Too Expensive!

    Emmi puts down her chopsticks and takes a sip of tea. Ginger tea? Did Wang Hao order this tea especially for me? She gazes over at him, why is he being so nice to me? She gulps, the old man doesn’t like me does he? Ha..ha..

   He notices her complicated expression, “What’s wrong?”


  “I ordered you some clothes. After you change I can give you a ride to your Uncle’s house. I am going to Bashu City.”

  “No need.”

  “ Do you have any self awareness? Look at yourself.I can’t have you leave my apartment dressed like that. If someone sees your disheveled appearance they might get the wrong impression. Don’t worry.. when I used WeChat to pay you I already deducted the price of the clothes.”

  “You paid me?”

  Why does she always miss the point haha.. “This morning. My bonus was substantial so I used it to pay you.”

  Emmi blows on the steaming cup of tea then looks at the bags on the couch. She notices the store logo, YR emblazoned in gold on the magenta colored bag, “Wang Hao, I didn’t authorize you to buy me clothes. YRan Boutique is very expensive! Definitely out of my price range!”

  “Well, I am not familiar with clothing stores here but one of my clients mentioned this store.”

  “ What client? The woman you were having dinner with last night at Ming’s Restaurant?”

   He laughs picturing Han Qing shopping at Yang Ran’s store. Top designers beg her to wear their clothes because she is the editor of Beautiful Lifestyles Magazine. Zhen Sihao sarcastically replies, “Did the woman with me at Ming’s look like someone who would buy off the rack clothes?”

  Emmi rolls her eyes, “Whatever. I told you that you could wait to pay me but thank you.” She finishes the cup of ginger tea then stands up. “I don’t need a ride, Butler Han will pick me up at the dorm.” She reaches to take the bags from the couch. “I feel much better after eating breakfast. I can give you a massage before I leave.”

  “Okay. Are you sure you don’t want a ride?”

  “Positive. If my Uncle saw a man driving me home I would have to explain. Speaking of my Uncle, what did you find out about my Art Studio and the land development by the Zhen Group.”

   He decides not to keep Emmi in suspense.“I convinced Zhen Sihao it would be in the best interest of his company to build further down the lakefront. If you decided to take your Uncle to court it could significantly delay breaking ground on his project. Also public opinion could turn against his company if it is brought to light you were coerced into giving your Uncle the deed to your Art Studio and property.”

   When Emmi hears the news she is overwhelmed with excitement, she jumps into Zhen Sihao’s arms. “REALLY! OH MY GOD!” She embraces him, wrapping her slender arms around his strong waist, “Thank you Wang Hao! Thank you so much!” Emmi’s green eyes are misty as she looks up at him, “I’m so happy!”

   Startled by her affectionate hug, Zhen Sihao’s heart starts beating fast with her soft body pressed against his chest. He quickly takes her arms off from around him. “Well, you saved my life it is the least I can do.”

   Emmi wipes the tears from her eyes, “I didn’t think that old fox Zhen Sihao would care about public opinion. I assumed he would gladly help Uncle Yihong squash me like an ant in court.”


  “I am going to give you a really good deep massage after I change!” She runs down the hallway to the bedroom.

  Zhen Sihao watches her back, why does she have such a bad impression of me? Old fox? I guess it isn’t time to tell the little bunnygirl that I am Zhen Sihao.

  Emmi takes a shower then looks at the tags on the short black skirt with suspenders and the crisp white linen shirt. She carefully removes the tag off a black leather jacket, her eyes widen as she gulps down her saliva, OUCH! So much money! Oh my! Well… I’m not going to think about the cost. Wang Hao did me a huge favor..I don’t have to worry about losing my Art Studio! Yeah!  Jiang Weiming agreed to partner with me too so … She spins around looking in the mirror, so pretty!

 Zhen Sihao finishes an email then walks back to the bedroom.The door is open so he walks into the room. When he sees Emmi’s outfit he narrows his eyes, What the hell! What was Yang Ran thinking! His eyes are riveted on her petite body. The little girl looks innocent yet extremely seductive…I should have looked in the bags before I gave her the clothes. 

  Emmi is tying up her long black hair revealing her snow white thin waist as she stretches her arms. She smiles exposing her cute dimples,“Wang Hao, although I hate to spend so much money on clothes I really like this outfit. The leather jacket is really cool too. I can wear it when Jiang Weiming and I have our next meeting.”Emmi doesn’t notice the black lines on his forehead and the flash of dark desire in his eyes. She puts the jade hairpin in her hair “Go put on shorts so we can get started.”

   He takes a pair of basketball shorts from a drawer then goes into the bathroom to change. He splashes cold water on his face, What are you thinking! She is a little girl! When he comes back out Emmi has a chair pulled up to the bed. “Take off your shirt.”

   He obediently takes off his shirt, Emmi lightly runs her finger down his injury on his waist. He grabs her hand, “What are you doing!” The feeling of her warm soft finger sliding down his waist sent a strange sensation through his body.

   “I was checking your injury. It feels good. Okay, lay on your back and I will begin the massage.”

  “En.” I need to think about that bitch Daphne Drake. That will quell any reaction I have to Chen Emmi touching my body. I will close my eyes and not look at the little girl and concentrate on how much I loathe that scheming woman.

  Emmi rubs the lightly scented medicinal oil in her hand to warm it then begins to massage his legs. Zhen Sihao concentrates his thoughts on the report Yang Jing emailed him this morning.He grimaces thinking about Daphne Dtake’s underhanded methods.

  Emmi notices his facial expression doesn’t look good, “Wang Hao am I pressing too hard on your thigh?”

  He gazes up at Emmi leaning over him, the top button of her shirt is undone and he can see her white lace bra. Dammit! “It is fine don’t talk.” He closes his eyes again and pictures the scenario in his conference room on Monday. First, I will throw the report in the bitch’s face then I will give her an ultimatum. She will of course give a counter proposal and argue about the key concessions.When I derail her argument using the information from my verified source, I can’t wait to see the look on her face. Exclusive contract in your dreams!

   ??? Now Wang Hao has a strange smile on his face. “I’m done with your legs turn over.”

  He turns over and Emmi begins kneading his shoulders, “You are really tight. Try to relax.”

  Emmi starts to softly sing as she works her way down his back giving him a deep massage. Comfortabe with his head on the pillow she slept on last night he inhales the lingering fragrance. The relaxing scent combined with her soft hands loosening his muscles makes him unable to concentrate. He tries to concentrate on raking Daphne Drake over the coals but slowly drifts off to sleep listening to Emmi singing.

  When he starts lightly snoring Emmi chuckles, he can’t seem to stay awake when I give him a massage. Well, he must be tired working two jobs so soon after his injuries healed. She continues to sing a sad ballad while she rubs more medicinal oil on her hands and then continues to massage his muscles. He is hugging the pillow and she stares at his profile. Wang Hao really is incredibly handsome no wonder that woman last night was all over him. I guess there is nothing wrong with a man using the beauty card to attract a client. It’s just I can’t picture him coaxing a woman with his domineering and cold personality. She blushes gazing at his half naked body then shakes her head, naughty Emmi..really naughty what you are picturing..haha. 

   Zhen Sihao is still sleeping soundly when she finishes the massage so she goes to the bathroom to wash her hands. She puts the massage oil in the drawer then walks into the bedroom. Should I wake him up? He said he needs to go to Bashu City. He looks like he is sleeping peacefully, I don’t want to disturb him. Since It is Saturday he probably doesn’t need to work… I will set his alarm for an hour. I think that would be fine.

  After she sets the alarm on the clock she takes a quilt from the cupboard. Covering him she hears him mumbling, “Daphne.” Curious she leans down to hear what he is saying but his words are barely audible, she can’t understand what he is saying. Emmi has a mischievous smile, in his ear she whispers, “Who is Daphne?” Zhen Sihao wrinkles his forehead, “Cheap woman.. needs to pay me..” She puts her hand over her mouth to muffle her laughter. “She won’t pay you for your services?” He raises his eyebrow but his eyes are closed, “Wants exclusive commitment.” Haha.. He would probably be angry if he knew I was teasing him, haha.. She can’t stop giggling as she puts her rumpled dress from last night in the bag from YRan Boutique. Emmi picks up the black leather biker jacket then leaves the bedroom and chuckles as she walks down the hallway, Wang Hao really is a gigolo!

   Emmi takes a bottle of mineral water from the refrigerator and walks into the living room. She stops while admiring the beautiful Calligraphy hanging on the wall. That would make an awesome background for my performance. I wonder if Wang Hao would let me do my first livestream from his living room. 

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      1. I like this couple. Only why does she and Wang Hao sometimes call him an old man, after all, he is the same age as Liu Ling.

      2. Good question! Because of his personality I think. Emmi has known Liu Ling since she was young so she thinks of him more as a ‘Senior’.😳

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