Zhen Sihao languidly walks down the hallway to the elevator. Haha… the exasperated expression on the little idiot’s face was priceless ! No one can defeat me in an argument..let alone a  naive girl. He glances at his phone as he enters the elevator, very good..unblocked. 

  Emmi throws her phone TYRANT! Well giving him an hour massage twice a day is easy and extra money.  She closes her eyes within moments falls asleep.

  Lu Ying Yue and Ruan YaoYao are finished in the practice room and YaoYao is packing up her sheet music. “Thank you Ying Yue, your suggestions helped me find my inspiration for the upcoming Music Competition.”

  “You have no idea how much I enjoyed this afternoon. It has been so long since I was immersed in music.”

  YaoYao zips her bag, “Do you think you will perform on stage again?”

   Ying Yue takes her phone out of her purse to call Emmi. She looks over at YaoYao. A little regretful she she was too timid to fight back allowing Lu Si’s mother to bully her into giving up her career. “I don’t know. I am definitely not at the level I was after being away for so long. Also I have JunJie to think about.”

  “I would like to continue learning from you and..” YaoYao points to the black Faziola piano,  “You can practice here. These pianos are top notch. I’m sure Emmi would watch JunJie again.”

   Tempted by YaoYao’s offer she considers practicing again.“When I called earlier she did say she was having fun…I will talk to her when I pick up JunJie.” Ying Yue’s eyes are sparkling staring at the pianos, “A University always has spent a great deal of money on providing the best for their students.” She wistfully runs her fingers along the keys of the piano by the window. I really want to..

  When they are walking out of the building Ruan YaoYao sees Jiang FeiFei.She anxiously pulls Ying Yue’s arm to hide by the corner of the Music building. She whispers to Ying Yue, “Sorry,I want to avoid that girl. I am in too good of a mood to be bullied today.”

  Ying Yue nods and stands quietly by the wall while YaoYao peers around to make sure Jiang Fei Fei has left. “Wheww.. Okay we can go.”

  When they are in the parking lot Ruan YaoYao tells Ying Yue, “She is the Queen of the Music Department, Jiang FeiFei. I try to avoid her whenever possible because she always tries to pick a fight with me and undermine my self confidence. You know how we were discussing the fierce competitiveness between the Music students? Well she is the perfect example of fueling rivalries… pointing out faults.. the most aggravating part is she does it in such a way that she never gets tainted. Everyone thinks she is kind and supportive. So two faced ! She has a little army of followers who she uses to bully people. Although…” YaoYao laughs,  “me… she likes to bully me personally when no one is around.”

  Ying Yue gently touches YaoYao’s arm, “ After listening to you play the piano this afternoon I am extremely impressed by you! You are very talented YaoYao..You have the charisma and talent to become a great pianist. Don’t let that girl tear down your self confidence. People like Jiang FeiFei, instead of relying on their own abilities to succeed try to dismantle the competition to make themselves look better.”

  “Thanks Ying Yue, coming from you, that means alot to me. Do you want to get a milk tea?”

  “I should pick up JunJie maybe next time.”

  “Next time then.”

  Ying Yue waves goodbye as YaoYao walks to a black Bentley waiting by the school gate. The driver hurriedly throws his cigarette on the ground then opens the back door for YaoYao.

     Ying Yue gets into her small economy car, as she puts the key in the ignition she has a melancholy expression. University hasn’t changed much I guess since I attended, still the girls who bully and the girls who get bullied. I hope YaoYao doesn’t succumb to their pressure. She seems to have a fragile ego which can make her extremely vulnerable.

   Before she leaves the parking lot she calls Emmi to say she is on her way. The call wakes up Emmi, she yawns, “Okay, he is sleeping. Do you want to come to my room or I can meet you in the lobby.”

  “I can come to your room.”

  “Sounds good.”

  Emmi stretches and sits up while rubbing her neck, Oww.. this couch isn’t as comfortable as it looks. She walks over to the small refrigerator and takes out a tall can of Coke, I need a sugar rush.. After she takes a gulp of the ice cold soda she sighs, AHHH SOOO GOOD!

  She smiles gazing at Jun Jie who is sleeping soundly curled up in the corner of the big bed.  His fluffy little head is sticking out from the quilt and drool is glistening at the corner of his heart shaped mouth.  She touches his chubby cheek then wipes the drool with a tissue.Little Dumpling you look like you don’t have a care in the world..haha.

  Emmi looks at the pictures on her phone she took of JunJie while he was playing with Jiang cute. I will send them to Ying Yue. She chuckles, should I send the one where he is gnawing on the fat chicken leg ?

  Lu Si is sitting at a desk in his Penthouse apartment holding the paper JunJie gave him at lunch. He runs his long slender finder over the colorful drawing thinking he needs to find a way back into Ying Yue and his son’s life. After he carefully places the drawing in the top drawer he picks up his phone, I need to get closer to JunJie first. He dials Han Weisheng, “When Chen Emmi checks out, give her a VIP pass to the hotel’s pool and amenities. Say she won the VIP pass or something.”

  Han Weisheng responds, “What are you up to?”

 “She mentioned giving JunJie swimming lessons, I don’t want her taking him to a dirty public pool.”


 “Also include free meals at the Cafe.” He has an amused expression thinking of how JunJie’s eyes lit up when he saw his lunch. “Charge my card.”

  “If you want to see your son, why don’t you try to reconcile with Ying Yue. Stop trying to force her to a dead end. I heard you were using underhanded methods to close her Dessert Shop.”

  “I have new plan. If I can slowly bond with JunJie I think Ying Yue will realize the boy needs a father.” He leans back in his chair looking at the pictures he took of JunJie on his computer. “I also need the time to sort out my enemies.”

  “If you need my help let me know.”

  “I will.” He hangs up and walks out to the balcony, Lu Si lights a cigarette reminiscing about when he first fell in love with Ying Yue. They were in Middle School, she was standing on the stage next to a black piano. She was wearing a white and pink dress, her curly brown hair framed her delicate oval face. Obviously nervous she was blinking and her long eyelashes were fluttering. Her voice was light and sweet when she timidly introduced herself. She resembled a fragile porcelain doll under the lights.

When she sat down at the piano he thought it would be another boring performance so he was going to the basketball court. He turned to leave but suddenly stopped, the sound of the piano music filled the auditorium with an incredibly soothing melody. He looked back to see her fingers moving in a flurry across the keys. Ying Yue’s head was bent but from the angle where he was standing he could see a brilliant smile on her face and her big brown eyes were sparkling. Lu Si’s dark eyes were riveted on the beautiful girl as she performed the difficult piece. He  crushes the cigarette out in the ashtray, I will get you back.

  Ying Yue knocks on the door to Emmi’s hotel room. When she answers Emmi points to JunJie wrapped in the white quilt like a little cocoon on the bed, “Should we let him sleep a little longer?”

  “No. I have taken up enough of your time today. Don’t you need to go to work?”

  “I do but I have some time. Sit for a minute I want to hear about your day with YaoYao.  Do you want some juice or a soda?”

  “A bottle of water would be good.”

  Emmi hands her the water bottle“We had a great time today. JunJie is so cute! If you and YaoYao want to get together next weekend I will watch him again. I promised him I would teach him to swim. I sent you some pictures.” Ying Yue takes out her phone, the pictures of him by the pool wearing the floaties are hilarious. They both burst out laughing at the second picture, he has his hands on his hips staring at the pool with a determined look on his face. He is pursing his lips and wrinkling his forehead. Ying Yue sighs, JunJie looks exactly like Lu Si with that expression

“I will send you all the pictures I took today.” Emmi scrolls through them, “This is the little friend he made today in the playroom, Jiang Ning.”

  Ying Yue smiles, “The little girl is adorable. Thank you Emmi. JunJie doesn’t get a chance to play very often.”

  “I’m serious, I had as much fun as JunJie did and I am happy you can mentor YaoYao. She needs positive reinforcement. I always tell her how awesome she is but I think having someone like you guide her will help improve her confidence.”

 “I really like YaoYao. After listening to her play the piano you didn’t exaggerate she is extremely talented.”  Ying Yue finishes the bottle of water then walks over to wake up JunJie.

He opens his eyes with a confused expression, “Mom?”

  She helps him sit up then hugs him, “Did you have fun?”

  JunJie’s eyes widen, “Mom, soooo much fun!”

 “Time to go home. Chen Emmi needs to get ready for work.”

  He rubs his eyes, “Okay.”

  Ying Yue picks him up and takes him to the bathroom, “Call me when you need to wash your hands.”

  Emmi walks to the balcony and picks up his swim trunks off a chair. When she comes back inside she puts them in his little backpack. JunJie comes running over to her and hugs her legs, “Sister Emmi, you won’t forget your promise to teach me to swim will you?”

  She rubs his messy hair, “If your Mom says okay you can have another lesson next weekend.” Emmi winks at Ying Yue, “But, you need to behave all week and not give your Mom any trouble.”

  “I will be good..soooo goood!”

  Emmi and Ying Yue walk to the door, “Drive safe. See you next week.”

  After they leave Emmi walks back out to the balcony and leans on the railing. Ying Yue is so sweet and JunJie is too cute. Oh.. I forgot to mention Wang Hao’s friend Lu Si to see if they are related.

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