Wang Hao..Hooligan!

   Emmi turns to walk back inside and Han Chao stops her as she opens the door. “Wait. I need to talk to you.”

   “Mr. Kang, I need to get back to work.”

  “No. I will talk to my brother. I need you to sing for me.”

  “Huh? Don’t joke.” She says in a low voice, “I will be honest tonight is my first night and I need to do a good job for CEO Han.”

  “I will tell him to get another server.”


  “I am serious! You have the perfect voice to do a duet with me. I will be right back. Wait here.” He rushes past her into the private room leaving Emmi and Sun Zhi on the balcony.

  She doesn’t know what to do. If I make Kang Jin angry won’t that upset CEO Han? Well I will wait here for him to return.

  Sun Zhi sees the different emotions flash across her face and he grins, “Miss Chen, don’t worry CEO Han can never refuse his little brother.”

 “Kang Jin is CEO Han’s brother?”

  “Yes. His name is Han Chao.”

  She leans on the railing looking out at the lights mumbling, “Well, I thought today couldn’t get any stranger.”

  Sun Zhi sips the red wine then says, “I heard you sing at the Club. You have a beautiful voice.”

 “Oh thanks, but I don’t want to be a singer. I only sang that night for the prize money.”

 “Most girls would be excited to hear that Kang Jin wants to sing with them.”

 “Well, I am flattered for sure but..” 

 Han Chao comes through the door. “Weisheng got another server.”

  “Mr. Kang! This is my job!”

  “I will pay you the same as you would make as a server for you to sing with me. Add me on WeChat.”

 “Are you crazy?”

 “Maybe but I couldn’t get your voice out of my head. One song. I’m sure you know it. The theme song from ‘Rebirth Of The Red Phoenix.’” Give me your phone.”

   She takes her phone out her pocket,“You will pay me a night’s pay for one song? CEO Han agreed?”

  “Of course he agreed.” 

  “Mrs. Huang won’t be angry with me?”

  “Who is Mrs. Huang?”

  “The woman in charge of Ming’s.”

  “If my brother says it is fine, she won’t object.”

  “ Okay one song. But I need a drink of water first.I hate to ask but could you go get me a bottle of water.” I don’t want to go back in that room. This is weird!

   “I will be right back.”

   Sun Zhi hasn’t moved, this is more interesting than expected! He finishes his glass of wine and lights a cigarette. I wonder what Sihao would think about her singing with Chao. He rushed down to the stage and grabbed her off the stage.

   Han Chao brings a glass of water and after Emmi drinks she clears her throat, “Ready.”

  They begin to sing and their melodious voices drift over to the other balconies enthralling the people listening. Han Chao feels like he hasn’t been this excited singing since his debut. Emmi’s lilting voice perfectly blends with his bringing the song he wrote to life. He can feel the swords clashing and the hero’s love of the woman in his arms. He looks at Emmi, her eyes are closed and her eyelashes are fluttering. He can see a teardrop falling from the corner of her eye. This is it! This is the sound I wanted when I wrote the song. An emotional young girl’s voice entwined with mine. Perfect harmony!

  Sun Zhi puts out his cigarette and leans back in the chair. He watches them singing together, They are definitely well matched. A handsome young man and a beautiful girl. Their voices compliment each other. He gazes at Emmi,with her beauty and incredible voice Chen Emmi could easily become red.

  When they finish the song the sound of applause can be heard from the adjoining balconies. Emmi is startled when Han Chao hugs her into his embrace. “I knew it! You are perfect!” He tenderly wipes the tears on her cheek with his finger. 

  Emmi pushes him away, “Kang Jin!”

  Zhen Sihao comes through the sliding door, he pushes Han Chao away from Emmi, “What are you doing!”

  “Sorry! Sorry! I got too excited!”

  Emmi glares at Zhen Sihao shooting daggers at him with her eyes. She ignores him and turns to Han Chao.“Okay I sang with you, I’m leaving.”

   “ But I want to talk to you about a collaboration.”

  “No. I am too busy.”

  Zhen Sihao stops her and she frowns Yikes!How much did he have to drink! She can smell the heavy scent of alcohol on him. “Wang Hao, what are you doing?”

  “I should ask you what are you doing?” He could hear them singing when he entered the private room then rushed outside.

  “None of your business.”

  He pushes her up against the wall and she kicks him, “Wang Hao! Hooligan!Let me go! My shift is over and I am leaving.”

  Zhen Sihao leans down, his eyes are glassy and he sounds drunk, “You said your shift is over at eleven.”

  “Well, CEO Han said I could leave early.”

  “Good. Then you have time to give me my massage.” He takes her hand and pulls her into the private room. She helplessly struggles to loosen his tight grip on his hand as he drags her towards the door.She grits her teeth and in a low voice she says, “Let go of my hand.You are embarrassing me. I work here.” Emmi’s face turns red as her anger boils up, “Who do you think you are!”

  He doesn’t answer but when they are by the door of the restaurant she says, “I need my purse! It is my locker.”

  “I will wait here. Go get it and tell the manager you quit.”

 “Yeah..okay.”  I’m not quitting! She looks at his furious expression. But I better agree with him or he might make a scene.Is it because I blocked him earlier?He is acting really strange…more domineering than usual… it must be because he is drunk.

  Emmi hurries into the kitchen looking for Mrs. Huang. She is over by the grill supervising a chef. “Mrs. Huang?”

  Mrs. Huang has a strange expression, CEO Han personally came to the kitchen and said his brother requested Chen Emmi get off early tonight. He complimented her service and said to send his regular server to take their dinner order. This situation has never happened since I have been in the restaurant business. Who is this little girl! I don’t have time for this drama, a table just ordered ten grilled salmon dinners!  She instructs the chef to add more spice then tells Emmi “CEO Han informed me he was happy with your service. See you tomorrow night.” 

   Relieved Mrs. Huang doesn’t want to discuss the situation she quickly bows,“Thank you Mrs. Huang. See you then.” Emmi goes to the lockers and gets her purse. A pretty woman intentionally bumps into her causing Emmi drops her purse. The woman snickers as she walks away muttering, “Little slut…getting off early to warm the CEO’s friend’s bed.” She saw Zhen Sihao pulling her across the room when she was serving a table. She is jealous because she has seen Zhen Sihao with Han Weisheng before and wanted to seduce him but was treated like air.

  Emmi picks up the scattered contents of her purse , different than those girls earlier today, causing trouble for no good reason. I am in no mood to deal with Wang Hao. I am leaving out the back entrance.

  Zhen Sihao is leaning against the wall waiting for Emmi when she doesn’t come out from the kitchen his face turns black. He angrily strides into the kitchen attracting the attention of several servers. A young woman’s eyes sparkle as she sets down her tray them approaches him, “Sir, can I help you?”

  He has a low and intimidating tone, “Chen Emmi. Where is she?”

  “The new girl? She left.”

   “I didn’t see her leave.”

    She points to the back of the kitchen, “Employee entrance.”

      He storms through the kitchen to the back door, Little bunnygirl you aren’t going to escape that easily! I have to settle accounts with you for blocking me earlier today.

   Emmi decides to take the stairs at the end of the hallway in case Zhen Sihao looks for her.As she grabs the handle a large hand grips hers and she feels Zhen sihao’s warm breath on her ear, “Nice try.”

   Emmi turns around, “Wang Hao! Don’t you need to seduce a client or something! Why are you bothering me!”

   “Who gave you the guts to block me?”

    “I will unblock you. Now can I go?”

   “Since you got off work early you have time for my massage. I twisted my back earlier.”

  “Hmmph..I can really put in a lot of hard work to land a client.”


  “I am not going back to the dorm tonight so I can’t go to your apartment.”

  “Then at your Art Studio.”

   Emmi has a complicated expression picturing her trashed Art Studio. Thinking about it reminds her why she blocked him. “I am not staying there tonight.”

  Zhen Sihao holds her by her shoulders and stares into her eyes with an intense pressure emitting from his body. “Not the dorm..not the Art Studio..where then?”

 “None of your business. I am not obligated to give you a massage. I told you earlier I wouldn’t be able to tonight.”

  Zhen Sihao impulsively picks her up and carries her to the elevator. She struggles hitting his chest with her fists. “What are you doing! You are drunk! Put me down!”

  “Shut up.”He takes her directly to the suite he keeps at the hotel. Once inside the luxurious suite he let’s her go and she falls to the floor. “You can stay here tonight.”


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