Shameless Devil

    After Emmi’s shocked reaction Zhen Sihao realizes he completely misunderstood the situation.He gazes at the drunk little girl in front of him and panics. She is swaying on her feet trying to keep her balance as she stares at her reddened palm. Okay, right now the bunnygirl thinks I am Han Chao…I can’t have her know it was me being shameless. She would definitely hold a grudge with her stubborn personality. Chen Emmi would never give me a massage again! 

   He impulsively hits her acupoint to make her instantly fall asleep. He holds Emmi under her arms as she slides down the wall, then embraces her limp body undecided as to what to do.Should I just put her skirt back on her and take her to her hotel room? She will wake up in the morning thinking she was drunk and slept in her clothes. Yes, that is the best idea.

   After he lays her motionless body on the couch he picks up the crumpled black skirt from the floor. He buttons up her blouse. Dammit… I missed a button, Fuck it I will leave as is…I can’t touch her soft skin again I wanted to… He tries to control his body’s reaction as he slides the skirt up her slender legs. Emmi is like a lifeless doll as he turns her over and pulls up the zipper. When his fingers brush against her warm snow white skin, Zhen Sihao feels a rush of heat through his body  I need to get the little girl the hell out of my room.

   He picks up her purse and hurries to the door with Emmi firmly pressed to his chest. He stops and grabs his black suit coat. Staring at her flushed cheeks and her half parted lips stained red from the wine his Adam’s apple slightly rolls. He puts the coat over her in case anyone sees them leave his hotel suite. Little thing you need to stop tempting me.. I am a man… I only have so much willpower.

   When they arrive at Emmi’s hotel room he holds her up with one arm over his shoulder so he can find her room card in her purse. He hurries as her warm breath tickles his neck, trying to ignore the rush of heat running through his body. He looks inside three strawberry lollipops, lipstick, her phone. He takes out her wallet, one credit card, a VIP pass to his Black Dragon Club, she doesn’t need that, he puts it in his pocket. 100 yuan, a 20% discount punch card from a hot pot restaurant and no fucking room card. Frustrated he unzips a side pocket, his face turns as black as the bottom of a pot, what the hell! Condoms!?!? His veins bulge on his forehead as he glares at Emmi, he wants to spank her ass after that discovery. You foolish little idiot…you are too young! What are you planning? He takes the condoms and puts them in his pocket with the VIP card. Zhen Sihao finally finds the room card in the front pocket and slides it to open the door.

   Zhen Sihao carries Emmi like a sack of potatoes to the messy bed, shaking his head gazing at the scattered crumbs on the bedspread.  After brushing the clothes and empty snack bags onto the floor he yanks down the  white cover while balancing Emmi over his shoulder. He removes his suit jacket covering her as he lays Emmi on the clean sheets.

While he is leaning over Emmi fixing her head on the pillow she suddenly opens her eyes. She stares fixedly at his incredibly handsome face, in a daze she places her small hands on his cheeks, “Wang Hao, you really are the most handsome man I have ever seen. No wonder you can seduce all those women…but they don’t know the real you..” She taps the tip of his nose while staring deeply into his eyes, “You are a demon…the devil!” She purses her lips and puffs out her crimson red cheeks, “ Stingy devil! Always threatening to deduct my money!”

  Zhen Sihao doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry listening to her nonsense. He takes her hands off his face, “Go to sleep.” 

   Emmi grabs his tie, she shakes her head and twists her delicate eyebrows, “How can I sleep? I promised you I would give you a massage. I need money…I have big plans..” She smiles exposing her cute dimples while putting her hands on his shoulders, “BIIIGGG PLANS with Jiang Weimeng.” She pats the bed, “Take off your shirt.”

  “…” The little girl has no idea she is playing with fire. I need to leave now..or I might not be able to restrain myself.. She looks too fucking tempting. 

   Emmi mutters, “Too slow.” She impatiently starts to unbutton his black silk shirt, “Hurry up, I will even sing for you…no extra charge. Han Chao said I sing like an angel.” Emmi giggles, “You should be honored..” Emmi’s eyes are sparkling and he is momentarily stunned by her pure and beautiful face as she looks up at him . She pokes him in the chest with her slender finger.“A beautiful angel like me will sing for a stingy devil like you! Hahaha..”

  Zhen Sihao’s thoughts become muddled and he’s about to lose his reason. “You can have the night off. No deduction.”

  Emmi’s green eyes light up, “No deduction?”

  “You can add a day to our agreement.”  Zhen Sihao can’t help but smile at her aggrieved expression. He has regained his composure and teases as he stands up grabbing his suit coat. “Well… most women have to pay to put their hands on me.”

  She crosses her arms on her chest with a contemptuous expression, she “Hmmph..As expected…shameless devil!”

   A pillow hits his back as he walks to the door. Once Zhen Sihao is in the hallway he has a devilish grin, where does the little girl get these ridiculous ideas… 

Emmi wakes up in the morning and rubs her head then smacks her lips, soo thirsty. She rolls over on the bed and grabs a bottle of water on the nightstand. After she gulps down the water she sits on the edge of the bed staring at the wrinkled uniform she is wearing. I must have been really drunk to sleep in my clothes. Noticing the buttons she laughs…really drunk. I hope I didn’t embarrass myself in front of Han Chao. She yawns while trying to remember. Hmm.. last thing I remember is agreeing to go to his studio and collaborate with him. She can smell a faint scent of sandalwood on her clothes. Was Wang Hao there?

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