CEO Will Be There

   Qiqi arrives at her apartment, after she hangs up her coat she takes the medicine box from the closet. Sitting on the couch she looks at her leg, bruised  and my ankle is swollen but at least the skin didn’t break. I’m glad I was wearing a long coat. I hope the words I said to that terrible man sunk into his pea brain. Seriously, obviously he isn’t good with children. Why would anyone let him watch their precious child?

  Fat Cat is curled into a fat orange ball on the soft bed in the spare room when he hears Qiqi. He lazily stretches and yawns. Finally! I am starving! I could barely have my nap with my stomach growling!  He jumps up onto the couch then sniffs Qiqi, she was holding a kitten? She better not even think about bringing a nasty cat home! Is that why she is late?  He angrily swats his paw across Qiqi’s chest and stares at her with an intense gaze. Qiqi laughs when she sees his angry expression, his bright green eyes are narrowed and he is puffing out his furry cheeks.

  Qiqi strokes his soft furry head, “Fat Cat, what is your problem? Can you smell the little black kitty? Don’t worry I took the little thing to the pet shop. I knew you didn’t want a little brother.”

  Fat Cat relaxes, Very good little girl at least you have some sense. He licks his lips and looks at his empty dish. Now feed me.

  Qiqi knows Fat Cat after taking care of him since her roommate left. She has a habit of talking to him as though he can understand her words. She doesn’t know he actually is a human trapped in a cat’s body due to some unfortunate circumstances. “Fat Cat be patient. I need to rub some medicinal ointment on my ankle and knee. It won’t take long.”

   He notices her leg and the medicine box, what happened? She isn’t very smart, probably was rushing and tripped over her own feet.  I guess a few more minutes will be okay. He curls up next to Qiqi and patiently waits while licking his fur. I miss having a nice body massage at the spa. I wonder how Big Su is doing? She would tell me the funniest stories about her husband while she was using those big hands of hers to rub my body. Now I am reduced to licking my own goddamn coat so my fur isn’t tangled! When I return to human form the first thing I am going to do after I kill that scheming assistant of mine is visit Big Su.

  There is a knock at the door and Qiqi frowns, her hands are covered in ointment and she hasn’t finished. She yells, “Who is it?”


  “It isn’t convenient for me to get to the door. Could you leave the package outside?”

  “I need a signature.”

  “Wait a minute then.”

  Qiqi wipes the ointment off on a cloth then hobbles over to the door. She opens it and the man is holding a long wide box. She looks at the man, “I thought it was cat food. What is this?”

  “I only deliver, I have no idea.” The young delivery driver impatiently holds up an electronic pad. Qiqi signs her name then takes the box. “Thank you.”

  Qiqi has trouble holding the box as she limps into the living room then drops it onto the floor. Fat Cat is on her heels, he rubs up against her leg to remind her she has a very hungry cat.Prioritize! Feed me before you open the package! 

  “I know Fatty!”

  She slowly walks into the kitchen and takes out his dry food measuring a cup full.Qiqi notices him watching her carefully measure it into his bowl. “I know you hate being on a diet but it is for your own good. When I was at the pet shop I did buy some healthy treats.They are in my backpack you can have one for dessert.”

   Fat Cat lifts his head as he crunches the tasteless cat food. Dessert? He speeds up eating his food.

  Qiqi grabs her backpack and goes into her bedroom. Sitting on her bed she takes out her laptop to see if it is ruined. It can barely be opened and the screen is cracked. Qiqi sighs, well, at least it was the only real casualty. She looks at the floor, on the carpet is a business card. Oh that is right the driver put it in my backpack. Nikolai Naralov CEO of Night Sky Entertainment. She lets go of the card as though it is on fire. She shivers, why is my luck so bad today!

  She lays on the bed and takes out her phone to call Fang Chao. When he answers she says, “Cousin, I hurt my ankle, I’m not sure if I can go tonight.”

  “How bad is it? Did you go to the hospital? How did it happen? I am coming right over.”

  He hangs up before she can answer one of his questions.

  Qiqi grins, It is hard to believe he has his own company. He is such a child!  She walks to the bathroom to take a bath.

  Kang Xue gets off work and calls Qiqi. 

  Qiqi is laying on her bed and she has ice on her ankle. She reaches over for the phone, “Xue. Did you get the file.”

  “Yes. It looks great. You didn’t tell me you were introducing a new character.”

   “Well it was spur of the moment when I was working this afternoon.”

  “As expected of you..very handsome! So that is what your dream guy looks like?”

 “Well of course the real version is sexier haha.” She turns her foot, “Owww.”

 “Qiqi? What happened?”

 “Long story, I twisted my ankle, the ice is helping it isn’t as swollen.”

  “Are you going to be able to attend the dinner at Ming’s.”

  “I was thinking of passing on it.”

  “Oh..well I called to tell you, didn’t you always want to see what the CEO of Sun Publishing looks like?”

  “Haha..well you know I like handsome guys and you said he was very good looking. There aren’t any pictures of him online.”

  Xue hails a cab and continues, “The CEO doesn’t like media attention. He never attends any events or banquets he always sends the Director. But, the old witch told me he will be attending dinner tonight. She said since this is a new division he wants to make sure it is successful.

Something about the Expo coming up he wants to discuss some ideas personally with the editors. I thought since you were having dinner with Xin you could catch a glimpse of him to satisfy your curiosity.


  “I thought you would.”

  “Hey Xue, that reminds me, didn’t you say he said I needed to post more on my official Weibo? I posted a pic, check it out.”

   “You actually listened to me.”

  “I listen!”

  Xue looks at Qiqi’s Weibo, “Wow. You look beautiful.”

 “Isn’t the tree pretty!”

  “Have you checked out your Weibo since you posted it? Your fans love it. You need to post more. Build up some hype for the next arc.”

  “I will.”

  “Why do you sound like you won’t.Stop being lazy. I think your Webtoon could be turned into a movie or a series.”

  “I told you I don’t know if I am ready for that type of exposure. My parents don’t know I write a Webtoon, they think I am seriously studying. Hold on, I think Feng Chao is here.”

    Qiqi opens the door and Feng Chao rushes into the living room. “Why are you walking around?”

   ??? How am I supposed to answer the door? “Xue, I will see you later at Ming’s.”

  Feng Chao has a puzzled expression, “I thought you weren’t going.”

 “ I put ice on it, feels better.” Qiqi has a mischievous gleam in her eyes as she pats him on the shoulder, “I didn’t want to let you down.”

  “Are you sure?”


“You are the best! If you need me to hack into anyone’s computer network let me know.”

“Shut up! Give Fat Cat a couple treats that are on the counter. I will get dressed.”

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