Nooo.. He Can’t Be Engaged!

   Emmi leaves Zhen Sihao’s apartment and walks down the hallway to the elevator. Once inside she takes out her phone from her purse to call Butler Han. Hmm…no battery… I will charge it at the dorm then call him. She gets into the elevator and it stops on the eighth floor. Three women step inside and she moves to the rear to give them space. Standing in the back she can hear their conversion discussing a handsome new tenant. She frowns listening to one woman’s description, they are talking about Brother Ling. 

  The prettiest woman among the three says, “He is so handsome, I love a gentle looking man wearing gold rimmed glasses. sexy! He helped me carry my groceries yesterday and I  asked him to dinner. Unfortunately, he said it wouldn’t be appropriate because he is engaged.”

  Emmi’s face turns pale, Brother Ling is engaged? To who? No.. he can’t be it must be a mistake. I can’t ask him..I will take some medicinal herbs to Dr. Liu and find out. When the door opens at the first floor Emmi is lost in thought and doesn’t exit immediately. A middle aged man enters the elevator, “Miss, are you getting off?”

  “Oh yeah..thank you.”  Distraught at the possibility Liu Ling is engaged she hurries out of the building. Not paying attention to where she is going she runs into a tall muscular man, the bag she is carrying drops to the ground.

  She looks up at him and apologizes, “Sorry!” 

  Han Weisheng bends down and picks up the bag then hands it to Emmi. He smiles,”It’s fine but be careful.” He watches her slender back as she rushes down the street, isn’t she Sihao’s little songbird? He has a slight smile, did she spend the night at his apartment? The dress that fell out of the bag was what she was wearing when I saw her at Ming’s last night. He goes into the building, haha…I can’t wait to hear what Sihao has to say..haha

Emmi feels as though she can’t breathe,Brother Ling can’t be engaged! Who could it be? The haughty woman in his office the other day?

   Han Weisheng knocks on Zhen Sihao’s door and he doesn’t answer. Hmm..he said come over. He dials his number. No answer.. he calls again.. Zhen Sihao rolls over in the bed and grabs the phone. He sounds groggy, “Yeah..”

  “Still sleeping? I’m at your door.”

  Zhen Sihao rubs his eyes then sits up on the bed, “Okay. Be right there.” What time is it? After putting on his shirt he smiles looking at the clock on the bedside table. Shit! I fall asleep every time the little bunnygirl gives me a massage. He stretches his arms out, I’m so fucking relaxed!

  He walks out of the bedroom to the living room and answers the door. Han Weisheng coughs when he sees him, his hair is messy and his eyes are half open. “Too much night time exercise?”

  Zhen Sihao yawns, “What the fuck are you talking about?”

  “I saw your little songbird nervously rushing out downstairs. Eating tender grass…I never thought..” Before he can finish Zhen Sihao interrupts him, “Fuck off! Not what you think.” He lazily walks into the kitchen and takes a bottle of water from the refrigerator.

  Han Weisheng  follows him to the kitchen and takes the bottle of water from his hand. Zhen Sihao reaches and grabs another water. “Did you get the information I need?”

  “Yes. Don’t change the subject.” He takes a sip of water then laughs, “Didn’t the little songbord spend the night here?”


  “Liar. She dropped her bag and I saw the crumpled dress that she was wearing last night.”

  “Weisheng, mind your own business. You really are bored since you left the Intelligence Bureau. If you must know she is my masseuse. She came to give me a massage.”

  “A masseuse?” He wants to tease Zhen Sihao, he holds his back, “I have been tense myself lately, give me her business card.”

  Zhen Sihao doesn’t realize himself a flash of extreme possessiveness is reflected in his dark eyes. He narrows his eyes as he responds, “She is booked.” By me…she can’t have any other clients! For some reason the thought of her massaging another man and singing to him is extremely irritating.

  Han Weisheng notices his friend’s possessive reaction. I wonder what is going on with Sihao? Does he really like a little girl? He can have any woman he wants...what is so special about the little songbird? “My time is flexible, I can work around her schedule.”

  Zhen Sihao sits on the couch and crosses his legs, “To be honest if she didn’t owe me money I wouldn’t get a massage from her.” Weisheng hates noisy women. “The girl talks non stop nonsense. Complaining constantly.”

  ???  Haha...If that were true no matter how much money she owed him, Sihao wouldn’t put up with that..haha..he is really selling it. This confirms my suspicion he is definitely interested in the little songbird.

   Han Weisheng sits in the chair across from him and puts the water bottle on the coffee table. “In that case I will continue to use the hotel’s masseuse.”

  Relieved his friend won’t pester him for Emmi’s contact number Zhen Sihao mentions the Birthday party, “Are you attending the party this afternoon?”

  “I have to go to represent my family. My parents are still in Italy and then insisted that I attend.”

 “You don’t seem happy about it.”

 “Going to parties like this is one of the reasons I didn’t want to come home after I left the Agency. I don’t mind managing the hotel but socializing with boring women gives me a headache.”

  “I heard you had a blind date. How did it go?”

  Han Weisheng picks up the water bottle, “How do you think it went? I almost fell asleep when she kept droning on about her trip to the Paris Fashion Show. Who the hell cares about her one of a kind Chanel bag!”

  Zhen Sihao bursts out laughing picturing him nodding off in front of Lau Bingbing . “You better get used to it, or find someone you like who your parents will accept.”

  “I have no desire to get married. Tingfeng gave them a grandson they should be content for now, but no..still harping to me to find a suitable wife. They don’t bother Chao or Little Bi. They  let him enter the entertainment circle and turn a blind eye to Bi’s pursuit of Fan Yunxin who is engaged.”

  “Little Bi likes Fan Yunxin?”

  “Unfortunately yes. I went to lunch with her the other day and all she could talk about was him. I tried to point out the fact he is engaged and she got mad at me. She even asked me to help her pursue him.”

  “ you regret resigning from the Agency?”

  “No. I told you I had too many conflicts with the new Director. My last mission was severely compromised, almost costing me and my men our lives. I couldn’t prove it but I think the Director manipulated the situation behind the scenes hoping to eliminate me. I don’t mind risking my life on a mission but I don’t want my men to be collateral damage because of internal disputes within the Agency. Also, my parents were pressuring me to join the company so it seemed like a good time to leave.”

  “It isn’t like you to walk away, are you planning on exposing the Director?”

  “I guess you know me too well. I am using my resources to gather information privately to expose the corruption within the Agency. I plan on letting the asshole think because I resigned he won’t be held accountable.”

  “If there is anything I can do to help let me know.”

  “Thanks Sihao. Now about what you asked. I have found the man who attempted to murder you, he was hiding in Catang City. He killed his accomplices right after you went off the cliff but underestimated your father.. Apparently, your father sent someone to silence him.  The man used his contacts to acquire a new identity but before he could leave the country he was discovered. My men were able to create the illusion your father’s hired killer succeeded by staging the murder scene. We now have the assassin in our grasp and your father believes he is dead. How do you want us to proceed?”

  “Very good. I want a videotaped confession naming my father and a transaction record of the transferred money.” He has a faint smile, “And the money of course..haha..Once you have that, allow the man to escape. What happens to him afterwards is contingent upon his own ability.”

  Han Weisheng stands up, “I have another appointment this morning. I will see you at the party.”


    Emmi arrives at her dorm room and hurries to open the door. She immediately puts her phone on the charger then plops onto the bed. Pounding her small fists on the pillow she is filled with turbulent emotions, Wuuhuuu.. Nooo..It can’t be true..Brother Ling can’t be engaged! He has to be mine!

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