Little Songbird

   Emmi nervously enters the kitchen of Ming’s Restaurant looking around for Mrs. Huang. She said she would introduce her to the server who will be training her tonight. Several servers are glaring at Emmi and she feels very uncomfortable as she walks around the kitchen. She gathers up her courage and asks a tall man who is looking at the calendar hanging on the wall, “Excuse me, my name is Chen Emmi.I am a new server. Do you know where I can find Mrs. Huang?”

  He scratches out his name on the calendar. Emmi watches him,Oh this must be how people exchange shifts. 

  The man turns around as he answers,”She is her office.”

“Thank you. Could you point me in that direction?”

  “ Go past the oven on the right down that hallway.” He puts on his apron while he watches her walk away, she is beautiful but why would the owner request a newbie to serve the CEO and his guests? If you ask me, that is a disaster waiting to happen.

  A young pretty woman approaches him, “Deng Lee, is that girl the new server?”


  “Did you hear Mrs. Huang say she would be the server assigned to the Golden Dragon Room?”


  “Aren’t you upset? Doesn’t the Boss usually assign you to serve the CEO?”

  “Why should I be upset? I would rather work in the Main Dining Room where I can make connections. It is a waste of my good looks serving a bunch of men.” Yeah the CEO tips alot but the money can’t compare to meeting a rich woman to raise me.

  “Well even if you don’t care the rest of us do! I have worked here since they opened and never had a chance to meet the CEO!”

  “I suggest you keep your dissatisfaction to yourself. The CEO has never personally requested a server so she must be special.”

   Emmi knocks on the office door, “Mrs. Huang, it is Chen Emmi.”

   “Come in.”

   Emmi walks into the room and Mrs. Huang tells her to sit down. “Chen Emmi, do you know the CEO of Han Group Hotels, Han Weisheng?”

  Emmi shakes her head, “No. I have never met him.”

  “So do you have any idea why he would request you to be the server for his guests in his private room tonight?”

  When she hears Han Weisheng wants her to serve his guests her face pales, “Mrs. Huang, it is my first night! I can’t handle a group of distinguished guests! I mean all the guests at Ming’s are distinguished but I thought I would be following an experienced server tonight for training.”

  Mrs. Huang watches Emmi’s face for any trace of deception. She doesn’t like scheming women who work at the restaurant to seduce rich customers. The girl appears innocent. She is nervously twisting her hands in her lap and looks like a scared rabbit. Ming’s cousin recommended her and vouched for her upright personality. “Well it is his personal request so you will be the server in the Golden Dragon Room.”

  “I don’t want to show any disrespect to you but I am afraid..very afraid! I don’t want to make mistakes on my first night!”

  Mrs. Huang can’t help but smile, the girl is really cute no wonder Ming’s cousin Peng likes Chen Emmi. Well, I have to honor the CEO’s request so I should calm the girl down. “Chen Emmi relax. I understand you are being thrown into a tough situation on your first night. The CEO is not an unreasonable man, I told him tonight is your first night at work. He won’t make things difficult for you. I asked the server who usually takes care of him and he assured me the CEO is not demanding. As long as you know the menu and get their orders right there won’t be a problem. You studied the menu right?”

  “Yes. I am confident I know all the dishes and their ingredients.”

  “Then don’t worry. Be polite and attentive, serve the food properly and there won’t be any problems. If you want an incentive Huang Peng said you need money for your school projects, the CEO is extremely generous.” Mrs. Huang pushes out her chair from behind the desk and stands up. “Let’s go to the kitchen, I will introduce you to the other servers and the chefs.”

  Emmi stands up and her knees feel weak. Why in the name of heaven would the CEO of Han Hotels request me? This is a nightmare..a nightmare..

  Han Weisheng enters the restaurant while talking to Sun Zhi.”Tonight should be interesting. Sihao’s little songbird will be the server.”

  “What? She works here? Last night she was with Young Master Jiang in the private room next door. I assumed she was from a wealthy family.”

  “I don’t know what Chen Emmi’s background is. All I know is Sihao seems to be interested in the little girl, he told me to request her as our server.”

  “Is your brother Chao coming?”

  “Should be. He is in town for a concert tomorrow night.”

  “His acting career is really taking off. I saw he won the Newcomer Award for the period drama he starred in directed by Yun Xie.”

  “I wasn’t expecting the drama to be as good as it was since it was her directorial debut.”

  “Who would have thought when we were in High School she would become a world famous director. I remember her following you around like a little tail.”

  Han Weisheng has an amused expression.“Haha… She was cute, it was hard to get angry at Yun Xie.When I would get irritated having her as a small shadow and told her to stop following me, she would look up at me with those doelike brown eyes of hers and shyly say, “Brother Han, I just like you.” He shakes his head, “How did that timid mouse turn into a fierce tigress? Chao told me that she kicked an investor in his balls when he said something suggestive. He tried to pull his investment from the movie afterwards and she threatened to expose him if he did. She would sue him for sexual harassment.”

  They walk into the private room, Han Weisheng is surprised. “Fourth! Long time no see.”

  “I had some time.”

  “ Congratulations. You succeeded with the hostile takeover of Phoenix Airlines. I didn’t think their own Board of Directors would facillitate you”

   Young Master Lu sips his glass of whisky, sarcastically commenting, “ Weisheng I am deeply doubted my ability?”

   “ have to admit it was a bold move on your part considering the c. The probability ofownclout of the Hu family. Being able to accomplish swaying the Board was doubtful.”

   “Those old fossils won’t hold any power at all when I am finished.”

    Han Weisheng takes out a cigarette,“Fourth,remind me not to offend you.”

   “I thought you said Sihao is coming.”

    Emmi enters the room and timidly looks around, Han Weisheng smiles when he sees her trepidation. “I’m sure he will show up.” 

   Emmi’s legs are shaking and her voice cracks, “Ca..can I get you gentlemen something to drink?”

   She doesn’t know which man is Han Weisheng; they all have powerful auras. She nervously looks between the three men while blinking her eyes. I hope the man in charge speaks up.

  Han Weisheng walks over to Emmi, “Do you remember me?”

  Emmi looks up at him and gulps, he is the man outside Wang Hao’s apartment building this morning. Should I admit I remember or act ignorant? Jeez I am so nervous I am sweating. Emmi has an awkward smile, “Well yes, This morning.”

  “You don’t need to be nervous I am a friend of Wang Hao’s, Han Weisheng. Bring a bottle of Lafitte 1987.”

   “Yes Sir.”

   Their conversation peaks Lu Si’s curiosity and he looks over towards them. He clenches his fists at his side and the veins bulge on his forehead. Dammit! Isn’t that the girl who was advertising Ying Yue’s dessert shop. What is the little bitch doing here! I would like to strangle her! I was so close to destroying Ying Yue. It would have been a matter of time before she came begging me. 

   After she leaves to get the wine he stands up and faces Han Weisheng. “You know that girl?”

   Han Weisheng notices the murderous gleam in Lu Si’s eyes, “Do you?”

   Lu Si doesn’t want to say anything about Ying Yue. “She looks inexperienced. You know I hate bad service.”

 “Well, Zhen Sihao requested the girl as the server so even if her performance is subpar, bear with it.”

   Lu Si narrows his eyes as he looks toward the door, I will settle things with you later. I’m sure if I give you a wad of cash you will forget you know Ying Yue!

  Emmi has no idea she has incurred the wrath of the vindictive psychopath sitting on the leather couch. She asks a server in the kitchen where she can find the wine. The servers have been warned, they need to assist the new girl otherwise it is their job. Mrs. Huang has been in the restaurant business long enough to know servers can sabotage another server they feel is favored. The woman she asked politely walks over and shows her the wine selection. She even takes out the two bottles and shows Emmi how to serve the wine. Emmi looks at the woman with appreciation, “Thank you so much for your help.”

   In the private room Han Chao has arrived and is on the balcony smoking a cigarette talking to Sun Zhi about possibly switching companies. “My contract is up next month, a representative from  Entertainment approached me but my agent is hesitant.”

  “ I know Nikolai Naralov’s new Entertainment Company would like to poach you and is willing to meet your terms, why is your agent reluctant?”

  “Are you acquainted with the CEO Nikolai Naralov?”

  Sun Zhi raises an eyebrow, what is Nikolai up to? It should be an easy task to grab Han Chao his current company is near bankruptcy. They lost the bid to get ‘The General’s Reluctant Concubine’ they are forced to rely on variety shows for their present artists under contract and have no fresh talent to develop.  

  Emmi comes back to the private room carrying the wine and glasses. She attempts to open the wine and Han Weisheng can barely stand watching her struggle. Sihao’s little girl looks like she is about to cry. He takes the wine bottle from her, “I will pour you serve my guests.”

  “Mr. Han please, I can.”

  He pours two glasses, “Take these to the men on the balcony.”

  Emmi takes the glasses on the tray and Han Weisheng opens the door for her. She hands a glass of wine to Sun Zhi and as she is about to give the other glass to Han Chao his eyes widen. “It is you! Fang Jiao!” Emmi looks around who is Fang Jiao? He takes the glass of wine and sets it on the table. He grabs her arms, “I looked everywhere for you.”

  She looks closely at him. Oh my God he is  Kang Jin! But why does he think I am someone named Fang Jiao? “Um my name is Chen Emmi not Fang Jiao.”

  “What? When you were singing at the Black Dragon Club I asked for your name and the woman said Fang Jiao.”

  Emmi starts laughing, “Haha..I was drunk. I didn’t want to use my real name.”


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