Brother Si

  Qiqi sits on the couch to finish her breakfast drink wondering if she should call Sun Zhi again. When Fat Cat jumps up onto her lap she strokes his soft fur, “Do you want your breakfast?” She laughs when he immediately meows, “Fatty, do you know what I am saying?”

   He rolls his round amber eyes, yes stupid human girl I do. You barely gave me any dinner and I have been waiting an hour for you to wake your little drunk ass up!

  She sips her drink then sets the empty glass down on the coffee table. “Okay, but you need to go on a diet, it isn’t healthy to be so overweight. I will stop at the pet store and get you better cat food later.”

  Fat Cat jumps off her lap and looks back at Qiqi while meowing, well, hurry up, I’m starving! Although the taste of the cat food is disgusting I need to pad my stomach. 

  Qiqi lazily gets off the couch and walks to the cupboard to fill his bowl. She only fills it half way with the cat food and Fat Cat taps his paw on the edge of the dish while glaring at Qiqi. That’s it? Come on! Don’t be so stingy! Although that haughty wench who lived here never paid any attention to me she always kept my dish full!

  She notices his disapproving expression and affectionately strokes his soft furry head. “I’m sorry Fat Cat but it is for your own good. I will get you the most delicious and healthy brand at the pet store, I promise! Maybe I will buy a leash and take you out for a walk tonight. What do you think?”

  He shakes his head, A leash? A walk? Little idiot.. I’m a cat! What did the old monk say? How long will I have to bear this humiliation? I want to cry! If I wasn’t so damn hungry I would put up my tail and storm off right now! How did I end up with this stupid girl!

  Qiqi has no idea the thoughts that are rolling around in Fat Cat’s head. She watches him stick his head into the dish and gobble up the cat food then lick his mouth.

  She goes into the bedroom and looks at the messy school uniform thrown on the chair. I need to go back to the High School and finish drawing the basketball players. If I can’t find my laptop I can change up the end of the arc a little.

  After her shower she dries her long black hair then pulls it up into a high ponytail. She smells the school uniform, ‘EEk..I should have washed it last night.” She picks up her phone on the bedside table and calls Kang Xue, “Xue Xue do you have your old uniform?”

  Kang Xue is slipping on red 10 cm high heels when she answers the phone. “What?”

  “Your uniform.”

 “Not at my apartment. It is at my parent’s house. Why?”

 “Well mine is stinky. I need to go back to the High School to draw. If I can’t get my laptop I will need new material.”

  “Just wear regular clothes.”

 “No Auntie said I can’t distract the students.”

 “Did you call the hospital so you can email me your medical report.”

“Not yet. I just got up. I will before I leave.”

  “You need to do that so I can show it to the old witch. Qiqi honey, are you sure if you can’t get your laptop back you can redo the end of the arc?”

  “I can. Don’t worry, I won’t let you down.” But I hope I can contact the handsome man and get it back. I want to go to the Jade Auction with Brother Si. “Should I go to FutureTech? He isn’t answering my calls.”

  Kang Xue considers the idea then frowns, “No.I doubt you could talk to him. They always screen people and if you don’t have an appointment they will ignore you.”

  “Should I call Uncle Lu?”

 “That is actually a good idea. He probably won’t ignore your uncle’s call. But, I thought you didn’t want your Uncle to know you are writing a Webtoon. Doesn’t he think you are going to H University for your Masters in International Business?”

  “Well..yeah and he would wonder why my laptop is in Sun Zhi’s car. That might be even harder to explain. I could cause problems for Sun Zhi.”

  Kang Xue walks to grab her jacket from the closet, “Sweetie, I think you should resign yourself to the fact you need to redo your work. I can delay the old witch when you email me the medical report. Please, from now on back up your work.”

 “I know it is my own fault. Is your mother home? Can I get your uniform?”

  ??? I am a head taller than you and I was well, very developed in high school. “If you want. Just email me that asap.” She leaves her apartment, “I have to get the bus, call me later.”

  “Okay. Thanks Xue!”

  Qiqi puts on a white sweater and a pair of ripped blue jeans. After she ties her white tennis shoes she grabs her purse. Should I try him again? She dials Sun Zhi’s number as she walks to the living room. No answer.. 

   “Fat Cat, I will be back later, go out and do your business.” She opens the sliding glass door to the balcony and leaves it open while she fills his water dish.

  The fluffy orange cat hurries out the door and glances back to make sure Qiqi isn’t watching him. He sighs as he relieves himself, Ahhh.. then shivers it is really starting to get cold outside. He hurries back inside and jumps up on the couch curling into a fluffy orange ball.

  Fat Cat watches Qiqi shut the door to the balcony and head to the front door. He twitches his whiskers, Little fool is leaving without her coat. With that thin little body of hers she will freeze!

  He starts meowing loudly then jumps over to the chair where she threw her black cashmere jacket last night. Qiqi turns around, “Haha..Fat Cat, are you reminding me to take my jacket?” She picks him up and kisses his fluffy head, “Thank you. Are you caring for me?” The fat orange cat struggles to get out of her embrace with a thud lands on the floor. When he arrogantly struts away he scoffs, Hmmph! If you get a cold, who will take care of me? 

  Qiqi slips the warm jacket on and takes a bright red woolen scarf hanging on a wall hook, “Bye Fatty! See you later.”

  Once she is downstairs she decides to take a taxi. While she is waiting Zheng Si comes down from his grandmother’s apartment. He was there to gain her support because of the hastily called Board meeting, sure that with her backing there shouldn’t be any problems maintaining his position at the Zheng Group. He pulls up his collar of his black trench coat as he exits the building to block the wind and walks towards his car. The driver opens the back door and when he enters he notices Qiqi standing on the corner. He instructs the driver to pull up to where she is standing. He rolls down the window, “Shen Qiqi, do you need a ride?”

  She smiles when she sees who is in the black Rolls Royce, “Brother Si! What are you doing here so early?”

  “I was visiting Grandma. Where are you going? I will give you a ride.”

  “I don’t want to trouble you.”

  “No trouble. I have time before a meeting.”

  “I need to pick something up at a friend’s house on Plum Blossom Way. Are you sure it won’t delay you too much?”

  “Not a problem I am headed that direction.”

  The driver looks in the rear view mirror. Young Master, the Company is the opposite direction.

  Qiqi gets into the back seat, “ Brrr.. thanks! It feels like Winter is almost here.”

  Zheng Si brushes her loose hair behind her ear then tightens her red scarf around her neck, “It is supposed to snow at the end of the week.”

  Qiqi smiles and her beautiful almond shaped brown eyes sparkle, “Really? I love the way the city looks blanketed in snow. Do you remember when you and my brother took me to Switzerland on Winter Break when I was a freshman? I had such a good time!.”

  Zheng Si’s lips curl up in an arc, “Little girl I see you have selective memory. You don’t remember twisting your ankle and having to be carried back to the lodge on my back. Your brother still blames me because I let you accompany me to the slope at the back of the mountain.”

  Qiqi starts laughing showing her cute dimples, “Well, I did enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace drinking hot chocolate. You kept buying me presents to get my mind off my ankle. Do you remember carrying me up to the roof to look at the fireworks when they celebrated New Year’s Eve. It was such a beautiful clear many stars.. ” 

  “Remember.” He affectionately pats her head,”It was a very beautiful night.” Sitting on the roof  in the moonlight you looked like a little fairy.  He can feel his mood becoming better listening to her sweet voice. 

  The driver wonders who the young girl is. He has never seen Zheng Si smile or laugh so freely. I need to tell Madam she worries about his taciturn personality.

  Qiqi looks out the window, “ We are almost there. Could you please turn the next left, it is the first villa. Brother Si, thank you for the ride.”

  “Do you want me to wait?”

  “No. I am going to visit for a bit. I haven’t seen Auntie for a long time.”

    He buttons the top button of her jacket, “Very well. Don’t forget the Jade Auction is tomorrow night. I will pick you up at eight.”

   “Okay.” My God I hope I can get my laptop back or I won’t be able to go. After I pick up the school uniform I have to go to the company where Sun Zhi works, I can’t disappoint Brother Si.


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