School Prince

This extra chapter and the next are for my sweetest friend Lily. Thank you !

 Kang Xin pulls up to the school gate, “Why don’t you and Xue have dinner with me tonight?  Lili is in town and Tang Jingli will be there.”

   “Xue has a business dinner. If I can retrieve my laptop this afternoon I can, I haven’t seen Tang Jingli since you came home last time.” I can observe how she acts around Xin. I will ask some probing questions about school and see if she looks guilty.

  “What happened to your laptop”

  “Long story. I haven’t been able to contact the person who has it. He doesn’t answer his phone.”

  “Your boyfriend won’t return your laptop?”

  Qiqi frowns, “You have been in too many idol dramas. Haha.. I don’t know the man at all. I tried to call but he probably doesn’t answer unknown callers.” She takes her backpack and opens the door.

  “I’m confused. You don’t know him and he has your laptop?”

  “He took me to the hospital and I left it in his backseat.”

  Kang Xin reaches over and shuts the door. “The story.”


  “You little idiot! You have no common sense at all! Riding in a car with a strange man, are you stupid!”

      Qiqi scrunches up her nose, what should I say?He was very handsome. She glances at Xin’s angry expression, definitely not.. Hmm.. “Well..I was injured and not thinking.”


    Qiqi recounts what happened but doesn’t mention she is going to his company to find him this afternoon. She knows Kang Xin will discourage her from going to FutureTech. “Open the door.”

   He unlocks the door, “The Black Dragon Club at eight.”

   “Okay. Bye.”

   Qiqi slings her backpack over her shoulder as she walks up to the entrance of the school. Several girls are talking in a group as she enters the hallway.  One of the girls recognizes Qiqi from the basketball game yesterday. She whispers in her friend’s ear, “The little bitch was  drawing Feng Tianyu at the game. The girl pushes Qiqi’s shoulder causing her to stumble backwards. While the other girls laugh at Qiqi awkwardly attempting to regain her balance the girl  smiles maliciously, “Hey, bookworm stay away from Feng Tianyu.”

  Qiqi has a bewildered look on her face, who is Feng Tianyu?  She looks at the intimidating expressions of girls as they surround her backing her into a wall.  Haha..Oh good some drama…maybe I can use this in the next arc. She decides to provoke them forgetting she is supposed to be invisible while at the High School. She nervously pushes her black glasses up then blinks her eyes several times. Keeping her head down she twists her hands in her skirt as she timidly confesses, “ him.” Hehe I should be an actress..

  A tall girl with heavy makeup sneers as she pokes Qiqi in the chest with her finger, “Do you think the Prince of the First class would look at a plain girl like you?” Well, probably before a clown like you. Watch a You Tube makeup tutorial…you look like a forty year old prostitute.

   Seeing the clock on the wall Qiqi tries to leave but another girl chimes in, “You can’t go to the basketball game today.”

  Qiqi clutches the strap of her backpack and looks up at the girls with a lovestruck expression, “I need to go. I have to watch Feng Tianyu play. He looks so handsome in his uniform.” That is why I am here to draw the handsome boy. haha..This should stir them up. I notice a cute girl by the stairs is watching. Far enough away she isn’t involved while enjoying the show. She must be the white lotus school goddess. She lets her minions bully anyone who dares set sight on her man..The Prince..what is his name ..Feng Tianyu..right…nice name. I want to laugh soo bad, I wish I could record this for Xue.. Her shoulders are shaking as she chuckles while looking down at the floor.

  The girls think she is trembling in fear so they continue their harassment “You ugly little nerd you are not allowed to say his name!” A muscular girl with a mustard stain on her blouse raises her large hand to slap Qiqi. Qiqi winces, Ahh.. I might have gone too far! Don’t hit me! Qiqi closes her eyes while reflexively putting her thin arms up to block the incoming pudgy hand.The slap doesn’t land on her face. HUH? She opens one eye to see a handsome boy holding a basketball with his other hand on the muscular girl’s wrist. OHHHH Yes! Worthy of being the School Prince! Protect the weak and innocent little bookworm!  

  Feng Tianyu glares at the girls, “Stop using me as an excuse to bully people.” He leans down close to Qiqi’s ear, his low voice full of sarcasm,“Have some self awareness.” He strides away down the hallway dribbling the basketball. Qiqi watches his back as he leaves, ‘ Have some self awareness?’ hahaha..teenage narcissist. 

  Qiqi ignores the astonished looks of the girls as she hurries to follow Feng Tianyu towards the gym. Once inside she looks for an inconspicuous seat then takes out her sketch pad from her backpack. That scene by the stairs was too cliched to use in my Webtoon but really soo funny! She immerses herself in drawing a good looking boy with bright red spiky hair and a large diamond earring. He definitely is the resident bad boy.  Look at the size of that diamond!…rebellious Young Master I see. Qiqi is giggling as she watches him foul any player who tries to take the ball from him. She is entertaining herself drawing and doesn’t realize someone is watching her from the court.

  Suddenly a Limited Edition AJ basketball shoe kicks her sketch pad out of her hand then the shoe is on the seat next to her. The pad lands on the seat below facing upwards displaying the half drawn figure of the bad boy. Qiqi looks up at Feng Tianyu whose thigh is practically on her chest as he leans over to look at the drawing.He has an angry expression on his boyish face. She cute and fierce I wonder what he will say, “Don’t think you can be a Phoenix and fly up to the high” Before she can conjure up another sentence, his thin lips twitch at the corner when he sees she is drawing Zhou Hu instead of him, The little bookworm quickly switched targets… so much for ‘I like Feng Tianyu.’ He overheard Qiqi’s conversation with the girls bullying her by the entrance. He scoffs, “Fickle.” then jumps down to the floor.  

  Qiqi mouth drops open, not what I expected. Well who knows what goes on in a teenage boy’s mind. She continues to draw until the whistle blows and the game is finished. After packing up her pencils and sketch pad she takes off the big black rimmed glasses to rub her eyes. While she is sitting watching the students file out of the gym she smiles, I got some good inspiration today for my next arc. She looks at her small notebook to see when they will have Military Training. While she is flipping through the notes her head is down and she is biting her lower lip. Feng Tianyu picks up his athletic bag. The bookworm is still here? Waiting for me?  He impulsively steps up the bleachers. When he is in front of Qiqi she looks up and he is startled, the little bookworm is surprisingly beautiful without those ugly glasses. 

  Qiqi sees his shocked expression and closes her notebook. “Something?”

  He regains his composure and snarls, “Are you waiting for me?”

 “ Ahh..No… I don’t have class and am staying to watch the girl’s volleyball tournament.” Qiqi wants to say hello to the volleyball coach who is an old high school friend.

 “Good. Don’t keep trying to get my attention, I won’t be interested in you.” He hurries down the bleachers but doesn’t leave; he stands over to the side staring at Qiqi.


She sees her old high school friend Fatty Chen come into the gym. He is directing some students to set up the volleyball nets and has his back to Qiqi. She walks down the side of the bleachers so he doesn’t notice her then quietly sneaks up behind him and reaches up to put her hands over his eyes. She sweetly says, “SURPRISE!”

  He quickly turns around to see an unfamiliar petite girl wearing large black glasses laughing. He shouts, “What the fu..” He stops himself before he curses, “Little girl, you have nerve!” He grabs her arm,” What class are you in!”

  “Owww.. Fatty! Let go! It’s me, Shen Qiqi.”

  He pulls her over to the side of the bleachers, “What the hell Qiqi! Don’t call me that!” He looks around to see if any students can hear them. “Come to my office.” As they walk by a few girls fixing the nets he tells his assistant, “After the nets are up, start the games. I will be in my office.”

  When they are in his office Qiqi sits down and crosses her legs making herself comfortable. She takes a water bottle from her bag, “I can’t really call you Fatty anymore, haha.. You are so handsome! How did you lose so much weight?”

  “Well after we graduated I met a girl when I was working at my father’s company for the summer. I knew she wouldn’t be interested in me so I didn’t approach her but I fell in love at first sight. I decided to go to the gym and hired a personal trainer.”

   She gulps down the water, “So did you get the girl?”

  He laughs, “No, by the time I got into shape she was dating the head of the R&D department.”

  “What are you doing here dressed like a student?”

 “Auntie said I could draw the students but I couldn’t be disruptive.”

 “In University didn’t you study Business?”

 “Yeah..but don’t tell anyone I draw a Webtoon.”

  He raises an eyebrow, “A Webtoon? What’s the name?”

  “ will laugh so no.. can’t tell you.”

  “I won’t laugh.”

  “You will.”

  “Tell me.”


  They both start laughing as Fatty Chen grabs her backpack to look at her drawings. Feng Tianyu opens the door to the office and witnesses the harmonious sight.  He stares at Qiqi who is giggling while jumping up trying to snatch her backpack from the Coach who is holding it above his head. Fatty Chen tosses Qiqi the backpack when he notices Feng Tianyu. He calmly says “Feng Tianyu, we can go over the strategy for the next game after school. My little sister stopped by unexpectedly.”

   “Okay Coach.” The bookworm is Coach Chen’s little sister? No..she can’t be..

  Qiqi:  “…” Little sister?

   After he leaves, Fatty Chen clarifies, “ Shen Qiqi, how do you think this looks? You are dressed like a freakin high school student and I am a member of the faculty. Do you want to explain that you are actually an eccentric twenty year old artist or let me look like a pervert? I happen to like this job.”

  Qiqi pats him on the arm, “Sorry Fatty..”

   He flicks her forehead, “It’s okay Little Sister..haha Feng Tianyu is a good kid he won’t gossip.”

  “Well, I’m leaving but I will be back when the students have Military Training next week. Maybe you and your ‘Little Sister’ can have lunch and catch up.”

   ‘See you then.”


   Qiqi is humming while walking down the hallway when Feng Tianyu stops her and pulls her around a corner. He grabs her arm and leans down, his eyes have a burning fire in them. “What kind of game are you playing with the Coach!”

  “Hmm.. I’m his little sister.”

  “Bullshit! My brother went to University with Coach Chen, he is an only child.” He presses Qiqi up against the wall, “Do you just like teasing men? He is a good guy, don’t mess around with him!”

  Qiqi doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This is ridiculous.. Good stuff! Should I tell him the truth? No..Auntie will forbid me from coming back and I need to get sketches of the students at Military Training.She looks up at Feng Tianyu and plays with a loose strand of hair and shyly says, “I am an orphan and Big Brother Chen..well he looks after me. Please don’t misunderstand…I wouldn’t want to get him in any trouble. And..and..”Qiqi thinks about Sun Zhi for inspiration and blushes, “ someone else.”

  Flustered after listening to Qiqi, Feng Tianyu doesn’t know what to say, the little bookworm is an orphan? She likes me…although it is impossible.. I shouldn’t embarrass her. He backs up, “Well you are lucky it was me that came into the Coach’s office otherwise there would be gossip. So be more reserved.” He abruptly turns and leaves.


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