy! Haha.He has a lifesize cardboard cut out of you in his study haha Qiqi knows LiLi is the type of person who would be happy to hear he likes her music.

  LiLi looks at the incredibly handsome man to her left whose face is really red. Is he shy? So cute. “Thank you for being my fan. I am honored that such a handsome and talented man enjoys my music.”

  Fang Chao is usually a chatterbox but can’t think of anything to say. He gulps his wine and his heart is pounding. If I reached my hand out I could touch her fluffy hair. No! Don’t even think about it!

  Qiqi says, “I brought him because he mentioned you would be perfect to play The Assassin Fairy in the live action based on his video game.” She kicks Fang Chao under the table and whispers, “Say something.”

  He gulps his wine to gather his courage when Tang Jingli chimes in, “CEO Fang, my agent was telling me Lin Entertainment is having auditions next week. I am scheduled to participate.”

  Qiqi still wants to know what the deal is between Tang Jingli and Professor Li. She will not allow her to use Kang Xin or Fang Chao.  She sees her fluttering her eyelashes coquettishly at Fang Chao. She relaxes when she notices at Fang Chao treating Tang Jingli as air. Of course he is oblivious to her attempt to get his favor because he only has eyes for LiLi. 

  Kang Xin is more familiar with the Entertainment Business than Tang Jingli and thinks she shouldn’t say more. Fang Chao isn’t even listening, his eyes are riveted on LiLi. “ Tang Jingli it has been awhile since we all got together, let’s not talk business.”

  Tang Jingli pouts, why did he stop me? This is a perfect opportunity to go in the back door!

   The server fills everyone’s empty wine glasses and the atmosphere is harmonious. LiLi wants to discuss ‘Bai Needs Romance.’ “The latest arc is coming out tomorrow?”

  Qiqi leans over and presses her mouth on LiLi’s ear “Shhh… yes..we can talk later…they don’t know I am a Webtoon artist.” Qiqi has an idea. “Would you mind if I take a pic with you to post on my Weibo.”

   LiLi answers in a low voice,“Not at all..but didn’t you just say..”

  “I don’t show my entire face.”

  “Makes sense.”

  Fang Chao tightens his hand around his wine glass, Is Qiqi kissing LiLi’s cute little ear! He jealously watches as Qiqi and LiLi whisper and laugh, what are they laughing about? Me?

  He moves Qiqi’s wine glass over, no more wine for you!

  Qiqi puts on a black cap she brought and takes a few snaps. One with Fang Chao and Lili too. This will make him happy. I will send it to him later as a surprise. She stands up,“I am going to the restroom. Fang Chao order me the seafood pasta.”

  Fang Chao forgets he is a little pissed off at Qiqi and has a pampering tone, “No onion or scallops…extra mushrooms.”


   LiLi notices Qiqi limping to the door, “Fang Chao what happened to Shen Qiqi?”

  “She twisted her ankle when she saved a little boy earlier.”

  LiLi’s eyes widen with admiration, “Shen Qiqi is so amazing.”

  He can’t disagree. Fang Chao smiles watching Qiqi’s petite figure as she leaves,“Qiqi is very special. One of a kind.” 

  LiLi feels her heart skip a beat, she is mesmerized by Fang Chao’s beautiful gentle smile and deep magnetic voice. First, he remembered what Shen Qiqi doesn’t like in her food and now genuinely praised her. She is so lucky to have such an awesome man.Handsome..thoughtful..talented. I wish I could date someone like him.

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