Emmi continues, “I have never waited tables but I need the extra money. A friend of my grandfather’s cousin owns this restaurant. I am going to work Saturday and Sunday night.”

  “Didn’t you say you do a livestream and you have school projects, how will you have the time?” How can I discourage Chen Emmi without sounding too interested.

  Emmi drinks the wine, “It is only two nights but I am nervous. Our server is very good.”

  I am never stumped for words why can’t I think of anything to dissuade Chen Emmi. For now I will be encouraging then think of something. “I’m sure you will do well. Did they train you?”

  “No. Tomorrow night I will follow a server to get to know the restaurant. I studied the menu.”

   He racks his brain, I will need to invest immediately to keep her busy and by my side. He casually cuts his beef, “Well, if we can crunch the numbers and find a suitable location won’t you need to use the weekends to develop our project. YES! YES!

    Emmi is very responsible; she would never quit without notice because she has a better opportunity.“Weiming, I can’t take the job then just quit. It will take time gor us to find a suitable location. I was thinking we might be able to find an established farm for sale with extra land.” Emmi has drank a lot of wine and needs to use the restroom. “Excuse me Weiming I need to use the Ladies Room.

    “Do you want me to come with you?”

   “No. I saw the sign when we walked into the restaurant.”

  Emmi walks down the hallway to the restroom and looks out into the restaurant, “Is that Wang Hao sitting by the window? I can’t let him see me! She quickly ducks behind a room divider nervously peering out at Zhen Sihao. What is he doing here? Is the beautiful woman siiting across from him a client? Pfft! Look at him smiling at her with a big grin on his stupid face. If she only knew he is  faking being a gentleman…he is domineering and annoying. He is probably trying to make a sale. Who is paying? Probably the woman, how could Wang Hao afford Ming’s. A server comes up behind Emmi startling her, “Miss, can I help you?”

    “Sheesh!” She turns red as she pats her chest, He almost made me pee myself.“Which way to the restroom.”

  The sign is right in front and you are obviously staring into the dining room looking for someone. He politely responds, “Straight down this hallway.”

  “Thank you.” Emmi walks behind him then slips into the restroom. While she is in the bathroom stall she thinks about the situation. Why am I hiding haha..I could be here with my friends in a private room. I don’t want him to get angry though… I need to know if Zhen Group will honor my request. It would be easier to find out from him than to call Director Yan. If he sees me sneaking around he won’t believe I didn’t lie to him. Hmm.. After she finishes she washes her hands and looks in the mirror, “Emmi, walk confidently back to the room, if he sees you..whatever. He won’t barge into a private room.”

  Emmi steps out of the restroom and is pulled to the side blocked by a broad chest and smells a familiar scent. Zhen Sihao saw her small face peeking out from behind the divider. He decided to see what she was up to, she had a guilty look on her face. She gulps down her fear and gazes up at him almost blinding him with her beautiful smile, “Wang Hao what a surprise are you here with a client?”

  Gazing at her flushed face and sparkling green eyes he is close enough to smell the wine on her breath, “Your friends can afford a private room?” He focuses on the fluctuations in her glassy eyes to see if she is lying, the little bunnygirl’s face shows all her emotions.

  Emmi  blinks her eyes a few times. Fluttering her curled black eyelashes she tries to control her nervous reaction to him caging her against the wall.“Ahh..yes. How about you… here with a client?” Trapped between him and the wall unable to escape his questioning gaze her legs feel weak.

He leans down, his pitch black eyes deepen with a glimmer of desire looking at the soft cashmere dress hugging her petite body. The burgundy color makes her snow white skin look captivatingly delicate and tender. He has the sudden urge to wrap his arms around her thin waist and pull her into his embrace. His thoughts are interrupted by Han Qing who witnesses his intimate action with Emmi as she comes out of the restroom. Jealous she walks over to see who the little bitch is that Zhen Sihao is pressing to the wall. He never gets close to a woman..who is the vixen? “Si..” 

   Zhen Sihao shortens the distance between them pressing his chest into Emmi’s soft body whispering in Emmi’s ear with a low and seductive tone. “Don’t get drunk and forget my massage later.” He teases Emmi as he brushes some loose strands of hair behind her ear, his warm breath on her neck sends shivers down her back. “Wear this dress.” He quickly turns around and smiles showing his perfect white teeth, “Miss Han.” leaving Emmi in shock. Zhen Sihao doesn’t want Han Qing to carelessly expose his identity so he takes Han Qing’s arm and quickly leaves. Emmi stands there motionless befuddled by his strange behavior. What was that? She watches as they walk across to their table garnering stares from other diners because of their beautiful appearance. Emmi shivers, Was he trying to make his client  jealous? The woman had a black face when he leaned into me. She chuckles picturing Zhen Sihao selling his beauty…well..sign the contract and we could… then shakes her head, such a shameless man using me to get a sale.

   When she returns to the room Jiang Weiming pulls out her chair, he was wondering why it was taking her so long. “I ordered dessert.”

  “Can we have it on the balcony?”

  “Of course.”

  Emmi’s eyes light up when the server brings the Golden Phoenix Twelve Layer Cake. “Wow!” She stares at the creamy vanilla cake with strawberries on the gold rimmed dessert plate. She giggles,“Weiming this cake is almost too beautiful to eat. But, I must.” She takes a big forkful of the creamy cake, after she swallows, she sighs, “Ahhh..I think I am in heaven.”

   He watches Emmi, no.. I think I am in heaven being here with you. Tonight is like a dream.The moonlight shining down on Chen Emmi’s smiling face…fuck! She looks like a goddess, I feel like my soul is being sucked out of my body. Damn..she is perfect.. He can’t resist reaching across the small glass with his napkin dabbing the corner of her tender looking pink lips covered in whip cream. “Messy.”

   Emmi blushes, “I probably should have taken a smaller bite. Haha. Try it, the cake is to die for, so light and creamy.”

   Han Weisheng glances over from the balcony next to them when he hears their laughter.He looks at Emmi, isn’t that the little girl who Sihao dragged off the stage last night. Chonglin said his younger brother has a special girl and wanted the private room tonight, they must be on a date. Haha..I wonder if Zhen Sihao knows his little songbird is Young Master Jiang’s girlfriend? He takes a picture with his phone then lights a cigarette while leaning on the metal railing separating the two balconies, “Jiang Weiming?”

  Jiang Weiming turns around, SHIT!  He grits his teeth as he answers, “Han Weisheng.” Can’t he see he is spoiling the mood! What an asshole!

  Han Weisheng blows out a thin stream of gray smoke, “Aren’t you going to introduce me?”

  “Chen Emmi, this is Han Weisheng.”

  Emmi remembers him from the elevator the day she applied for the server job. She smiles brightly while greeting him. “ Mr. Weisheng, my pleasure to meet you.”

  Sun Zhi comes out onto the balcony, “Weisheng, dinner is here.” He glances over to Jiang Weiming and Emmi, he nods then goes back inside the private room.

   Han Weisheng puts out his cigarette and goes inside with a smirk on his face. Once inside he sits down at the Rosewood table. He takes out his phone and shows the picture to Sun Zhi, “How do you think Sihao would react if I sent him this picture?”

   Sun Zhi drinks his wine, “ are fucking bored. Are we still in High School?”

   Han Weisheng laughs, “I am bored, true.. but I like fucking with Sihao anytime I get a chance. Have you ever seen that cold bastard do something as impulsive as drop his wine glass then pull the girl off the stage? I’m curious who that girl is to him, she and Chonglin’s brother look close.”

  “Mind your own business.”

  After Emmi and Jiang Weiming finish the dessert Emmi puts down her empty wine glass. “I want to take a picture to commemorate our cooperation. Stay here, I am going to get my phone.” She comes back out and tells him to stand next to her at the railing so she can get the citylights and harbor in the background. She snaps a couple photos then laughs “Look what a good looking pair we are.”

  He chuckles seeing the mischievous gleam in her beautiful green eyes, “ Very good looking. Send them to me.”

  “Okay.” She notices the time on her phone, “It is getting late. I need to get up early tomorrow. I have a project to finish in my Art Studio before I go to work.”

  Jiang Weiming reluctantly agrees, “I will look over your proposal tomorrow. Can I call you tomorrow to let you know what I think so we can begin.”

  Emmi stares at him, “Are you seriously considering partnering with me?”

  “I thought I made my intentions clear earlier. I am. We need to figure out a business plan, will you have time next week?”

   “I will make time! This is great!” 

Jiang Weiming has an infatuated expression on his handsome face. Really great! I never thought I would have the chance to get close to you. You always avoid me because of your insufferable Cousin Chloe.

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