Sun Zhi’s Office

    Sun Zhi is curious , Tibetan Ice Lotus Root ? It is an extremely rare plant only found in the crevices at the top of Mt. Makalu. How was she able to acquire one?

   After she finishes talking to her godfather she doesn’t make eye contact with Sun Zhi as she shyly hands him his phone. Being so close to Sun Zhi, she gulps down her saliva, He smells so goood.. She regrets her decision to barge into FutureTech. I really didn’t think about the consequences...Qiqi suddenly stands up and bows deeply, then apologizes, “ CEO Sun, I am very sorry. I was too impulsive.” Nervously fluttering her long black eyelashes she stammers, “I..I..well..when you didn’t answer your phone I…I really need my laptop.” 

Sun Zhi watches her exaggerated posture as she bows and wants to laugh. He doesn’t intend to pursue the matter because of General Wei. But, he can’t resist the urge to tease Qiqi ,she looks like a frightened little cat. He lifts his eyebrow and has a faint smile, “Miss Shen, I should thank you for revealing the flaws in my security system.”

“…” Dazzled by his smile Qiqi opens her mouth to reply but no words come out.

  Amused by her blushing and inability to respond Sun Zhi chuckles as he walks back to his desk. Looking at some paperwork he calls his assistant, Bo Xian, “Go to my car, there is a laptop and bag in the backseat, bring them to my office.”

  Qiqi’s heart is beating wildly, his voice sounds so deep and sexy. She can’t take her eyes off of him, his ink black hair is hanging down a bit on his forehead as he pushes up his glasses, oh my God…he is incredibly handsome! I wonder if he has a girlfriend ?

 He notices Qiqi still standing looking dazed. “Sit. My assistant will bring your laptop. Do you want something to drink?”

  Qiqi obediently sits on the couch then waves her arms, “’m fine.”

  A stunning woman with a sophisticated air walks into the office. Qiqi watches her gracefully glide across the room while wearing red 8cm heels. Wow..she looks like a model. So tall.. the black and white dress she is wearing is from Chloe Designs latest collection. Xue dragged me to a fashion show last week and I was shocked at the price. How can a secretary afford… Qiqi’s train of thought is interrupted as the beautiful woman brazenly leans down into Sun Zhi as she hands him a large manilla envelope. Qiqi frowns, if he hadn’t suddenly moved the shameless woman would have pressed her big breasts right onto his arm! She didn’t need to lean down to hand him the envelope! WAIT! Is this the classic CEO scenario of the beautiful secretary using her body to seduce the cold and indifferent…yet unbelievably handsome CEO? I wish I was his secretary… Qiqi glances down at her chest, but I would need to use a different tactic.. She closes her eyes imagining being able to see her crush everyday. She folds her arms on her chest then leans back on the couch while fantasizing.

Sun Zhi notices Qiqi has her eyes closed with a weird smile on her face. She is licking her lips. Is she thirsty ?

He taps his pen on the desk. She is General Wei’s goddaughter, “Bring a glass of juice for Miss Shen.” 

   The woman hadn’t noticed Qiqi when she entered the office. She looks at the young girl on the couch, who is the High School girl?  She smiles politely, Miss, would you like orange or pineapple juice?”

   Qiqi is picturing herself sitting on Sun Zhi’s lap taking notes in her fantasy when she is brought back to reality by a woman’s high pitched voice spoiling her sweet scenario.

Qiqi reluctantly opens her eyes, “Huh ? “

The secretary rolls her eyes as she repeats the question ” Do you want a glass of juice.”

“If I could have a bottle of water that would be good.”

  Sun Zhi’s secretary leaves and Qiqi reaches into the pocket of her coat. She takes out a mint while continuing to sneak peeks at Sun Zhi working at his desk. She unwraps the candy and pops it into her mouth, CEO Sun has a completely different aura than when he was wearing camoflage pants and a black t shirt at the cafe. I wish I could take out my sketch pad. He looks so noble and elegant in that gray suit. The way the jacket fits perfectly highlights his broad chest and the pants hug his long legs.

She lazily walks over to his desk, “CEO Sun would you like a candy?” I should at least share my delicious candy with him.

“No thank you.”

Qiqi’s eyes bend into a crescent shape as she smiles, “They aren’t ordinary mints. You really should try one. The candy melts in your mouth and taste like icy minty snow. My friend brought them back from Switzerland.”

“…” When Qiqi doesn’t retract her small hand Sun Zhi reluctantly takes the candy. He places the candy wrapped in silver foil decorated with snowflakes on his desk. “I will try it later.”

“If you like it I have more. He brought me a box. I only brought these two with me.”

He is having trouble concentrating with Qiqi staring at him with an infatuated gaze. He shakes his head as he crosses out sections of the report on his desk. Anyone else he would kick out of his office but he keeps reminding himself she is General Wei’s goddaughter. “My secretary will be back soon with your water, why don’t you sit back down.” Shen Qiqi is too naive and innocent. The little girl has no idea that she was close to being in a very precarious position breaking into FutureTech. If she wasn’t General Wei’s goddaughter I would have taken measures to find out who is behind her breaching security. There is no way she reconfigured the security system. She looks like a fucking freshman in High School.

“Oh..I’m sorry am I disturbing your work?”

   Secretary Ye returns with the bottle of water then says, “CEO, Zheng Si is on line one.”

   He picks up the phone, “Si, how did it go?” He listens for a few minutes then answers, “In that case I will see you at the Auction.”

  Qiqi’s eyes widen, Brother Si? Auction? Could it be the Jade Auction? Woohoo! I can see Sun Zhi at the auction? I need to get my work finished! Where is the guy he sent for my laptop? Several different emotions flash across Qiqi’s face while considering the possibility of seeing him again.

  Sun Zhi happens to glance at Qiqi while he is on the phone. Now she looks really happy. Her eyes are sparkling and she has a big smile. .What is that little girl thinking about? It seems she can’t hide her emotions, it would have been easy to find out the name of the hacker who helped her get into FutureTech. I wonder who he is ? I would like to hire someone who can quickly dodge detection. The person continuously avoided being discovered after the breach was detected by my system.

   Feng Chao is pacing around his office when his assistant arrives, “Boss, is there a problem?”

   “…” Yes! There is a big problem! I have tried to call the baby girl several times and no answer. I want to call Uncle Wei but I don’t want to be lectured again!

   Sun Zhi has an idea when he hangs up. Shen Qiqi’s phone was ringing and she immediately shut it off. Now she is no longer smiling but appears flustered, nervously twisting the hem of her skirt. I am betting the person she is ignoring is her accomplice “Mss Shen, my assistant should be back shortly with your laptop. I need to go to the R&D department.”


  Sun Zhi leaves and after an eye scan enters a room down the hallway. He looks at the monitors and switches on the audio surveillance for his office. Qiqi watches the door while she takes her phone out of her purse. He zooms in on the phone as she calls but he can’t see phone number. He quickly hacks into Qiqi’s phone enabling him to be able to listen to both parties. 

   Qiqi bites her fingernail as she waits for Feng Chao to answer, “Hurry..hurry..”

   Feng Chao sees the caller’s name and anxiously picks up his phone, “Are you alright? Baby girl, that bastard didn’t hurt you did he? Did he touch you…if he did…I will kill him! He is fucking dead! ”

  Sun Zhi’s face darkens and a murderous spark flickers in his eyes, Bastard? Touch her? Kill me?

  Qiqi speaks quickly, “Listen..” I wish he touched me hahaha. “ I don’t have much time, I will come to your apartment later. You need to fix dinner to make up for your epic fail. Don’t forget the wine… red.. two bottles… I had a very stressful day. Bye.”

  Feng Chao doesn’t have time to respond. Did she forget she invited me to dinner tonight with Kang Xue’s brother and Lili? Wuuhuuu… is she canceling because she got caught!

  “…” Sun Zhi raises an eyebrow, this girl is out of control, where are her parents???A High School girl going to a man’s apartment..two bottles of wine… is she crazy? Well, really none of my business.

  Qiqi puts her phone in her purse as Sun Zhi’s assistant, Bo Xian enters the room. “Miss Shen, the CEO said to escort you downstairs.”

   She takes the laptop and her bag from him. Qiqi smiles brightly, “Thank you.” I am so happy! I can finish the arc and go to the auction tomorrow night with Brother Si! Get the Mutton Jade bracelet and see my male god!

  The assistant is momentarily dazzled by Qiqi’s brilliant smile and stands frozen in place. I wonder who she is? The CEO had her laptop? Is the little girl his relative? Bo Xian comes back to his senses and opens the door, “Miss Shen, a driver will send you home.”

  “No need. I don’t want to be a bother, I will get a taxi.”

  When they get into the elevator Bo Xian pushes the button for the Underground parking, “ No trouble it was the CEO’s order.”

 “Well… okay.”

  Bo Xian escorts her to a gray Bentley. The driver opens the door, as Qiqi gets in the backseat she tells Bo Xian, “Please tell CEO Sun thank you for me.”

  The assistant watches the car pull away baffled by the situation. If she is a relative she wouldn’t call him CEO Sun. I wonder if Secretary Ye knows. Really a sweet and beautiful girl, I would like to introduce her to my nephew.

  Qiqi tells the driver to stop at her favorite cafe.  Oh… an Americano sounds so good right now. After she gets her coffee she sits down at a table towards the middle of the room.. It is positioned where she can get a good view of all the people so if she sees someone interesting she can draw them. She opens up the laptop and sighs, from now on I am backing up all my work!

   She sips her coffee then calls Kang Xue, “I got it! I will finish the arc and send it to you immediately.”

  “Great. Do you have any ideas for the next one?”

  “ Monday the High School begins Military Training so I will get some ideas and draw the first panels.”

  “Haha…do you remember our Military Training?”

  Qiqi chokes on her coffee, “Cough..cough…don’t remind me!”

 “I can still picture you hanging upside down on the obstacle course when you got stuck trying to climb down.”

 “Well at least I remembered my sunscreen…you looked like a cooked lobster.”

  “God, it was horrible wasn’t it.”

  “Oh you know who I saw at the High School today? Fatty Chen, he is the Volleyball coach.”

   “Fatty Chen is a coach?”

  “Yeah, he lost a ton of weight, I barely recognized him. I will tell you about my day when I see you.”

She walks to the counter to buy a pastry continuing to talk to Kang Xue. “ A White Lotus had her friends bully me, the School Prince I might have to include in my next arc. He really typified the classic Young Master…Handsome…Narcissistic… Domineering”

  Kang Xue holds a manuscript in her hand wanting to toss it into the trash. “I am a little jealous. I am having the worst day! I wish I could meet you and Xin instead of having to attend a business dinner.”

  “Yeah that sucks! Where is your business dinner?”


  “Wow..that is where your brother booked a private room! Maybe you could sneak away and join us.”

  Kang Xue fiddles with her pen, “Maybe. I don’t know who else is going. If the old witch attends she will keep an eye on me but if she sends her assistant I can. He always gets super drunk and doesn’t pay attention.”

  “I will send you the room number when we get there. Or you could call Xin.”

  “Just send me the room number, that way Xin will be surprised if I show up. I see the old witch walking this way I gotta go. Call me later.”

   Qiqi eats the creamy strawberry cake, what should I wear to the auction tomorrow night? She giggles, Sun Zhi you will be mine!

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