Lu JunJie

  Emmi wakes up in the morning cursing Zhen Sihao, what a lunatic! He is an absolute nut! Last night he insisted she give him a massage even stipulating she needed to sing while she did. She sighs, luckily he fell directly to sleep so I could slip out of the room. I am going to avoid him from now on..if I see him I am going to run the opposite direction! She pulls the soft quilt up and hugs the pillow, that Suite where he is staying is unbelievable, how can he afford such an expensive room? Is that where he brings female clients? When she was looking for a towel she saw a walk in closet full of designer suits, watches, rows of leather shoes. She shudders, he is definitely being raised by a wealthy woman or maybe a few women. Wang Hao is extraordinarily handsome, tall with a perfect body, his face is better than any celebrity or model I have ever seen but…he is a cold hearted narcissist. Demanding..overbearing…conceited… really no good points. He must really hide his true personality from them. She reaches for the water bottle on the nightstand,  Oh well, I am not going to think about him!

   Lu Ying Yue calls Emmi, “Chen Emmi?”


  “This is Lu Ying Yue. Did I wake you?”

  “No. Did YaoYao tell you I am staying at the Harborview Hotel this weekend? I can watch Little JunJie if you want, they have a children’s play room, a pool, we can eat lunch at the cafe.”

  “Are you sure you don’t mind?”

  “I think it will be fun!”

  “Alright. Would eleven thirty be good for you?”

  “Perfect. I will meet you in the lobby. Call me when you arrive.”

  “Thank you Chen Emmi.” She is excited to meet with Ruan YaoYao. Since she met Emmi and YaoYao she has been reminded how much she loves playing the piano. 

  “I told you to call me Emmi.haha..see you then.”

  When Emmi gets off the phone she smiles, he is such a little cutie! After my shower I should go buy a swimsuit at the Boutique downstairs. I saw a sign in the window saying they are having a Winter sale.

   At eleven thirty Emmi decides to go down to the lobby and wait for Lu Ying Yue and Lu JunJie. She sees them when they come through the entrance. Lu JunJie has been jumping around all morning thinking about playing at this hotel. He has passed it many times with his mother on the way to her cafe and always wondered what it looked like inside. When he sees Emmi he let’s go of Lu Ying Yue’s hand and runs over to Emmi. His round black eyes are twinkling and his milky voice sounds so cute, ”Beautiful Sister!” 

   Laughing while watching him swing his short arms and running towards her with his chubby legs she hears his mother, “Baby, don’t run.” Emmi bends down and holds her arms out, “Handsome boy!” He runs into her arms and turns around facing Lu Ying Yue, “Bye Mom.”

  “…”  Emmi rubs his head, “Haha..I need to talk to your mom for a minute.”

  He looks up at Emmi with a pleading look, “Then are we going to the playroom?”

  “Sure.” She holds him in her arms and stands up.

  Ying Yue hands Emmi a small backpack, “Sorry, he has been so excited all morning.”

  Emmi says, “Me too!”

   “I packed a swimsuit but JunJie doesn’t know how to swim. Is there a baby pool?”

   “I’m not sure but I got him some floaties for his arms and I can teach him to swim. Don’t worry only in the shallow end and I am a certified lifeguard. My home is on the lake so my mother taught me to swim when I was little.”

   JunJie’s eyes light up, “A pool too! Okay Mom, you should leave now so you don’t keep Sister YaoYao waiting.”

  Ying Yue shakes her head then kisses JunJie, “Baby, you behave for Chen Emmi.”

  “I will Mom, you go have fun.”

  “Emmi, feel free to call me to pick him up if he gets to be too much.”

  “Mom, I am a Big Boy! I know the rules!”

  A handsome man is watching them from the elevator. Lu Si stayed in the hotel last night after drinking and is leaving for a lunch meeting. This is the closest I have been to my son since he was born. Lu Si’s eyes are filled with undisguised affection, he wants to go grab his son from Emmi’s arms and tell him that he, Lu Si, is his father. Ying Yue looks beautiful, her face is glowing. But she is too thin. He clenches his fist in his pocket, Ying Yue why won’t you admit you believe in me that I can protect you and our son! If you gave me even a bit of face I would forgive you. He takes out his phone, “Cancel my lunch with my mother. No need for an explanation.” 

   Emmi and JunJie wave goodbye to Ying Yue and Emmi fixes his brown plaid shirt that has risen up exposing his little snow white belly, “Are you hungry? Do you want to eat?”

  “I ate breakfast. Can we go to the playroom first?”

  “Let’s go put your backpack in my room then we can.”


  When they approach the elevator Lu Si is still standing there. He stares at JunJie and the little boy notices his intense gaze. Jun Jie smiles brightly and his beautiful eyes curve into a crescent shape, “Hello Handsome Uncle! This is my first time in a hotel! How about you?”

  “…” Lu Si’s face has a gentle expression, “Not first.”

  “Oh Handsome Uncle you are so lucky! Have you been to the pool?” 


  Emmi looks up and smiles awkwardly at Lu Si then whispers in JunJie’s ear, “Didn’t your mom tell you not to talk to strangers?” 

  Lu Si can hear Emmi and his face blackens, although that is good advice, I am not a stranger! I am his father! He enters the elevator with them and pushes the button for the 40th floor where Han Weisheng’s office is located.

  Jun Jie notices that is the highest number on the panel. He pulls on Lu Si’s sleeve, “Is that the roof? Be careful!”

  Lu Si can’t help but chuckle, My son is really cute! He looks down at the little hand on his sleeve enjoying his son’s touch when Emmi takes JunJie’s hand away.

  Lu Si glares at Emmi and she slowly moves away from him. I need to educate this little boy..doesn’t he see how scary this man is! He isn’t someone to provoke! She breathes a sigh of relief when they reach her floor. Oh My God the atmosphere in the elevator was suffocating. 

  After Emmi puts Jun Jie’s backpack on the couch in the room she says, “Jun Jie do you need to go to the bathroom before we go to the playroom?


  “Okay. I will help you wash your hands when you are finished.”

  Emmi sends Han Shi a message. [I’m sorry but I can’t meet you for lunch. I am babysitting.]

  He is sitting in Han Weisheng’s office discussing his grades when he hears his phone. He takes it out and Han Weisheng says, “Put the phone away.”

  “Uncle it will take one minute.” [Babysitting? At the hotel?]

  [Yeah. I think barbeque would be too spicy for the little dumpling. He is only three.]

  [We could eat in the cafe. They have sets for kids.]

  [Okay we are going to the playroom then the pool. Can you take lunch at 2:30]

 Han Shi glances up at Han Weisheng, I am supposed to clean the offices on this floor but..[Sure.]

 [See you at the cafe 2:30]

 Han Shi is smiling and Han Weisheng comments, “Looking at your grade in Statistics I don’t see what you have to smile about.”

  He is about to respond when Lu Si bursts into the office without knocking. “Weisheng..” He gives Han Shi a look, “I need to speak to you privately.”

  Han Shi sees this is his chance to escape, he jumps up from the chair, “I will talk to you later Uncle.” He rushes out the door. YES! 

  Lu Si sits down, “I want to watch the security camera in the Children’s Playroom.”


 “Well, Ying Yue dropped my son off at the hotel with a babysitter. She is taking him to the playroom.”

  “Si you still love Ying Yue why don’t you get back together then you don’t have to spy on your own kid.”

  “You know how stubborn that woman is!”

  “…” You are the most hard headed man I know!

  “When you had the paternity test done I think that was when she totally gave up on you.”

  Lu Si has black lines on his forehead, “I didn’t have the paternity test done, it was my mother.”

 “Why don’t you tell Ying Yue you want her to come back. Move out of your family’s mansion and keep your lives separate.”

  “Now is not the time.”

 “Well until you choose Ying Yue and your son over your toxic family I don’t think she wil come back to you.” 

 “Ying Yue is playing the piano again.”

  Han Weisheng lifts his eyebrow, “Well good for her! That shows she is coming out of her depression. Honestly your mother..well..she is your mother I won’t say anything.”

  “I will get Ying Yue back.”

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