While JunJie plays happily with the other children in the playroom Emmi sits with a very pretty young pregnant woman.They are talking while watching the children play. The woman has been staring at Emmi thinking she looks familiar. “Are you in the Entertainment Industry? You look familiar.”

  “No haha..I am a University student.”

  “I feel as though I have seen you before.”

  “I livestream a sewing show, but I am not that popular.”

  “That’s it! My sister loves your designs! She is your follower. I have watched with her a couple times. I especially like your embroidery.”

  “Really? That’s cool.”

  “My husband and I are here on business.” She reaches into her purse, “Here is my business  card. He is directing a new Variety Show and I think you would be perfect to join.”

   Emmi takes the card but refuses, “I am not a professional, I don’t think I am qualified.”

  “It is only for three weekends and the pay is really high. The show is sponsored by Zhen Media and the company is very generous.”

  The woman’s three year old daughter comes running up to them. Her round cheeks are flushed red and she has a thin layer of sweat on her forehead. She dramatically holds her head, “Mommy..ahh.. I am so thirsty.”

   The pretty woman wipes her small face with a tissue.“Oh Sweetie, I didn’t think to bring water. Let’s go, we can go to the cafe for a drink.”

  “NO! I am playing with a Handsome Brother I don’t want to leave!” The little girl frantically shakes her head making her curly hair fly around. “I haven’t had this mich fun in forrrevver!”

   Emmi reaches into her bag next to the bench, “Have a water. I brought extra.”

  The pretty woman looks at her gratefully, “Are you sure?”

 “I brought a few. Here is one for you too.”

  JunJie hurries over following the little girl, he lays his head on Emmi’s lap, “Sister Emmi, I am dying of thirst too! DYINGGGGG!”

  Emmi laughs at his exaggerated behavior imitating the little girl’s enthusiasm. She takes a small white towel out of her bag then wipes his face. “Have some water and take a rest.” She sees him secretly glancing over at the little girl. “Do you still have the energy to go swimming?”

  The little girl takes JunJie’s hand, “I want to go swimming!”

   Emmi chokes on the water she is drinking, this little girl is a hilarious drama queen..haha The little girl’s mother laughs, “Ning! Let go of his hand!”

   She drops his hand and puffs out her cheeks,“Mommy! I want to go swimming!”

   “We are meeting Daddy, we don’t have time.” I am also eight months pregnant and am not going in a pool!

  “Tell Daddy to come swimming with us!”

    She ties the loosened blue ribbon on the little girl’s hair, “How about we invite your new friend to lunch. What do you think?”

  She puts her hands on her hips and turns to JunJie, “Forget about swimming, come to lunch with us.”

  JunJie looks to Emmi for guidance.Jiang Ning is the first new friend he has met and he doesn’t want to disappoint her, but he really wants to go swimming.

  Emmi sees he is conflicted, “Well, I invited a classmate to meet us at 2:30 in the cafe. If it is convenient we could all eat together.”

  Ning’s mother looks at her daughter who is moments away from throwing a tantrum. “Sounds good to me. Let me add you as a friend on WeChat.”

   The little girl is satisfied. When she sees the disappointed look on JunJie’s face she decides to comfort him.Patting him on the back she says,“Handsome Brother, don’t be upset, we can go swimming next time.”

   JunJie has a pitiful expression, I really wanted Sister Emmi to teach me how to swim today!

   Emmi plans on still taking him to the pool but doesn’t want the little girl to throw a fit. “

  Jiang Hua takes her daughter’s hand, “See you at the cafe at 2:30.” The little girl waves goodbye as they leave.

  After they are gone, JunJie sits on the bench next to Emmi, he looks at the clock on the wall. His quivering voice shows his unhappiness but he knows he needs to behave.“What are we going to do until lunch?” He wants to cry but reminds himself he isn’t a baby anymore he needs to be strong.

  Emmi picks him up and swings him around, “Go to the pool of course!!”

  JunJie’s eyes light up and he hugs her, “Sister, you are the best! I really didn’t think..YEAH!”

   Lu Si is watching the scene on the monitor and smiles. He calls Zhen Sihao, “Do you want to go to the hotel pool?”

  Zhen Sihao is still in his hotel suite finishing reading the latest report about tomorrow’s meeting with Daphne Drake. “Hell no!”

 “Hmm..I thought you might want to go to the pool since the little chick from last night will be there.”

  Zhen Sihao throws down the report, “Chen Emmi?”

  “En.She is babysitting my son.”

  “Chen Emmi knows Ying Yue?”


    The corner of his lips twitch, she left before he woke up and blocked him again on WeChat.“I will be there in fifteen minutes.”

  Lu Si has a faint smile, “ Very good.”I can use him as a shield and spend some time with my son without looking suspicious. Chen Emmi looked at me with a guarded expression in the elevator like I was a goddamn human trafficker.

  JunJie’s mouth drops open looking at the sparkling blue water in the pool, “Beautiful Sister! So pretty!”

  Emmi blows up the bright orange floaties and puts them on his short chubby arms,”This is an awesome pool! Have you ever been swimming before?”

  “No. Mommy doesn’t like the water.”

  “She doesn’t know how to swim?”


  “Well I will teach your Mommy too, then we can all go to the ocean together!”

  He widens his eyes, “The ocean? I have never seen the ocean!”

   “It is really beautiful!”

   She holds his hand and walks to the edge of the pool.“Stand here. When I am in the water I will hold you into my arms.”


  Emmi gets into the water and stands in the shallow area. She puts her arms out, “It is a bit cold but not too bad. Jump!”

   He is a little afraid, “Jump?”

   “I will catch you.”

   “You are sure you can catch me?”

   “Trust me. Sister will catch you.”

     Emmi smiles looking at the apprehensive expression on his face. “Hold your breath so water doesn’t get into your nose.”JunJie closes his eyes and takes a deep breath then fearlessly jumps.

   She catches him as his body enters the pool and water splashes onto his face. She wipes his face with her hand, “Okay?”

   He sputters  and coughs, some water dribbles out of his mouth, “Okay.”


  “Not cold.”

  He hugs her around her neck and she laughs, “I won’t drop you,don’t strangle me.”

  Lu Si and Zhen Sihao walk into the pool area and witness this scene. Worried, Lu Si wants to rush into the pool and grab JunJie. Zhen Sihao holds his arm. “He is fine.” He smiles watching Emmi wipe the boy’s wet hair off his face. “Go over there so she doesn’t notice us.”

  Emmi holds JunJie so his body is laying on top of the water. Her hand is firmly placed on his back and she is slowly walking in the pool to relax him.”Don’t be nervous I won’t let you go.”

Listening to her soothing voice JunJie feels comfortable. After she is confident he is getting used to being in the water she says,“Okay now we are going to try what is called the doggy paddle.” He laughs, “Doggy paddle.. that is funny!”

“Yes you will look like a cute little fat poodle!”

He protests and sucks in his belly, “Now..Fatty Mo is fat… but I’m not fat!”

“I’m teasing you! You are not fat at all. You are very handsome! The handsomest.”

“My mom said I am very handsome. She said more handsome than my Dad and he is the most handsome man she ever saw!”

Lu Si grins listening to JunJie. I know Ying Yue still loves me.

Emmi picks him up and holds him under his arms. “Kick your feet and move your arms, with the floaties you won’t sink.”

   He listens intently to her instructions and after a few minutes gets the hang of it. Emmi is impressed, “Jun Jie you are a natural!”

   Lu Si proudly watches JunJie, he turns to Zhen Sihao, “My son is just like me, I learned to swim in one day!”  He takes his phone and snaps a few pictures.

  Zhen Sihao laughs, “True but as I recall you were fourteen at the time.” He is enjoying watching Emmi and Lu Jun Jie. He decides he won’t ruin their fun and approach them. If she sees me she will get angry.

  Emmi and Jun Jie practice for awhile when Jun Jie looks tired Emmi says, “We need to go shower and meet Jiang Ning at the cafe.”

  “I don’t want to leave yet.”

  “JunJie, remember your mom said to listen to me. Your muscles will be too tired if we continue. If your mom says it is okay I will give you a swimming lesson once a week okay?”

  “You will! Not just today?”

  “Of course. If I say I will, I will! It is good to know how to swim so you will be safe around water. I live by a lake and I can teach you to fish too! Then your mom can barbeque the fish and we can sit on the porch watching the fireflies at night!”

  “That sounds awesome! I will catch lots of fish for Mommy to cook. Mommy loves fireflies! She told me my Daddy was super awesome! He knew a secret place with lots of fireflies. She said she was very happy sitting on a grassy hill watching the fireflies with him.”

  Lu Si’s heart tightens listening to his son, we were very happy together before…

  After Emmi and JunJie leave the pool, so do Lu Si and Zhen Sihao. “Sihao, do you want lunch?”

  Zhen Sihao feels sorry for his friend, he and Ying Yue were considered the perfect couple. He was a business genius and she was a music prodigy. It is too bad they couldn’t overcome the problems they encountered after they married. He remembers their beautiful wedding as he glances at Lu Si’s pale complexion.“I could eat. I will change, want to meet at Ming’s?”

 “No. The Cafe on the first floor.”

  “The Cafe? Their food sucks.”

 “The Cafe.”


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  1. Thank you, you spoil us. I think breakfast in the cafe will be quite interesting. Sihao won’t come easily, Emmy has too many fans. ha ha

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