Kang Xin

  Zheng Si buttons the top button of Qiqi’s jacket, “Very well. Don’t forget the Jade Auction is tomorrow night. I will pick you up at eight.”

   “Okay.” My God I hope I can get my laptop back or I won’t be able to go. After I pick up the school uniform I have to go to the company where Sun Zhi works, I can’t disappoint Brother Si.

  She turns around to wave at him as she walks up to the front porch. After she enters the front door he puts up the window then tells his driver, “To the company.”

  Kang Xue’s mother comes out of the kitchen when she hears the old butler answer the door. She is holding a spatula and waves it towards QiQi. “Bad  girl! It has been too long since you came to visit!”

  “Auntie, I wanted to come last Sunday with Xue but Uncle Wei was in town. She walks back to the kitchen with her, “Auntie you get younger every time I see you. What is your secret!”

   “Well, your mother sent me some skin products from France when she and your dad were there.”

    Qiqi teases, “How come she never sends me any? I’m so jealous!”

   Kang Huan laughs as she lightly hits Qiqi’s arm with the spatula, “You should be haha..they were the latest products by Angelique.”

  “Xue said Xin is back. He finished filming?”

“Yes. He finished filming and has an entire month off.” She looks at her diamond watch, “He will be back for lunch, can you stay? I’m making his favorite braised ribs.”

  “I wish! But I need to pick up the uniform and go.” Qiqi takes a piece of sliced pineapple from a dish, “Maybe we can get together for dinner next week I would like to see him. I saw in the news he is dating Fan Mi. Did she come with him?”

  “He said that isn’t true. The studio wanted to create hype for the movie so they created a relationship between them. You know Xin is waiting for Tang Jingli to graduate to announce their engagement.”

  Qiqi has a complicated expression she saw Tang Jingli in Professor Li ‘s office. When she came into the room the atmosphere between the two was very ambiguous. I thought she and Xin had broken up. Should I tell Xue? She takes another piece of pineapple from the dish, “Can I go up and get the uniform from Xue’s room?”

  Kang Huan takes a pan from the cupboard, “Sure.” 

  Qiqi hurries up the stairs and goes into Xue’s bedroom and sits on her bed. She takes out her phone, Little witch! Fooling around behind Xin’s back! I always thought he was too good for Tang Jingli. I was happy when I saw the pictures of him and Fan Mi on the hot search. I thought she seemed like a sweet girl when I met her at the premiere of ‘Shadow Assassin’.

Shen Dandan is in bed, she takes her arm off Qiqi’s father’s waist then grabs the phone from the nightstand because the ringtone is Qiqi’s. She sits up, “Qiqi baby, is something wrong?”

  Qiqi realizes she was impulsive when she hears her mother’s groggy voice, “Hehe..Mom… I just missed you and dad.”

  “…” She gets out of bed so she doesn’t wake Qiqi’s father. Once she is in the hallway she raises her voice, “SHEN QIQI! IT IS THREE AM! I almost had a heart attack when I saw you were calling.”

  “Sorry! Sorry! Go back to sleep! Forget I called.”

  “I am awake now. Tell me why you really called.”

  “Well I am worried about Kang Xin. I stopped by their house and Auntie said it was fake news about him and Fan Mi, Is it?”

   Shen Dandan walks down the stairs to the kitchen and pours a glass of juice. “Fake.”


  “Well his agent..wait… this is why you called? Honey, do you like Kang Xin?” Qiqi’s mom starts laughing, “Didn’t he used to bully you all the time when you were kids?”

  “MOM! COME ON! He is Xue’s twin brother! How weird would that be if I liked that stinky boy!” She plays with a plushie on Xue’s bed. “He looks like a slightly more masculine version of my best friend!” 

  Shen Dandan drinks the glass of orange juice, “Why the interest then?”

  “Well, I think they make a cute couple.”

  “That is why you woke me up in the middle of the night… for Entertainment gossip. I think I will have to ask your Uncle Lu to give you more work at the company.”

  “Haha..no need! Go back to sleep!  Love you Mom! BYE!” Qiqi quickly hangs up. He might be heartbroken when he finds out Tang Jingli is with Professor Li. Well I need to investigate further before I alert Xue. Get evidence of Tang Jingli cheating.

     She walks over to the closet and takes out the school uniform thinking about the situation. Maybe I’m wrong but my woman’s intuition tells me they are fooling around.  She takes off her clothes and changes into Xue’s oversized uniform. She pushes up her bra and looks at her chest, damn this isn’t fair! In high school she was more developed than you puppies are now four years later. She tucks the white blouse into the blue plaid skirt. Where is the bow?

She looks in Xue’s drawer and laughs, she still has the stupid red scarf I knitted for her in the fifth grade, haha.. She sees the bow and takes it out then closes the drawer. Looking in the mirror she fixes her ponytail and puts on the bow. Afterwards she looks at a framed photograph of her and Xue standing outside the High School in Junior year sitting on the vanity table. She picks it up and snaps her picture pointing at her younger self with it then sends it to Kang Xue. 

   Kang Xue is looking at her emails for Qiqi’s medical report when she sees the notification on her phone. She looks at the picture and smiles, Little idiot! She sends a message on WeChat, [What are you smiling about? You are still a B cup!]

 [Waaaahhh! Crying emoji.. that is your takeaway looking at the pic?]


[ “…”]

 [I got the medical report. I am going to forward the email to the old witch. Any news on your laptop?]

[i am going to attempt to find Sun Zhi at his company after I go to sketch the basketball guys]

[Okay, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Getting in to see a CEO is near impossible without an appointment.]

[Well I need to finish this arc. I want to go to the Jade Auction with Brother Si tomorrow night.]

[Zheng Si?]


[He invited you?] That is an exclusive event only the most powerful and wealthy people get invitations. She taps her red fingernails on the desk, did he find a way to defeat his brother Chu? What do I care…he hates me..

[He knows there is a jade bracelet I really want.]

[I need to get to work. Let me know what happens.]

[Do you want to go to dinner tonight?]

[Can’t. I have to attend a business dinner.]


 Qiqi puts her phone in her purse and walks down the stairs. Suddenly she hears a hearty laugh coming from the dining room. She looks over to see Kang Xin leaning in the doorway holding his side laughing. He teases her, “Did I enter a time warp?”

  She rushes over and hits him in the chest with her fist, “Stinky boy!” She laughs as she twirls around, “I’m still as cute as I was in High School.”

  He has a devilish grin on his handsome face, “It looks like you still go to High School.”

  “Well actually I am going to the High School. Haha.”


“I sketch the students and I want to blend in with them.” She takes a pair of big black glasses out of her purse then puts them on, “What do you think?”

 He flicks her forehead, “ Stalking High School boys? I think you are still a little crazy!”

 Qiqi smiles and her eyes bend in a crescent shape, “I am not! I draw a Webtoon.”

  “Don’t you work at Lu Group?”

  “No. I asked Uncle Lu to give me some time off for school.”

 “I have to go to the Sun Building. Do you need a ride? I can drop you off on the way.”

 “That would be great but didn’t Auntie say she was making you lunch?” 

He points to the empty plate on the table.”  “Ate.”


  Kang Xin walks towards the kitchen, “Mom I am leaving. I will stop by later after Dad gets home. I am going to take the silver Maybach and leave my sports car here.”

  Kang Huan comes out and picks up the empty plate, “I will tell him. The keys are in the drawer in the garage. Are you sure you don’t want Old Pei to drive you?”

  “Yes.” He puts on a peaked cap and a black mask, “Let’s go.” He looks down at Qiqi and puts his hand on top of her head, “Did you get shorter?”

  “Shut up!”

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