Emmi’s Business Plans

   The server comes back with their drinks and Emmi sips the wine, “Oh. Jiang Weiming this wine is delicious.”

   “If we are going to collaborate please call me Weiming. How long have we known each other..haha..since kindergarten?”

  Emmi laughs, “Yes. I do recall you always pulling my bow out of my ponytail on the playground. I would chase you while you laughed calling me short legs when I couldn’t catch you.”

  Jiang Weiming chuckles, “Haha… I forgot about that. Well,you did have little lotus root legs.”

  “Don’t tempt me to expose that you aren’t a genius just lucky on the forum.”

   “Luckily, you already revealed you don’t get on the school forum.”

   “Well in the spirit of partnership please call me Emmi and we will keep each other’s secrets.” Emmi swirls her wine around in the crystal wine glass. “ Wow..it is really beautiful out here on the balcony. I love this weather, chilly but not too cold yet.”

   Jiang Weiming stares at Emmi, his amber eyes full of affection,” Yeah, beautiful..” you are so beautiful.

   After Emmi finishes her glass of wine they go back into the room to order dinner. “Do you want another glass of wine?”


   “What would you like to eat? Although Ming’s offers mainly Western dishes they do have some Chinese specialties.”

   “I like anything. Why don’t you order for me.”

  He orders a variety of both cuisines and the waiter says, “The Shark’s Fin with Snow Crab Soup will take bout forty five minutes, is that alright?”

  Jiang Weiming looks at Emmi for her approval. After she swallows her wine she replies , “I don’t mind. It is up to you Weiming.”

  He likes that Emmi called him by his name, it sounded intimate. He hands the menu to the server, “That will be fine and bring the bottle of the 2016 Reserve Cabernet.”

  Emmi is anxious to share her ideas with Jiang Weiming, “Since dinner will be a while, do you want to go over the information I brought.”

  “Sure. Let’s sit on the couch, it will be easier to look it over.” And I can be closer to you. The fragrance you are wearing.. it is slightly sweet and intoxicating.

  Emmi picks up the folder and walks over to the couch. “I compiled this information I thought would be relevant. I was thinking, I don’t want to be presumptuous, but I thought we could combine my knowledge of medicinal herbs and your business acumen to create an online store.”

  “Online. That is a very good idea. Low overhead, more traffic. Definitely a modern approach.”

  “Those were my thoughts too.” Emmi has her head lowered looking at the papers and points to the printouts in her folder. “These are the smaller companies I researched online. I checked their inventory, costs of the medicinal herbs, shipping. The amount of traffic they get to their site.”

   He gazes at her serious expression on her flawless small face. Emmi’s long black eyelashes flutter as she concentrates on organizing the data. Jiang Weiming has a faint smile as she creases her eyebrows together and taps her slender jade like finger on her chin. She hasn’t changed, when she is deep in thought she looks so cute. Fuck she is beautiful and smart. She has hit the key points before I have given any input.

  “I have a small medicinal herb garden where I grow several rare herbs and many of the more common but it is way too small to use to supply medicinal herbs on a website. She smiles and shows him a picture, “This is my garden, see these herbs they are rare and valuable.If I could buy a plot of land outside Huangdan I could grow more and a larger variety. I usually sell mine to Dr. Liu for his clinic and don’t charge too much.”

  “Dr. Liu?”

  “Haha..not young Dr. Liu..his father, old Dr. Liu. He has a clinic in Huangdan, most of his patients are elderly and he gives them low cost treatment. I try to help out by selling him my medicinal herbs cheaper, I need to make money but those old folks are on a budget.”

  Jiang Weiming admires Emmi more as he listens. “So you want to buy land and grow medicinal herbs then sell them on a website.”

  She looks at him with her eyes sparkling, “Okay, that is one part of my plan. I want to sell my ointments and creams I have developed also. I know that sounds kinda crazy because I am a Fashion Design Major but my Grandfather taught me quite a bit about Traditional Chinese Medicine and had his own formulas that are really effective. I tweaked his formulas and have several ointments and creams that have proven to be very effective. Dr. Liu..young Dr. Liu..haha said if I bring them into him he will test them and see if they are marketable.”

  “To be honest I want to develop the site once it is established and profitable sell it. I want to use those funds to create my own clothing company. I think I have the potential to be a sought after designer.”

    After the couple glasses of wine she is relaxed so she stands up and takes off the shawl she has draped over her dress then she says, “I won an award for this dress design, what do you think?”

  Jiang Weiming gulps down his water. He was shocked when she suddenly stood up then took off the shawl revealing her delicate collarbone.

   “You designed this dress?” I thought it was a designer dress.


    “It is really beautiful. Why don’t you want to start a clothing company now.”

    “I need to finish school. Next year I am going to work hard to win the Paris Young Designer Competition. To be taken seriously you need to graduate and have won awards. The cost is much higher fabric and other materials, workers, the competition is fierce. Not that I mind the competition but I want to be prepared and confident I can succeed. I have a fairly popular livestream and I show my latest designs and teach people how to sew. I want to build up an organic fan base.”

  “Emmi, that is impressive. You have really well thought out ideas. I would be willing to consider cooperation with you. Would you mind if I kept this folder and did some research on costs? I would like to run it by my brother about testing your formulas. He has a friend who is a doctor in Pushong City. He has a lab and can be considered an expert in the field. If we are going to work together I think it would be best if you didn’t involve Dr. Liu. We should use our own resources to test the products. I am sure Dr. Liu is trustworthy but he isn’t the one who would be doing all the testing. There is a chain of people involved if he uses the company where he is a consultant, you can’t verify they will not replicate your formula.”

  “That makes sense. He is very busy too.”

   The server comes with the food. Jiang Weiming says, “We can discuss this further after dinner.”

   Zhen Sihao and Han Qing walk into Ming’s Restaurant. He glances around at the crowded restaurant, “Why did you want to meet here?”

  “I thought you would look sexy standing on the balcony for a couple photos for the article. We will take pictures Monday in your office for the full CEO look but I want the Golden Bachelor vibe too. The magazine is called ‘Beautiful Lifestyles’ after all. I can’t have you looking like a boring CEO by only photographing you in that cold office of yours.”

 “Don’t push your luck. I am doing the interview to stick it to the old man. If he sees my picture on the cover of your magazine he will vomit blood.”

  “I’m starving. Do you want to go to Weishing’s private room or eat out here I have a table reserved by the window. ” She teases, “We could pretend we are on a date.”

  Zhen Sihao lifts his thin lips in an arc, “Keep dreaming.”

  “Don’t you want to rid yourself of those rumors.”

   He has a devilish grin, “Maybe you should just stop starting all the rumors. Let’s eat out here. I rather not let him know I let you talk me into this interview.”

   They sit down and order drinks, “I am curious who was the woman you took to your Private Island?”

  “No comment.”

  He drinks his glass of whisky and looks at his watch. I wonder if the little girl is having fun with her friends.

   Emmi has another glass of wine with her dinner, “Weiming, this lobster is delicious! Ming’s definitely deserves its reputation and the four Michelin stars.”

    He uses a clean fork to put some thinly sliced meat on her plate. “No wonder it is nearly impossible to get a reservation. Here try the Kobe beef.”

  “Weiming I have a confession.”

   He has a startled expression, Chen Emmi is going to confess to me?

  Emmi bites on her chopsticks, “I am going to start work here tomorrow night.”

  He drops his chopsticks, not because she is going to work at Ming’s but because he thought she was going to confess to him.”

   Emmi sees his reaction and doesn’t know what he is thinking.

  He composes himself, “I didn’t know you were a server.” Fucking shit! She is going to be waiting on people here? Like those men ogling her as we walked in? No..I can’t let her do it. But what can I say?

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