Employee Discount

  Dr. Liu can’t resist encouraging Emmi to pursue a medical career. ” Emmi you should switch majors. With your talent..”

  Liu Ling interrupts him, Dad didn’t we just discuss this! “You should follow your own path Chen Emmi. Do what makes you happy.”

  Emmi’s green eyes shine gazing at him, “Thank you Brother Ling!”

  “I just don’t want to see you lose your smile.”

  When she hears him say that her mood brightens, he is so sweet! I will keep smiling if you say you aren’t engaged…

     Dr. Liu hands Emmi the payment for the medicinal herbs, “When the Blue Dragonflower blooms let me know.”

    Emmi puts the money in her purse, “I will. It will be the last time it blooms until Spring.” She stands up, “Well we should go so I am not late to work.”

   After Emmi and Han Shi leave Liu Mei’s eyes crinkle as she teases her son, “I think Little Emmi has a crush on you Ling.” She noticed Emmi’s infatuated gaze, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

  “Mom, don’t be ridiculous.”

  She holds her son’s arm as they walk towards the kitchen, “I know you have always thought of her as a little sister but I think she..”

  He stops her, “Mom, I know you are very fond of Chen Emmi but don’t get any ideas. There can be nothing between us. I do think of her as my little sister, nothing more. The reason I came over today is to tell you I am engaged.”

  She can’t hide her astonishment at the sudden news. “What? To whom? You have never brought a woman to meet us.”

  “Well I am going to introduce you and Dad to her next Saturday. Her name is Peng Min, I am a consultant at her father’s company.” He wants to vomit blood as he continues, “Since we have been working closely together we have developed feelings for each other.” Yes.. my feelings well..nausea..contempt..loathing.. I can’t stand the spoiled self centered bitch. But if I don’t marry Peng Min I can kiss my hard earned reputation goodbye because her father is blackmailing me.

   Dr. Liu comes into the kitchen, “Did I hear you say you are engaged?”


  “Well you are twenty seven, it is time you settled down. What is she like?”

   How do I describe the disgusting woman…arrogant..willful..annoying..obviously scheming to convince her father to threaten me. “She is  smart.”


  Emmi and Han Shi arrive at the hotel, after he parks in the Underground garage they take the elevator. He is surprised when Emmi gets off at the lobby with him. “Aren’t you going to Ming’s?”

  “I booked a room. Where I live on weekends is being renovated and the dorm will be closed when I get off work.”

  Han Shi walks up to the front desk and winks at the serious looking woman behind the counter. “Chen Emmi, did you know employees get a fifty per cent discount?”

  Emmi’s eyes light up, “Really! I didn’t know!”

 The woman can hardly contain her urge to expose his lie. She rolls het eyes then stares at Han Shi, what are you talking about there is no discount! 

 Han Shi has a thick face and ignores the desk clerk’s disparaging attitude , “ Show her your ID from Ming’s, she can refund the difference to the credit card you used.”

 Front Desk Clerk: Han Shi! You just got off probation! Your Uncle isn’t going to like you taking advantage! Are you paying the difference?

 Emmi takes out her ID and shows it to the woman. Han Shi stands behind Emmi motioning to the woman I will pay.

  Emmi thinks about the situation, since it is half price I will stay through Sunday and then go to the dorm on Monday. First thing in the morning call a locksmith and security company for the Art Studio. “In that case I will stay for the weekend.”

  Han Shi has a devilish grin on his boyish face, Great! We can go to lunch at Grandpa Wu’s tomorrow!

 The woman looks at the computer, “I will extend your stay and the refund should appear in your account within three to five days.” She hands Emmi the room card and raises her eyebrow looking at Han Shi. “Han Shi, I need to discuss your work schedule this week with you.”

  “I will be right back. I need to pick up my check.”

  He walks towards the elevator with Emmi and she thanks him, “Han Shi if you didn’t tell me about the discount I would have known that is a perk for employees.”

  “No problem. I am working tomorrow do you want to go with me on my lunch hour to Grandpa Wu’s restaurant?”

  “Sure! I have some studying to do before my shift but lunch sounds good! I took my friend Ruan YaoYao there last week. Maybe she can meet us.”

  “ The girl in the Music Department who plays the piano?”

  “En. Do you know Ruan YaoYao?”

  “No, but I saw her perform at the Autumn Concert. She is amazing!”

  “ She is so talented! What time do you take lunch? I will call her to meet us at the restaurant.”

  “Usually about two. Would that work?”

 “For me, yeah, I will see what she is doing. She doesn’t practice on Sunday.”

  When the elevator stops on her floor she waves goodbye as she exits then turns around, “Message me on WeChat and I will meet you in the lobby tomorrow!”

  Emmi opens the door to the room then sighs gazing at the big comfortable looking bed. I am taking a short nap before work.

 She is awakened by her phone, “Hmm..”

 “Emmi, were you sleeping?”

 She sits up on the bed, “Yeah, I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

 “Well, Lu Ying Yue called me and said she could meet me tomorrow to mentor me. I was wondering if you could watch Lu Jun Jie in the afternoon.”

 “Sure, early afternoon. I go to work at five tomorrow. Oh and I am staying at the hotel for the weekend. But that might be better to entertain him. They have a pool and a children’s playroom.”

  “Why are you staying at the hotel?”

  “Well the dorm will be closed when I get off work and my Art Studio..well that is a long story.”

  “What do you mean?”

  “I don’t want to talk about it right now. I will explain when I see you. I got an employee discount so the two days are half price. I am so nervous. What if I make a big mistake?”

  “I have confidence in you. Just think of all the money you will make!”

 “Haha..you know that will motivate me! Okay check with Lu Ying Yue and tell me if it is okay to watch the little bun here. Actually it is more convenient for her probably since she lives in Bashu City.”

 “I will let you know. Good luck tonight.”

 “Thanks YaoYao.”

  “Oh I almost forgot! My aunt absolutely loved the embroidered sachet you gifted! She kept smelling it and complimenting your embroidery skill. She wants to introduce you to my cousin..hahaha”

   “Please noooo.. That playboy!”

   “Haha..you know I think I saw Wang Hao at the party. The man looked like him anyway. He was talking with a blonde woman by the rockery. When I got closer they had disappeared.”

  “Hmmph!” Emmi grumbles, “ Don’t mention that useless man’s name to me again! If it was that narcissistic white face they probably disappeared into the closest bedroom.”  Emmi looks at the time, “I need to get ready for work. Call me later.Bye.”

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