Shen Qiqi stands outside the school gate waiting for a taxi. She has an idea and calls her cousin Feng Chao.“Cousin, are you busy?”

  Feng Chao looks up at the several people sitting around the conference table, “No. What does my Baby Cousin need?” He motions for the people to leave the room. His assistant has a quizzical expression, Boss didn’t you call this meeting to discuss the new game?

  “Well, first I have exciting news for you. My friend Kang Xin is having a dinner tonight and I want you to go with me as my date.”

   He taps his pen on the table,“Haha..not very exciting news.”

  “Let me finish..drumroll pleaseeee…Lili will be there!”

    He gulps his saliva down his throat and snaps the pen in half, “WHAT!!!!” 

  “Yes. It is true…Kang Xin is good friends with Lili. They appeared together when he debuted last year on Fresh Faces Variety Show.” 

   “Wait, okay what do you need from me?”

   “It is so easy for you Cousin with your amazing hacking skills…so easy.”

   “Tell me.”

   “I need you to enable me to enter FutureTech and use the private elevator to the CEO’s office.”

  “I thought you were going to call Sun Zhi to return your stupid laptop.”

  “Well he never answered. I need the work that I completed on the laptop. I have a deadline and I want to go to the Jade Auction tomorrow night.” Qiqi sounds coquettish as she pleads, “Pleeeeaseee.. Cousin..can you do this tiny…tiny favor for me? Even if you say no I will take you to dinner to meet Lili because you are my favorite cousin.”

  “Do you know if he is at his company today?”

  “I thought you could find out.”

  “Do you still have your badge from working at Uncle Lu’s. Or even a room card from a hotel?”

   “I have my badge.”

   “FutureTech won’t be easy, they specialize in Security devices and software.”

 “I have confidence in you.”

 “Let me see if I can find out if he is in his office. I will call you back.”

  “Thank you!”

  Feng Chao stands up from the conference table and walks to the wall on the left.After a retinal scan the wall opens and he enters a soundproof side room. He picks up a remote and a partition lifts up on the wall revealing several computer screens. Sitting at a table he furrows his eyebrows, “Of all people to have the little girl’s laptop..Sun fucking Zhi!” He types in a series of codes on keyboard and frowns when he doesn’t get the result he wants.After a frustrating series of failures to hack into FutureTech he slams his hand on the table then spins around in his custom made chair. Holding his hands triumphantly into the air he shouts,“YES! I AM THE FUCKING BEST!”

    One of the screens on the wall displays Sun Zhi sitting at his desk looking at a report. Feng Chao dials Qiqi’s number. “How far are you away from FutureTech? CEO Sun is in the office but I can’t guarantee for how long. Once you get there, call me. I will unlock the first security checkpoint for you. Hold the Lu Group badge for several seconds on the pad. It will automatically reconfigure and allow you to enter. When you get to the private elevator, follow the same procedure. The badge then should also allow you access to the entrance to the CEO’s floor.”

  “Got it!” She fiddles with the badge from Lu Group, I’m happy I never took it out of my purse after the summer. “Driver, could you hurry?”

   Qiqi shivers as she tightens her black cashmere jacket around her , it is getting so cold!

   When she arrives at FutureTech she admires the building. WOW the design is so cool..like out of a scifi movie. She pays the driver then steps out of the taxi. You can do it!  She fixes her red scarf then walks to the entrance. The heavy glass door is difficult to open and as she is struggling a strong hand grabs the metal handle easily pulling the door open. Qiqi looks up at him as he quickly passes by into the spacious lobby. He looks like an assassin in that black trenchcoat. She watches him as he confidently takes long strides into the lobby. I wish I could draw him, although I only saw his profile, he looks quite handsome. Qiqi remember why you are here. She takes out her phone, “I’m at the first security turnstile.”

  “Use your badge now. I will tell you when to release it.”

   Qiqi holds the badge then her cousin says, “Go. Don’t look around nervously or you will appear suspicious.”

   “Can you see me?”


  “I am going to the elevator now.”

  There are quite a few people in the lobby going to another set of elevators. Qiqi waits for the group to enter then goes down the hallway to the private elevator. If Cousin Chao can see me I probably don’t need to call him. She puts the badge on the wall pad. The light doesn’t turn green. She calls Feng Chao, “It didn’t work.”

   “Qiqi ! I said to call me.”

   She furtively glances around, whewww no one saw me..“I thought since you could see me..”

  He pops a mint into his mouth…Fuck ! I wish I had a cigarette, “Idiot! I temporarily looped another picture so security doesn’t notice you.”

   “I will do it again.” After she taps the screen it turns green and the elevator door opens. “Alright, I am in the elevator.” 

” Good.”

   Qiqi smiles, I’m going to see my male god! Yeah.. She takes out a small mirror and fixes her hair. When the elevator reaches the thirtieth floor the door opens and she sees two fierce looking men rushing towards the elevator. She quickly puts the Lu Group badge in a small hidden pocket of her jacket as she frantically pushes the close button on the door panel. Her body is trembling..close..close…Oh my God ! Oh my God ! A muscular man dressed in black sticks his arm in the door preventing it from closing.The two security guards grab her slender arms easily lifting her off the floor. She struggles to get out of their strong grips but can’t. Caught!

   Feng Chao has lost his feed and is desperately trying to reconnect to see Qiqi. He furiously taps the keys entering code after code.OH FUCK! HE WOULDN’T DO ANYTHING TO A LITTLE GIRL WOULD HE! Sweating he tries several different code sequences to no avail.

   QiQi’s legs are dangling in the air as the two men carry her into Sun Zhi’s office. He looks up from his desk, surprised the intruder is the little girl from the Cafe. He rubs his forehead. How did a High School girl bypass our security system?

   The two men let go of her arms and she falls to the ground. She glares up at them as she rubs her butt. One of the security guards has a faint smile seeing her murderous gaze then quickly regains his cold appearance.

   Sun Zhi  doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She must really want that laptop. He tells the two men to leave, then walks over in front of Qiqi who is still sitting on the floor. He has an intimidating tone, “How did you bypass our security.”

   She stands up and unbuttons her coat, why is it so hot in here ? She loosens the scarf around her neck, “Well..obviously I didn’t hahaha..”

   He has a serious expression, “Little girl, do you think this is amusing?”

  “Ah no..no..absolutely not!”

  “I am going to ask you again before I call the police. Who helped you hack into our security system.”

   “No one. It was me ..all me.” No way can I give up Cousin Chao. He will never help me again!

   He points to his computer, “Show me.”

   Feng Chao has been trying to call Qiqi and there is no answer. He breaks out into a cold sweat, I am dead..DEAD if anything happens..I have no choice I need to call Uncle Wei he has dealings with FutureTech. He dials a secure line, “Uncle, it’s Feng Chao.”


   Feng Chao explains the situation and Wei Zhong clutches tightly onto the phone while he walks up to a burnt warehouse. “FENG CHAO! I will deal with you when I get back to China. How many times have your father and I told you not to enable Little Qiqi!  I will make a call.”

  “Thank you Uncle.”


  Wei Zhong sits on a broken tree and calls Sun Zhi. 

  Sun Zhi walks to his desk and sees the caller isn’t a person he can ignore. He picks up the phone, “General Wei.”

  “CEO Sun. The little girl who disturbed you, well… she is my precious goddaughter Shen Qiqi. I don’t think I need to say more. When I am back from investigating the bombing we can have dinner and discuss future cooperation. Give the little girl the phone”

   Sun Zhi has a complex expression, an old fox is an old fox.. let this incident go or suffer from financial losses.  Sun Zhi hands her the phone and she takes a deep breath, “Uncle, I miss you!”

  Sun Zhi: “…”

   General Wei sighs, “Baby girl please behave.You make me worry when you don’t think about the consequences to your actions. I think I need to scare the little girl. If that stinky brat Feng Chao didn’t call me you could be sitting in a police station or worse.”

   She sits on the couch and crosses her legs listening to him lecture her, “Yes..okay..”Qiqi twists her uniform skirt and her voice is sweet, “I’m sorry to trouble you Uncle. When you come home I will make your favorite sweet osthamus cake!

  “I look forward to it. Remember what I said. Go to work with your Uncle Lu and don’t get into any more trouble.”

  “I will.. I love you the most Uncle! Be safe and don’t forget to take the herbal supplements I gave you last week. The Tibetan Ice Lotus Root will fortify your qi.”

Sun Zhi shakes his head, Tibetan Ice Lotus Root ? It is only found in the crevices at the top of Mt. Makalu how did she aquire such a rare plant.

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