Liar !

   Emmi looks at the time on her phone, seven o’clock, I’m glad my first class isn’t until ten, I have time to eat then go to the stupid tyrant’s apartment. I am starving and my head hurts. Wheww… When she gets off the bed to find some medicine in her purse she steps on the potato chips on the carpet. I really must have flopped on the bed…dumping all this crap onto the floor

  Emmi’s phone rings and she sees the caller is Jiang Weiming. Why is he calling so early? She doesn’t answer, I will call back after I eat. I can’t think right now.  Well, it might be important I should message him anyway. [What’s up?]

  Jiang Weiming is walking through campus on his way to meet with his advisor. He looks at Emmi’s WeChat message then replies [Can you talk? I have good news.]

  [It isn’t convenient now.]

 He is disappointed because he wanted to hear Emmi’s voice when he told her Qiao Rui is back in Pushong City. 

 When he doesn’t immediately respond Emmi sends another text curious about the ‘good news’. [Are you at school today? We could meet for a late lunch. I am done with classes at three.]

  He can barely contain his excitement. [I can meet.] This is great! I have been thinking about her since we had dinner together.

 [Do you want to meet at the little Italian restaurant by school? The one down the alley. I can’t think of the name.] I can barely think haha..

[I know which restaurant, D’Amico’s. I will be there at three or do you want to meet at school and I can drive?]

[No need. It is a short walk. I will meet you there.] All I need is for Cousin Chloe or one of her friends to see me with Jiang Weiming…I don’t have the mental bandwidth today to deal with that nuisance. The Italian restaurant is out of the way and there shouldn’t be too many customers at that time of day.  

[Okay.] He has a brilliant smile on his face as he walks towards the steps to his advisor’s office.

Chen Chloe has been waiting for him by the bushes. She overheard him say yesterday that he had an appointment at seven thirty with his advisor. She sees him smiling while on the phone and wonders who is texting. Chloe watches him, it is rare to see Jiang Weimeng without a serious expression on his face,he appears to be in a very good mood. Perfect!She pops out from behind the bush clutching a small box in her hand. “Jiang Weiming .”

   He turns around when he hears her high pitched unpleasant voice. Chen Chloe sways her hips as she walks up to him. She is wearing a light blue dress today that hugs her curves because his sister, FeiFei said blue is his favorite color. She shyly smiles at him while reaching out with the box, fluttering her eyelashes as she lies, “ FeiFei mentioned to me yesterday that you had an early meeting so I made you some breakfast buns thinking you might not have time to eat first. I hope you like them.” Actually they were made by  the old woman who works in our kitchen. I told her if they weren’t delicious she could find another job.

  Jiang Weiming’s face shows his displeasure, why do I have to look at her ugly face right now? Such a phony bitch… If it weren’t for her mercilessly bullying her own cousin I could openly pursue Chen Emmi. She is ruining my good mood. He smirks as he pulls his friend Wong Yi by his collar as he walks past them. “Yi, Chen Chloe was looking for you. She made you breakfast.” He ignores the awkward expression on her face and walks up the steps of the business building chuckling to himself.

   Chen Chloe glares at Wong Yi then throws the box into the trash can as she stomps away. I know he is being rude because of that little bitch seducing him! I will fix her good this time!

     Wong Yi: ???? 

   Emmi can’t find her work shoes as she packs her bag to leave the hotel. Where could they be?

  Yan Jing is staring at her shoes by the couch in Zhen Sihao’s hotel suite. He has a strange expression on his face, whose shoes are they? They are tiny and look like cheap black work shoes.  Well, none of my business but I’m intrigued, Sihao has been acting distracted since I got here. He hands Zhen Sihao the report for this morning’s meeting with Daphne Drake. “I think we will need to send someone to check on the situation at the factory in person. Did you want me to go?”

  Zhen Sihao absentmindedly takes the report and doesn’t answer. How the little girl is feeling? I wonder if she remembers anything from last night? Probably not…she was extremely drunk.

  Yan Jing looks at Zhen Sihao staring off into space with a complicated expression on his face. This is the first time he is having a meeting since his accident. Is he worried about it? No. He could easily handle Daphne Drake. “Sihao?”

 “If needed I will go myself.” Maybe I will take the bunnygirl. He questions himself as to why he would consider taking Emmi to England.. to thank her for saving me… She has probably never been abroad that’s it… a thank you..that is why I thought of that idea. “Yan Jing you can leave. Check on the situation with the Zhou  Group. I heard my cousin Jason had some trouble at the site of his Mega Mall Project.” He and Zhou Mo are the only family members I like.

   Yan Jing looks at his watch, “I will see you at the meeting then.”


   Zhen Sihao taps the pen on his desk then picks up the phone,  But then she would definitely find out my identity…for some reason she really hates ‘Zhen Sihao’. He puts the phone down deciding not to call Emmi.

   Emmi is baffled by the disappearance of her shoes, well..whatever they were super cheap, I got them on sale. She finishes packing after her shower and picks up her purse to leave. In the elevator her stomach growls and she holds her stomach, I need to eat now. I can’t wait  to go to the stall by campus. One last splurge… After she checks out she enters the small cafe, “Yum..smells good.”

   After she is seated she calls Zhen Sihao, he is sitting at his desk in a daze when sees a message.

   [Wang Hao are you at the hotel?]

  Why is she asking me that? Does she remember last night? He sees her shoes by the couch and the image of Emmi half naked pop into his mind and his ears turn red. [Why?]

  Emmi looks at the menu then orders the yam congee and a bowl of rice. That’s enough food to pad my stomach, the prices are outrageous! [Well, I am having breakfast at the hotel cafe. If you are in your friend’s hotel suite I can give you a massage now. It would be more convenient.]

    [I am not at the hotel. I am at a meeting.]

   [Well. Were you going to let me know?]

  Zhen Sihao leans back in his chair laughing. I can picture her cute little angry face. She probably looks like a cat whose tail got stepped on right now.

  [You know now.]

 [Devil emoji angry face emoji ]Why is that man so annoying! Emmi starts typing then deletes the message.

Zhen Sihao texts [Something?]

He waits a few minutes for her response then gets his coat to leave. The little girl is really amusing.

  When he is leaving the hotel he walks by the cafe and can see Emmi stabbing at her food with her chopsticks. He starts laughing as he watches her angry expression while mumbling staring at a piece of meat in her chopsticks.

Han Qing is walking through the lobby on her way to her brother Weisheng’s office, she looks over “Sihao?”  She is curious, what is making the iceberg laugh?

  He turns around and he has an emotionless expression, “Qing.”

 She decides not to ask, “I’m glad I ran into you. I have an advanced copy of the magazine. I was going to give it to Weisheng. I am very pleased with the cover.” She pulls it out of her bag to show him. He looks towards the cafe. Would the little bunnygirl see me on the cover? I am having fun being ‘Wang Hao.’ “Delay the release.”

  Han Qing is stunned, she shakes her head and furrows her eyebrows, “Sihao! No way! Do you know how much that would cost my company!”

  “Delay or cancel it is your choice.”

  “You agreed. Why are you changing your mind now.”

  He gives her an icy stare, “I agreed to the interview as a favor to you. Now as a favor to me you will delay.”

“Zhen Sihao!”

Emmi looks out the window that faces the hotel lobby and sees Zhen Sihao and a beautiful woman in a purple dress. Not too many women can pull off that look. Isn’t she the woman I saw him eating with at Ming’s. It looks like they are arguing, the beautiful woman’s face doesn’t look good. She shivers, Wang Hao looks scary.  She slams down her chopsticks, Wait didn’t he say he wasn’t at the hotel? What a liar!

Emmi has an idea and her lips curl up in a mischievous smile, she calls over the server and asks for her bill. After she pays she hurries out the door and as passes Zhen Sihao she kicks him in the leg, “LIAR!” Before he can react Emmi runs through the lobby. When she reaches the door she playfully turns around and sticks out her tongue at Zhen Sihao.

 Han Qing:????

 Zhen Sihao : Did she hear my name ?

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  1. It seems that a major misunderstanding is brewing. How would Sihao not give himself away.

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