They leave the restaurant and Emmi sighs, “Thank you Weiming, dinner was incredible.”

 He presses the elevator button, “I had a good time. I am looking forward to our partnership. I want to tell you Emmi, for someone without a business background you did a professional job on the proposal.”

  Emmi smiles at his compliment, well… I do love money…that was my motivation as I compiled the information but I can’t say that.haha. “I am excited to work with you.”

  When they arrive at the door of the hotel the valet drives up in Jiang Weiming’s black Porsche. He opens the passenger door for Emmi who seems a little unsteady on her feet. “Emmi are you alright?”

  She chuckles, “I think the fresh air made the wine kick in haha..”

  “I will stop and get you a sobering drink.”

    She forgets she is supposed to go over to Wang Hao’s apartment.“No that’s okay. I am going right to sleep when I get to the dorm.”

   Zhen Sihao and Han Qing are on the patio of Ming’s, her photographer is taking pictures of him for the magazine.

   Han Qing is watching his annoyed expression, “Relax, can you smile? You look like an ice sculpture.”

  They take a break and he sits at a table crossing his long legs as he looks out into the night.  “This is unnecessary.” He drinks his whisky and lights a cigarette, she motions to the photographer to take a candid shot.  Han Qing shakes her head staring at his perfect body and flawless face, sexy..

  “No it isn’t. Do you know you are the number one Golden Bachelor in Bashu City and how many women will buy my magazine to catch a glimpse of the elusive Zhen Sihao? They want sexy CEO Zhen so they can dream about you.”

  He frowns and blows a smoke ring, “Shut up.”

  His phone on the table next to his pack of cigarettes is ringing, what does Weisheng want? His face turns black when he sees the photo of Emmi and Jiang Weiming wiping cream from her lips while she smiles happily. He texts Han Weisheng [Which room?] The little liar! She is on a fucking date?!?

 [Next to mine]

     Han Weisheng has a sinister smile then notices the disdainful look on Sun Zhi’s face. “What? I think he should know he is being forced to wear a green hat.”

  “I’m leaving.” Zhen Sihao storms off the patio and through the restaurant to the private room next to Han Weisheng’s room. A busboy is cleaning the room when he busts through the door. “When did they leave?” He notices the table was set for two. Out with friends..very good..

   The busboy feels the oppressive air surrounding Zhen Sihao, his legs are shaking, “Ah.they just left.”

    Zhen Sihao slams the door.Lie to me with a smile on your face! Hmmph! You are the first to dare!

  He looks like the King of Hell as he takes long strides out of the restaurant thinking he can catch Emmi before she leaves. Who the fuck is the kid in the photo? He looks familiar.

 The valet pulls his Bugatti Veyron up and Zhen Sihao speeds away out onto the street. He puts his foot down on the accelerator flying down the highway weaving in and out of traffic at a high speed.  On the open highway he passes Jiang Weiming’s Porsche going 180mph.

  Emmi has her eyes closed but opens them when Jiang Weiming curses, “Lunatic!”


  “Sorry, some crazy guy passed us going at a dangerously high speed.” Jiang Weiming likes to drive fast, he sometimes races his friends but since Emmi is in the car he is going the speed limit. Another time he might have chased the Bugatti Veyron for provoking him.

   She closes her eyes again and he glances over at her with a lovestruck expression then fixes her shawl. 

   When they arrive at the University. He gently taps Emmi on the shoulder to wake her up , “We are at the dorm.”

    She fumbles with the seatbelt and he says, “Let me.” He reaches over unbuckling her seatbelt. Inhaling her sweet fragrance his heart starts racing wanting to kiss her pink lips that are so close but he resists the urge. Knowing Chen Emmi she would sever ties with me, investment or not for stealing a kiss.

    He walks around and opens the door. When she gets out she staggers a little and he holds her arm to steady her as they walk to the door of the dorm. “Be careful going up the stairs.”

    Emmi’s vision is a little blurry as she tries to open the door with the key. He takes it from her and after the door opens he puts it in her purse. “Make sure you eat mild porridge in the morning.”

  “Umm..thanks Weiming.”

   He watches her enter the dorm then goes back to his car. Once inside he immediately lights a cigarette to calm down Fuck! It took all my willpower not to suck on those luscious lips. He  starts the car then drives out of the parking lot.

   Shortly after he leaves Zhen Sihao comes out of the shadow, Jiang Chonglin’s brother huh? 

   Emmi isn’t in her room when her phone rings, she fumbles in her purse and takes out her phone, Oh darn. Wang Hao. I don’t know if I can give him a massage.

   She answers, “Um..Wang Haooo”

  “Get down here I am at the door.”

  “My friends and I drank quite a bit. I don’t think I can give you a massage.”

  “I said get down here I am not saying it again.”

   Emmi stomps her foot. Darnnit! “Fine.”

  She stumbles down the stairs, when she opens the door she puffs out her cheeks and pouts, “Let me off tonight. I need to go to sleep. Hey.. Shouldn’t you be with that woman client. I saw you using the beauty card to get her business.”

    What? He wants to be angry but she looks like an angry little chipmunk with her cheeks puffed out while spouting nonsense. How can her expression be so adorable. I want to pinch her cheek. “Don’t you want to know Zhen Sihao’s decision?”

   She sways and the shawl slips down exposing her tender looking skin while she is talking and pokes her finger into his chest. “Wannng Haoo..Stop being  annoying, tell me so I can go up and get into my bed. I’m so tired.” She leans forward trying to keep her balance.

   “Little idiot..” Zhen Sihao hugs Emmi into his arms, taking her to his car as she falls asleep. When he gets to his apartment complex he drives into the underground parking. He fixes the shawl on her thin body, the underground parking garage is very cold, then carries Emmi to the elevator looking at her nestled in his arms too thin. After he opens the door of his apartment he walks to his bedroom laying Emmi on the bed. He stares at her and wonders why he had the impulse to bring her here.

He puts a quilt over Emmi then goes to his study to review some documents pertaining to the acquisition of the clothing brand Mulberry. After he highlights the inconsistencies in a financial report he rubs his temples. What a fucking bitch…Daphne Drake do you think I am stupid? I will need to set up a meeting on Monday when I am officially back to work. Taking out a piece of mint gum he unwraps it then pops it into his mouth. While chewing the mint gum he questions his impulsive behavior tonight. Why did I get pissed when I saw the picture of Chen Emmi and that brat Jiang Weiming? Hmm.. The little thing lied to me that’s it…that is why I got angry. I hate when people deceive me. He chews the piece of gum until it loses its flavor, Shit! Fuck this gum. I want a cigarette. He takes a pack out of his drawer and goes to the balcony off the living room.

   Emmi rolls over on her side and hugs the pillow dreaming about making piles of money with Jiang Weiming. She is standing in a field picking money off plants and dancing around through the rows of medicinal herbs.

   When Zhen Sihao comes into the bedroom after he finishes his cigarette he sees Emmi with a silly grin on her face hugging the pillow muttering, “Weiming look .. our money.. so much money..”


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