Unblock Me

When Zhen Sihao meets Lu Si at the Cafe he sees Emmi sitting with Lu Si’s son at a round table by a large window. He  recognizes Han Weishengs’s nephew but not the woman and little girl. “Si, I think you have reached stalker status.”

  “Fuck off. I never have a chance to see my son.”

  “Why don’t you swallow your pride and talk to Ying Yue. Even if she doesn’t want to forgive you, a boy needs a father.”

   “You know if I recognize him the kid’s life will be in danger. My mother made sure of that. Why do you think Ying Yue left me? She is afraid of my family. The only people that know JunJie is my son are you, Weisheng, Sun Zhi and my mother.”

   “Your Grandfather doesn’t know?”

   “ That old man hates Ying Yue’s family down to his very bones. Eventually, I will take them all down and be able to acknowledge JunJie.”

  “Well, let’s find a table where you have a good view.” I can’t imagine how miserable he must feel. He can ruthlessly handle business matters but can’t have his wife and son.

   As they are walking through the restaurant Jiang Longwei is coming into the restaurant to meet his wife and daughter for lunch. He greets them, “CEO Zhen, I’m glad I ran into you. I want to thank you for investing in my new Variety Show. We are only lacking two contestants and we can begin filming.”

   “Very good. Look forward to it.”

    “Would you like to join us for lunch. Hua decided to come on this trip and we brought Ning’er.”

   Lu Si recognizes the name of the little girl from the playroom, he nudges Zhen Sihao.

   Zhen Sihao looks across the room debating if this is a good idea. He notices Lu Si affectionately looking at his son,“Sounds good. This is my friend Lu Si.”

   They walk over to the table, Jiang Longwei gently touches his wife’s shoulder, “Honey, look who I met  on the way into the Cafe.” She smiles at Zhen Sihao and Jiang Longwei introduces Lu Si, “ This is his friend LU Si.” He motions to a waiter to bring two more chairs.

  Emmi  dropped one of her earrings on the floor and has her head under the table. She isn’t paying attention to the introductions, when she lifts her head her mouth drops open at the sight of Zhen Sihao. Why does Wang Hao turn up everywhere!  Well, I am going to act like I don’t know him. She quickly composes herself and looks at the menu. “JunJie what do you like to eat?”

  He is coloring a picture the server gave him. He looks up, “Do they have Fried Chicken? French fries? Cheeseburgers?”

  Emmi sees his excited expression but thinks he probably shouldn’t eat greasy food. “Umm..I don’t think they have those here.”

  “Sister, look, I see a boy at the next table with fried chicken and lots of french fries with ketchup!”

  Jiang Ning looks at her mother, “I want fried chicken!”

  Emmi blushes and looks helplessly at Jiang Hua for some back up. 

  Jiang Hua chuckles, “Chen Emmi, once and awhile is okay to indulge a child, I don’t think his mother would mind. The Children’s plate is small.”

  Lu JunJie gives her a big thumbs up, “Yeah, mom says once and awhile I can have fried chicken.I will only eat ten french fries.”

   “…” Emmi wrinkles her forehead, the little fat man has support, not much I can do. 

  Zhen Sihao has a slight smile while looking at his menu. The little girl acts so tough but Si’s kid seems to have her wrapped around his chubby little finger. Haha.

  Lu Si watches JunJie’s concentration while coloring. For a three year old he is pretty good. Staying in the lines and using different shading techniques. He looks over at Jiang Ning’s messy drawing and his eyes are full of pride thinking how much more talented Jun Jie is.

  One of JunJie’s crayons rolls across the table and Lu Si picks it up then hands it back to him. JunJie has a cute grin exposing his dimples as he clutches the green crayon, “Thanks Uncle! Do you want to see my drawing so far?”


  JunJie holds up this drawing and points to a stick figure wearing a dress in the corner, “I added my Mommy.”

  Lu Si smiles, “Looks good.”

  “Well then I will give it to you when I finish!”

  Emmi glances at the warm expression on Lu Si’s face as he stares at JunJie. He doesn’t have the frightening aura he had surrounding him standing by the elevator. She blinks  looking back and forth between the two. Wait..his surname is Lu.. they look eight tenths alike especially the eyes. But obviously JunJie doesn’t know him. She shakes her head, Lu Ying Yue said her husband died.

  Director Jiang starts to ask Zhen Sihao about business and he quickly cuts him off, “We can talk later.”

  Jiang Hua can’t help but notice Zhen Sihao has been gazing at Chen Emmi. She is a very beautiful girl. Maybe CEO Zhen can convince her to join the crew of the Variety Show. Her thoughts are interrupted by JunJie’s clapping when the plate of crispy fried chicken is placed in front of him. Everyone laughs as he rubs his hands together in anticipation.Emmi takes the napkin and tucks it in JunJie’s shirt, “Eat slowly.”

   After a very harmonious lunch, Director Jiang insists on treating everyone. Emmi stands up, “Thank you so much Director Jiang, it was my pleasure to meet you and your beautiful family.” She politely nods towards Zhen Sihao. Han Shi left after the appetizer because he got a call from his Uncle. Lu Si was worried Ying Yue would show up so after receiving the drawing from JunJie he left.

    Director Jiang is being pinched under the table by his wife, “Chen Emmi, think about what I said. Being on this Variety Show would be a great opportunity for you.”

   She picks up Jun Jie who is half asleep in his chair, “I will.”

   As she walks to the door carrying JunJie she sighs, Little fat man you are so heavy now that you are asleep! Suddenly Zhen Sihao is by her side, “Let me carry the boy, he looks heavy.”

   Emmi is tired from not sleeping well and babysitting JunJie. “Fine. But don’t think this means I have forgiven you.”

   Zhen Sihao has a faint smile on his handsome face, “Well you are the first person to dare block me so I overreacted.”


   When they enter the elevator he says, “What floor?”


    When they reach her floor she holds her arms out, “I will take him now.”

  “Now that I have carried him this far I might as well take him to your room.”

  “I hope you don’t expect a massage in return, I’m tired.”

  He bursts out laughing, “No charge.”

 Once they are in the hotel room Emmi pulls down the covers so Zhen Sihao can lay him on the bed. After she covers JunJie with the quilt she brushes his soft black hair off his forehead.  Wang Hao gazes at her gentle expression. She has a sweet smile staring at the little boy, JunJie’s long black eyelashes are fluttering and he is smacking his lips in his sleep. She points to his face, “Wang Hao look, I bet the little fat man is dreaming of a chicken leg.” He smiles, I have seen that look on your drooling little face before but I’m sure you were dreaming about money.

  Emmi picks up a water bottle then lays on the couch. “You can go now. I need a nap too.”

   Zhen Sihao watches her kick off her shoes then rub her calf, “First,unblock me.”

  “Wang Hao, we are like oil and water. We aren’t destined to be friends.” She takes a sip of water, “The hotel has an awesome spa. Get a masseuse from there, I’m sure with your charm one of the women or even one of the men will make a house call.”

  He resists the urge to take her over his knee and spank her for being insolent. “I need you as an employee, not a friend. I am satisfied with your massage technique and we had an arrangement. Now that you have so many opportunities to make money you are casting aside one of your original employers? Don’t you have any business ethics?”

  Emmi sits up and puffs out her cheeks in anger, “You are twisting the situation around!”

  “Am I? We have a verbal agreement for two massages a day. I am not your driver. You called me for a ride when it was inconvenient. If you hadn’t rudely hung up on me, I was about to tell you I would send the driver the company gave me to pick you up.I even tried to call you back to send the driver  knowing you must have called me because I was your last resort. What did I get..I was blocked.”

  Emmi is speechless, what he is saying is true. He had no reason to drop what he was doing because I called. 

  “Nothing to say?”

  Emmi sits up, “Well..”


  “Fine. I will unblock you. Two massages a day for two months as agreed.”

  He lies, “I am staying at my friend’s suite at the hotel while they fix a pipe in my apartment.” The suite is his to use whenever he wants. “I will expect you tonight for my scheduled massage after your shift at Ming’s.” 

   After he leaves Emmi throws a couch pillow at the door. Errrr…No wonder he is so good at manipulating his women clients! He has the ability to turn black to white!

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