Emmi Wakes Up

   Zhen Sihao wakes up in the morning then stares at Emmi who is nestled into his chest. He has a devilish grin on his face as he takes a strand of her messy black hair and inhales her sweet scent. The little bunnygirl would be furious if she knew that we slept in the same bed. But, I had no choice, the couch would have been very uncomfortable. Last night to ensure she didn’t wake up he hit her acupoint so she would sleep through the night. He takes his arm from around her slender waist and gets out of bed stretching his long legs. He slept comfortably holding Emmi in his arms and feels refreshed without a trace of remorse. Maybe it is the light fragrance that her body emits… jasmine with a hint of medicinal herbs. Well,whatever the reason I had a good night’s rest.

    Emmi is still sound asleep with a peaceful expression on her face deep into a dream of becoming rich partnering with Jiang Weiming. He has the urge to poke her dimple, so cute.. After he touches her cheek he has a faint smile on his handsome face, the little miser is probably dreaming about money..haha

    He goes into the bathroom to take a shower.After he gets dressed in a dark gray sweater and black athletic pants he calls Yan Jing from his study. “Have Peach Blossom Boutique send over an outfit appropriate for a female college student to my apartment. No designer name, off the rack mid priced, include underwear. He glances at the report on his desk, “Keep the tags on.” Haha I want to see the expression on her face when I tell her will need to deduct the cost from what I owe.


  “Also, I will be back in my office Monday. Set up a meeting with Daphne Drake.”

  Yan Jing straightens some documents on his desk, “Yesterday I met with Chen Yihong, you should have seen his reaction when I told him the stipulations. It is good his son Ji was there to calm him down, the greedy old fart  might have had a heart attack in my office. Did you want me to contact Chen Emmi?”

  “No. Monday will be good.”

 “Anything else?”

 “No. Not for now.”

  He calls The Golden Palace Restaurant, “This is Zhen Sihao, send Chicken Ginger Congee, Tomato Egg Noodles and three other light dishes for two to 7800 N. 65th St. number 1908. Also ginger tea.”

  Zhen Sihao walks out to the kitchen to make tea. He opens the cupboard and takes out the can of Da Hong Pao. I wonder what it is about Chen Emmi. After the massage I fell asleep without realizing it and last night I slept through the night without any insomnia. Maybe her scent? When I was in her shitty little Art Studio I also had a good night’s sleep even on the   short bed.

  His phone rings when he sees who’s calling he is surprised, “What are you doing up so early on a Saturday?’

  “I knew you would forget. It is my mother’s birthday today, I called to remind you the party starts at two at Uncle Liquin’s.”

  “I don’t know if I can make it.”

  “You have to come to deflect some of the attention from me and Bo’er. She has been driving us crazy with blind dates. I like to point out the fact you aren’t married either.”


  “The party starts at four o’clock.Didn’t you want to talk to my cousin? She will be there.”

  “Well in that case I can stop by.”

   The morning sunlight pours into the room and Emmi slowly opens her bloodshot eyes. While holding her head she grimaces in pain, oww..the wine last night was strong. She squints looking around the strange room, where am I? The last thing I remember is Jiang Weiming opening the door of the dorm for me. She furrows her brow trying to remember Hmmm.. I am wearing the dress I had on last night. Emmi recognizes the bedroom then in disbelief clutches the covers, What the heck! This is Wang Hao’s bedroom!” The realization makes her heart pound as she pulls the covers over her head cowering under the quilt. “Wuuhuu..” Oh My God! Oh My God! I didn’t..He didn’t..with the old man?!?!? He is handsome but he is Wang Hao! My unlucky star! Wang Hao! 

  Zhen Sihao is walking past the room when he hears Emmi and his lips form an arc picturing her bewildered expression. He knocks on the door, “Chen Emmi are you awake?”

  Emmi doesn’t know whether to respond or not. I don’t remember coming to his apartment, why would I come here? Oh my.. did I come to give him his massage while I was drunk? Well, I am wearing  my clothes anyway..haha what am I thinking.. Beads of sweat form on her head, I should just face the situation. No! I need time to think..yes..I need to think..

  When she doesn’t answer he continues walking to the kitchen.Haha..the frightened little bunny needs to come out eventually. 

   Emmi raises the quilt when Zhen Siaho doesn’t come into the room. She slowly gets out of bed and opens a water bottle on the nightstand then smacks her lips, Eww..what a nasty taste in my mouth. Gulping down the water too fast to moisten  her dry throat she starts coughing and pounds her chest. I need to get back to the dorm and shower to go to my Art Studio. She glances at the bed, the side I was laying on is messy but the other side doesn’t look like he…she shivers at the thought of sleeping in the same bed with Zhen Sihao.  I need to stop making myself crazy and ask him.

  She goes into the bathroom and washes her face looking at her neck, nothing.. haha.. I watch too many dog blood dramas haha.. The heroine wakes up covered in love bites.. She uses some toothpaste on her finger to wipe across her teeth then rinses her mouth, a little better.. In the bedroom she looks in the bed to find her jade hairpin then pulls her hair up into a bun. Ahh.. whatever it is just Wang Hao, we spent a week together in my small Art Studio without a problem.

  Emmi casually walks out to the living room noticing a pillow and folded blanket on the couch  and breathes a sigh of relief. Zhen Sihao comes out of the kitchen, “You look terrible.”

   “…” Thanks for pointing that out! Emmi blushes and puffs out her cheeks, “Sorry to have troubled you. I am going back to the dorm.” She walks towards the door and Zhen Sihao steps in front of her to block her way.. He looks down at Emmi’s flushed face and wants to laugh but he restrains himself. Sounding serious he holds his back, “Well, I will need a massage before you go. My back was twisted and my legs are numb from being cramped while sleepng on that uncomfortable couch.”

  “Wang Hao! I..I am not feeling well.”

  There is a knock at the door. Zhen Sihao turns and answers, “Set the meal on the table.”

  Emmi smells the tantalizing aroma as the delivery man walks by and her stomach grumbles. “I need to go, I will come back later.”

  “Don’t you want to eat first?”


  “Although you passed out before even starting my massage last night, you did insist on coming over to fulfill your obligation. I was ordering breakfast anyway and simply added a couple dishes.”

   Emmi looks at him suspiciously. Why is he being so nice? 

  Zhen Sihao walks over to the table, “Up to you.”

  Unable to resist the fragrant aroma, Emmi sits down at the table across from Zhen Sihao. The delivery man serves the appetizing dishes. Emmi has a complicated expression, where did he order the food? I have never seen a takeout driver do anything but take the money and run out the door.  She smiles at the man then has a spoonful of the steaming soup “Oh..this is delicious! What restaurant is this takeout from?”

   “The Golden Palace.” 

    Emmi coughs almost spitting out the soup in her mouth, the Golden Palace? It is so expensive! She lifts her eyebrow at Zhen Sihao, “Wang Hao, you shouldn’t throw your money away ordering takeout from such an expensive restaurant. There are several good restaurants by the campus.”

The delivery man gives her a strange look then looks at Zhen Sihao, Wang Hao? Isn’t this one of the restaurant’s owners? CEO Zhen?

 Zhen Sihao motions to the delivery person, “You can go.”

 “Yes Sir.” He knows not to get involved so he quickly packs up the insulation containers and leaves.

  Salivating from the aroma of the delicious looking food Emmi reluctantly says, “Well, let me pay for half. But next time, order from Meng’s.”

  “I will deduct it from what I owe you then half will be 500 yuan with the tip.

  Emmi stares at him with her green eyes wide open, “That’s outrageous!”

  There is a knock at the door and when Zhen Sihao answers, a pretty woman is standing there with two hangers and a bag, “The clothes you ordered.” She tries to look inside the apartment. When her brother Jing called her Boutique to have clothes delivered she wondered who the ‘college girl’ could be CEO Zhen ordered cheap clothes for at her Boutique. Although her cheapest is still high end she thought it was funny Jing said to leave the tags on the garments. 

  Zhen Sihao winks at the woman and smiles, “Thank you.” He attempts to shut the door but Yang Ran wedges her high heel to prevent the door from closing. “Do you mind giving me a glass of water?”

  He blocks Emmi’s view with his body leaning down whispering, “Yes I do. Since when does the Boss lady deliver clothes.”

  She has a mischievous smile, “I wasn’t busy.”

  “…”  He pushes her out of the door, Nosy!

  ??? I wanted to see the girl!


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