After they have dinner Emmi feels relaxed around Han Chao and Dong He. She has had several glasses of wine thanks to Zongmeng diligently refilling her glass. Emmi’s cheeks are flushed and she is laughing at Dong He describing Han Chao working with Meng ChuChu who is notorious for her strange demands and behavior on set. She holds her side laughing uncontrollably when he says, “It wouldn’t have been so bad except Meng ChuChu’s character the Queen, insisted Han Chao who was playing her slave not only take the skin off the grapes but also feed her..Meng ChuChu would intentionally lick his fingers.”

   Han Chao’s ears turn red, “Shut up! Chen Emmi don’t listen to him!”

   Dong He picks up his bottle of beer, “It is all true.Every word.”

   “Han Chao, don’t worry I won’t repeat what he said.” She thinks working with these two will be fun. “I admire you for not losing your temper.”

   “Well I was a newcomer so I didn’t want to complain. The way she turned her head slightly, no one could see so… ” He blushes, “It was just weird.”

    Emmi’s phone in her pocket vibrates and she wrinkles her forehead when sees the caller is Wang Hao. What does the annoying man want? If I don’t answer he will keep calling knowing him. “Hello.”

    Zhen Sihao is standing on his balcony of his hotel Suite. He feels tense after finishing a report for the meeting tomorrow with Daphne Drake. He called Han Weisheng to tell the manager of Ming’s to let Emmi off early because he wants a massage. Han Weisheng told him Emmi isn’t working but having dinner with his brother Chao. This news made him upset for some reason. He takes a gulp of his glass of whisky. ” Are you having dinner with Han Chao?”

  How does he know? Well it is none of his business. “I’m working.”

   He smirks, “Don’t lie.”

   Emmi walks out to the balcony, “Well, don’t ruin my good mood.”

  “Are you drinking?” She definitely sounds like she is drunk.

   She takes a sip of wine, “No.” Why am I hiding that I am drinking from him, she giggles, “ What if I am..haha..I said don’t ruin my good mood. I am very happy right now.”

  “Why?” He frowns as he lights a cigarette, “Because you are having dinner with your male idol?”

     “Haha..well if you must know..hahaha.. I’m very excited. Han Chao made me a proposition… for only a few hours he will pay me $50,000 cash. He doesn’t care that it is my first time, he said that is why he wants to do it with me. $50,000 ! So much money! He even said he would take his time until I was comfortable so I would enjoy the experience. ” 

 Zhen Sihao’s veins pop out on his neck and he raises his voice, “Don’t be stupid! Give the phone to Han Chao!” He stands up grabbing his suit coat from the chair. What the hell! She will even sell her body for a little cash! How desperate is the little miser!

 Emmi glances through the glass door  at Han Chao who is scolding Dong He for revealing his embarrassing past. “NO! I shouldn’t have told you. It’s a secret. I’m hanging up.”

 He calls her phone again and she turns it off as she walks back into the private room.

Goddammit! I need to stop the little girl before she makes a big mistake. He calls again, she turned off her phone ! Furious, he calls Han Weisheng, “What’s that little bastard’s phone number?”

 Han Weisheng is having drinks with a blind date his mother set up, this is a good excuse to cut the evening short. “Hold on a minute.”

  “Sorry this call is about business.” He walks away from the table, “What little bastard?’

  “Your brother Chao!”

   “What did he do?” Sihao sounds very angry… is it because he is jealous that Chao is having dinner with the little songbird? 

 “Just give me the fucking number.”

   Han Weishing tells him his brother’s number and has a slight smile as he walks back to the table. He immediately changes his expression as he faces his blind date, “I apologize but there is a problem at the hotel. I need to leave immediately.”

   Emmi comes back into the private room, the night air made her feel a little dizzy, “Han Chao. I can come to your private studio anytime that doesn’t interfere with school and a project I am working on with a friend of mine. I will email you my schedule. If you don’t mind..” She hiccups, I..I will be going now.” I don’t want to say I feel drunk but my vision is getting blurry. It is a good thing I have the hotel room.

  Han Chao can tell she has had too much wine, he feels guilty for not paying attention, “I will drive you home.”

 “I have a room here I booked for the weekend so no need.”

” Well I will walk you to your room.”

Emmi waves her hand, “N..no need.” She staggers and he reaches out to catch Emmi as she trips. She smiles up at Han Chao as he holds her in his arms. She stammers, ‘Ahh sorrrryy..”

  Zhen Sihao bursts through the door and misinterprets this scene. He grabs Emmi out of Han Chao’s arms, emitting a cold and terrifying aura as he picks her up into his embrace. Emmi’s head is spinning, “Wa..Wang Hao..”She pinches his face, “It’s yo..you.. Wh..why are you here?”

  He glares at Han Chao, “Shameless! “

???? Han Chao and Dong He watch as Zhen Sihao storms out of the room carrying Emmi who is barely conscious. She snuggles into Zhen Sihao’s chest inhaling his distinct masculine scent, “Mmm..Wang Hao..you smell sooo good.”

   He looks down at the silly expression on Emmi’s face, stupid girl! If I didn’t come when I did…Zhen Sihao takes long strides through the crowded restaurant ignoring the curious people ha passes.

   Emmi doesn’t wake up as he carries her to his hotel suite, she sleeps peacefully in his warm embrace. He opens the door to his luxurious suite then places her on the couch. Looking down at her young and innocent face he lifts an eyebrow, little girl don’t you have any sense at all?  A measly $50,000.. You would.. And what was Han Chao thinking offering to pay to sleep with you! He has been in the messy Entertainment business too long!

  Zhen Sihao walks over and sits at his desk then. takes a cigarette from the desk drawer.He has a strange sensation running through his body after holding Emmi to the room. He plays with the lighter, flicking it off and on while deep in thought. There is a burning flame deep in his black eyes staring intensely at Emmi’s vulnerable appearance on the couch.The disturbing image of Han Chao holding Emmi’s soft body in his arms replays in his mind. Little fox girl,  how many men have you seduced with your fairy-like face and delicate body…Liu Ling…Jiang Weiming… the Young Master at my Club chasing after you as you left..now Han Chao.. who knows how many others…

  He can’t take his eyes off Emmi’s half parted cherry red lips and fluttering black eyelashes. Her chest is undulating as she breathes and the skirt is short exposing her slender snow white thighs. Feeling restless from the seductive sight he takes a blanket from a cabinet then tosses it over Emmi. Afterwards he goes out onto the balcony and lights the cigarette.The little girl is too naive…someone needs to straighten out her thinking. 

  When he finishes the cigarette he comes back inside, Emmi has kicked off the blanket and one of her legs is hanging off the couch. He lifts her slim leg up onto the couch and covers her body again with the blanket. She complains, “Too hot..” then kicks the blanket again. He can see sweat beads on her forehead and her face is flushed. He touches her forehead, no fever. Suddenly Emmi sits up and stares at him with a blank expression, “Han Chao, I need a bath. Your house is too hot, then we can do it.” 


   Emmi is extremely drunk and hallucinating. She stands up and wobbles while pulling at the top button of her blouse, “Bath?”

   “…” Zhen Sihao’s face turns bright red, “CHEN EMMI!”

  Emmi touches his sleeve, she sounds coquettish, “Don’t be impatient. I just need a bath first.” She unzips her skirt, “Oh, there it is.” She steps out of her skirt staggering to the bathroom.

  Zhen Sihao grabs her arm his eyes filled with dark desire, “Chen Emmi are you trying to provoke me!”

  “Huh?” Why does Han Chao sound angry, “No..no..I’m sorry…” I want that $50,000 wuhuhhuu.. Tears form in her beautiful green eyes , “I feel sticky…I  can’t perform well if I am uncomfortable.”

  He pushes her against the wall, he leans down, his face is extremely close and a chill is coming from his taut body, “Have you done this before?”

  “Well, not for so much money.” She blinks her eyes and smiles showing her cute dimples, “ So I want to be at my best for you.”

   Zhen Sihao can smell her light jasmine scent and loose strands of her silky hair are brushing against his neck tickling him. Emmi’s shirt is unbuttoned and she has stepped out of her skirt. Mesmerized by how beautiful and seductive she looks he can’t resist her alluring appearance. Leaning in to kiss Emmi he doesn’t care she thinks he is Han Chao. He gazes at her tempting wine stained lips and his Adam’s apple rolls, I want to taste to see if her lips are as soft and sweet as they appear. I have never had scruples… She is doing it for money anyway…I have more to offer than Han Chao.. why not ?

As he is about to kiss Emmi when pushes him with her small hands on his chest. “Han Chao… Hooligan ! What are you doing !”

Zhen Sihao’s breathing becomes uneven as he presses his body against Emmi’s petite body with his arm around her tiny waist. He puts his mouth next to her ear and his voice sounds raspy, ” I’m paying you $50,000 shouldn’t I be able to kiss you before we go to bed? Or is that extra ? “

She slaps Zhen Sihao, “You said..said to sing with you! SING ! Not have sex ! Forget it !”




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