Once her phone has a little charge she dials Dr. Liu. When he answers she says, “Dr. Liu I was wondering if you are in your clinic this afternoon? I am harvesting the Hipaflora and Glowing Glymin root you wanted.”

   Dr. Liu is finishing up with his last patient for the day. He looks at his son Ling who is helping in the clinic, they plan on having lunch at home after he closes the Clinic.  “Chen Emmi, I won’t be in the clinic, I will be at the house. Will it be convenient for you to bring the medicinal herbs there?”

  “No problem.”

  “Very well. What time can I expect you?”

  “Would three o’clock be convenient? I can drop them off on my way to work.”

 “That would be fine.”

 “See you then.” Emmi hangs up and lays on the pillow staring at the ceiling, Brother Ling…Brother Ling you can’t fall in love with anyone but me…

 After Dr. Liu hangs up he walks over to his son Ling, “Chen Emmi is bringing some medicinal herbs this afternoon to the house. You will be surprised what a beautiful girl she has become.”

  Liu Ling smiles thinking about Emmi, “Actually Dad, I saw Chen Emmi at the University. She attended a lecture of mine. You are right, she is really beautiful.”

  “Oh yes.. she said she was going to attend your lecture. Little Emmi is an exceptional talent, it is too bad she doesn’t want to pursue a career in medicine.” He walks over and picks up a jar of healing cream. “Not only can she grow rare medicinal herbs but she has developed some medicinal ointments and creams that are quite effective.Let me show you, this cream she made I used on a patient who had multiple third degree burns on her arm.” He opens a file with pictures of the woman’s injuries. The skin is red and blistered on her forearm down to her wrist. “I used the medicnal ointment during her treatment and look at the results.” He shows the latest pictures. “I documented the results because I wanted to persuade Little Emmi to study TCM.”

  Liu Ling has an incredulous expression looking at the pictures. “Chen Emmi mentioned to me she would like to market her healing creams but I was hesitant. I was afraid she would be embarrassed.You know the company I am a consultant at currently is considered the epitome of the industry. They have rigorous testing procedures. I was worried she would be discouraged if her formula didn’t meet their standards. I am surprised at the efficacy of her healing cream. That is amazing!”

  “Old Chen taught her well. I used his medicinal creams when he was alive but they weren’t as effective as the ones Little Emmi has developed. Even the herbs she is bringing to me today are difficult to grow. I usually order them from a specialty company in Hong Kong.”

  “What medicinal herbs is she bringing?

  “Glowing Glymin Root and Hipaflora. Also,she only charges me half the price that Dong Medicinal Herb. Company charges.


 “I can see by the expression on your face you are surprised. She is a genius girl I’m telling you. If she studied I think her potential is unlimited.”

 “I think you are right but when I asked her about switching majors she said no. She said she wants to be a Fashion Designer.”

  “Maybe you could encourage her to switch.”

  “Dad, although I can see her potential, she has chosen what she wants to do. She seems really happy. You know once she is recognized as a promising young talent in Chinese Medicine she would be swamped with offers and pressure. I know from my own experience and she is..well..naive and innocent. Do you want her to change?”

  “I never thought of it that way. You are right. Okay, I am going to get my coat and we can leave.”

  Liu Ling picks up the jar of Emmi’s healing cream then shakes his head and places it in the cabinet. I know how Peng Cen’s company works, Chen Emmi would never receive the credit or compensation that she deserves for formulating this healing cream. They would steal her formula by tweaking the ingredients slightly then claim the healing cream to be  their exclusive product. Pay a minimum fee then make millions… I really hate working for that scumbag Peng Cen but I have no choice. Now he has forced me to be engaged to his daughter Peng Min. I need to find a way to extricate myself from those bastards!

  He walks out of the examining room and follows his father out the door.

  At the dorm Emmi changes into a pair of skinny jeans and a dark green sweater. She takes the phone off the charger then calls Butler Han, “Could you pick me up at the dorm?”

  “Of course. I will leave now.”


  Emmi brushes her hair, I am so tired.  She takes two pills from the drawer in the bathroom. I have a headache but I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would. It was really thoughtful of Wang Hao to give me breakfast and ginger tea. Oh that is right he said he paid me. 

  She looks at her phone and her eyes widen, He paid me 25,000 yuan! He only owed me 13,500 and minus the clothes it should be 11,500.WOW! He paid me over double! It must be a mistake! She looks at the time, he should be awake. She sends him a WeChat, [ Awake?]

  Han Weisheng just left and Zhen Sihao is taking his shorts off when he hears his phone. His lips curl up in an arc, [Why didn’t you wake me up when you left?]

 [You were snoring.]

[I don’t snore!]

[Do. sleeping bear emoji]

Zhen Sihao laughs, [Something?]

[Yes. You made a mistake and overpaid. Minus the price of the clothes it should be 11,500]

[I don’t make mistakes.]


[I told you I got a big bonus. If my face wasn’t healed I couldn’t have met with the client.]

[The woman last night?]

He can’t resist teasing Emmi, [Jealous?]

Emmi scrunches her nose, Wang Hao is so narcissistic! She chuckles, [Yes. Of your bonus.]

Zhen Sihao laughs aloud, the little girl only has money on her mind. [I worked hard.]

Emmi can’t resist [ I bet you did.The Auntie was devouring you with her eyes.]

[ Well, most women do.]


[I just know my own worth.]

[Whatever. I can’t come over to give you a massage.]

[So I give you a bonus and you shirk your duty.]

[I am working tonight. I don’t get off until eleven.]

Zhen Sihao frowns remembering she works at Ming’s Restaurant. [I will pick you up.]

[Wang Hao! I will be tired.]

[Then don’t go to work.]

Emmi throws her phone into her purse, he is too much!

Zhen Sihao stares at the phone waiting for her response. When she doesn’t reply he calls Han Weisheng. “Let’s meet at Ming’s tonight at seven. Request Chen Emmi as our server.”

 ??? Isn’t that the little songbird? She works at Ming’s? “Okay.”

   Zhen Sihao hangs up the places the phone on the counter. He has a satisfied smile as he turns on the water in the shower. You can’t escape… I need a massage tonight. It feels so fucking good to have the tension in my body relieved. I don’t think I have ever felt this relaxed. He steps into the shower, he notices he is getting hard while thinking about Emmi. He turns the water to cold and lets it spray down his body to quell the heat rising in his body. Just a normal reaction her small soft hands did feel fucking good on my body.

  Emmi runs down the stairs of the dorm to wait for Butler Han outside. She fixes the red scarf around her neck and zips up the leather jacket. This jacket is really cool! I should check out YRan Boutique. Maybe they have some clothes on sale. While she is distracted a girl runs up to her on the left, “BITCH!” Before she can react the girl slaps her face, “Who do you think you are!”

  Emmi pushes her away as she attempts to slap her face again. The pretty girl falls on the ground looking pitiful as several girls come out of the dorm. They help the girl stand and glare at Emmi, “Why did you push Fang Momo?”

   Emmi is holding her red and swollen cheek,  “Better question. I don’t know you! Why did you slap me!”

   The girl standing next to Fang Momo looks at her wondering what was going on between them. Fang Momo motions for her to bend down then whispers somthing in her ear. The tall girl snarls, “ Chen Emmi you have guts! Jiang Weiming is your cousin’s boyfriend and you dare seduce him!”

   Butler Han pulls up and Emmi ignores the group of girls and gets into the backseat. Cousin Chloe! I should have known who instigated that slap! Jiang FeiFei probably called Cousin Chloe as soon as she found out I had a meeting with her brother. Idiots!

  The girls watch as the black Bentley pulls out of the dormitory parking lot. A girl comes out from behind a tree holding her phone. Fang Momo looks at the phone displaying a picture of Emmi pushing her down onto the ground. There is also a picture of her looking pitiful on the ground. When she fell she tore her skirt and messed up her hair to make it look worse that it was. She calls Chen Chloe, “I got the picture.”

  Chen Chloe sips her milk tea while sitting at a popular cafe not far from the University. “Have your friend post it anonymously on the forum.”

  Fang Momo enacted this play to ingratiate herself with Chen Chloe. If she agrees to come to her party so will all the other popular girls. “Will you come to my birthday party next Saturday then?”

  “Of course.”

   The girl clutches her phone and turns to her friend. “Post the pictures right away. Make it appear like you just happened to pass by and witnessed Chen Emmi bullying me.”

   Emmi rubs her cheek that is still stinging from the sidden slap. Butler Han saw the group of girls surrounding Emmi when he pulled up in front of the dorm. Worried when he looks in the rear view mirror he asks, “Miss Emmi, should I take you to the hospital.”

   “No. I will put ointment on when I get to the Art Studio. I need to pick some medicinal herbs and take them to Dr. Liu on the way to Ming’s Restaurant.”

“Can you work with your face swollen? Maybe you should take the night off.”

“I can’t miss my first night of work. I will be fine.”

Cousin Chloe and her dirty tricks! I can’t wait to save enough money to move out of the Mansion! I try my best to avoid any conflicts with her but I am not going to be bullied into giving up my partnership with Jiang Weiming!

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