Come To Room 8

   Kang Xue is nervously sitting at the table as  CEO Sun asks each of the editors about their artists. What can I say about Shen Qiqi? Everyone is praising the artist they handle with descriptors like.. dependable..on time.. consistent.. great social media savvy. My God Qiqi posted her first picture on Weibo in four months today. One picture! No updates, no fan service at all!

   Sun Zerong is a very observant man. He has been watching the changing expressions on Kang Xue’s face as he gathers information from the other editors. Why does the woman look so nervous? Which artist does she handle? Well, I will get to her after dinner. I still have a headache from the incident with Little Sheng earlier. “Order whatever you would like to eat. We can continue after dinner.”

  He leaves the room followed by Shi Tong. “Go get me something for this headache. Wait, which artist does Kang Xue have under her?” He wants to see if the name sounds familiar.

  “Kang Xue? She was transferred over to deal with a difficult artist. Shen Qiqi, her Webtoon is popular but she is hard to handle.”

  “The woman who has no social media presence?”

  “That is the one. But, her Webtoon is very popular in spite of her lack of promotion. Several Entertainment companies want to make it into a web series or movie but she won’t meet with them.”

  “Go get the medicine.”

   He walks to the restroom while looking at his phone. Qiqi comes out of the ladies room and runs into his hard chest bumping her nose. “Owwww…” She holds her nose and glances up at him gazing at him with watery eyes, “Sorry.”

   “Be more careful.” He walks into the men’s room without giving her a second look. What the hell kind of outfit is that girl wearing! It is freezing, Thin arms exposed… the skirt barely covered her slender thighs! Is she on a date in that revealing attire? Shameless!

   When Sun Zerong walks back into the private room the temperature drops. Kang Xue looks up from her plate of chicken and vegetables. He looks irritated…reaaly irritated. Well, I prepared all the excuses I can for Qiqi. It is not like he would fire her anyway she is too popular. She gulps down her wine. He said he would continue after dinner…I will eat very slowly.

  He decides he will look at this unreliable artist’s Weibo. He takes out his phone and his face turns green… the first photo he recognizes Qiqi from her clothes as the rude girl that saved Little Sheng, they had just passed the cafe in the background when the incident happened.

Then the second picture he realizes is the girl from outside the men’s room a few minutes ago. She is smiling with a black cap pulled down covering half her face pressing her cheek on a young woman with short hair dyed burgundy.

The third picture she is next to Feng Chao? with the black cap turned backwards and her arm on his shoulder. She is holding her hand up making a peace sign blocking her face. Our most popular Webtoon creator is a fucking unruly…undisciplined high school girl! My own employee had the nerve to lecture me and throw away my business card! She really wants to die!

   Kang Xue can feel Sun Zerong’s eyes burning a hole in her but she keeps her head down while continuing to choke down her chicken dinner. I was so looking forward to eating this, now it tastes like unpalatable wax! What is wrong with the CEO? He looks like he is going to explode.

Sun Zerong’s eyes narrow and he has black lines on his forehead. He stands up and takes two long strides over to Kang Xue. “Miss Kang, I would like your artist to join this meeting. Call Shen Qiqi.”

   The other editors try to diminish their presence. What happened? What did Shen Qiqi do? The CEO looks very angry.

   Kang Xue starts coughing, “Ahh..CEO I don’t think that is possible. She turned in her work and mentioned she was going to Shanghai with friends.”

  Black lines form on his forehead, “Really, well that is unfortunate. If she can’t make the meeting well… I see no reason to include her in the Expo.”

  Kang Xue breathes a sigh of relief, QiQi wasn’t interested when she told her about the Expo. “Well, Shen Qiqi will be disappointed but if that is your decision…she will need to accept it.”

   He puts his hand on the back of her chair and leans down. He has a low and threatening tone, “Miss Kang if you want to keep your job don’t lie to me.”

   Kang Xue’s face loses its color, Damn you Qiqi what did you do to piss off the CEO. Was he mad about your Weibo, but it was so sweet how could he be. “I will call, maybe she hasn’t left for the airport yet.” 

  Qiqi is drunk and singing with LiLi when Kang Xue calls. Feng Chao hears her phone and answers when he sees it is Kang Xue, “What’s up.”

  “Feng Chao why do you have QiQi’s phone?”

  “She is singing with LiLi.”

  “Give her the phone I need to speak to her right away.”

  “Aren’t you eating at Ming’s? Come down to the room.”

  Kang Xue sheepishly looks up at Sun Zerong. She grits her teeth, “I need to talk to her before she boards the plane.”

   Feng Chao starts laughing, “Kang Xue are you drunk?”


   She realizes she lost her temper and blurted that out. “ Oh…CEO Sun.. hahaha… her friend is playing tricks and has her phone.”

   Feng Chao pulls Qiqi over, “I think Kang Xue is drunk. She wants to talk to you.”

  Qiqi takes the phone, “Xue, I need water, wait a second.” She gulps down her glass of wine, “Why haven’t you come yet? We are having so much fun!” Qiqi wipes the thin layer of sweat off her forehead. “Your brother is being really funny.”

  “Qiqi, I’m glad I caught you before you got on the plane. It is important you come to room  #8 at Ming’s.”

  “Do you need help to walk?” When Xue gets drunk she likes to hang on Qiqi or her brother saying she can’t walk. She gets clingy.


  “Why didn’t you say that I will send Xin.”

  “I don’t want Xin to come. I want you.”


   Kang Xue hangs up, “She will be here.”

   Sun Zerong growls,“Everyone leave.”

  The editors scurry out the door one after another. Kang Xue doesn’t leave. “I will wait for Shen Qiqi.” What the hell!  Qiqi can’t handle the CEO by herself. She needs me.

 “I said everyone.”

 “CEO Sun if you have a problem with Shen Qiqi I will handle it. She well..she is shy and really has trouble communicating. You know a typical otaku.”

  Sun Zerong wants to laugh, shy? an otaku? She is dressed like she is going to a rock concert and is hanging all over her boyfriend! Not to mention she had the audacity to lecture me.

 Qiqi comes staggering through the door.  She stretches out her arms to Kang Xue not noticing Sun Zerong to the side. “ Come baby girl.. my beautiful Xue, I will help you. Come to mommy.”

 Kang Xue wants to find a hole and dive into it. She holds onto Qiqi to steady her, “Qiqi Qiqi, the CEO is here.”

Qiqi scratches her head then looks around, “CEO? CEO? OH the CEO.. ” Qiqi’s brown eyes sparkle and she rubs her palms together. “Yeah.. I finally get to see the handsome CEO. Where? Did you hide him? Stingy.”

 Sun Zerong stares at Qiqi with a complicated expression. “Pfft! The girl is drunk. I want her sober and able to digest the gravity of the situation when I fire her insubordinate little ass.”

 He glares at Kang Xue. “Tell Shen Qiqi to come to my office in the morning. Alone.” then leaves.  

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