On Campus

   Emmi decides not to wake Zhen Sihao up and quietly puts the medicinal oil and ointment into her backpack. She goes into his bathroom to wash her hands and looks at the skin products by the sink. Haha.. all high end products… he really is a vain man..no wonder he wears the face mask even though the scars have virtually disappeared. She picks up a bottle of Hermes face gel and smells it..oh that is  his scent..cedar with a hint of spice..  After she dries her hands she leaves the bathroom, glancing over at the bed, he hasn’t moved. She takes two of the extra large white towels and drapes them over his bare back and legs. It wouldn’t be good if he caught a cold but he is sleeping so peacefully, I don’t want to wake him

  She stares at Zhen Sihao, his black eyelashes are dense and curled casting a slight shadow on his handsome face. Yup that face is a moneymaker for your company…no wonder they gave you this expensive apartment, you will probably need to entertain women clients here at night. If Zhen Sihao knew what she was thinking he would vomit blood right now.

   Emmi picks up her backpack and stops in his kitchen to get a bottle of water, the guy has expensive tastes, this Japanese imported water is at least 33 yuan a bottle. After she leaves she puts on her sunglasses then rides her bicycle to the University locking it in a bike rack by the Mathematics Department. Flexing her fingers she remembers accidenting almost groping Zhen Sihao and her face turns bright red. Jiang Weiming has been waiting a short distance away, hoping to see Emmi. He checked her class schedule when he hacked into the school computer last week. He slowly approaches behind Emmi gazing at her slender back. Her long black ponytail tied up with a blue ribbon has some stands hanging down her swanlike white neck. Captivated he has the urge to touch her delicate neck and sweep them up.  “Chen Emmi.”

  Startled because she was thinking about the embarrassing situation earlier she jumps. He smiles looking at her cheeks flushed red thinking it is because of him.“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

  Emmi quickly composes herself, “ It’s okay. I was thinking about my upcoming exam.”

  “I was going to send you a message on WeChat, but since I ran into you are we still on for dinner tonight to discuss investment possibilities?”

  “Sure. What time is good for you?”

  “I can pick you up at seven o’clock.” He convinced his older brother to use his influence to get him a reservation at Ming’s Restaurant in Bashu City.

  “You don’t need to pick me up. We could walk to the hotpot restaurant down the street.”

  “It would be too noisy. I want to show you my ideas and discuss the different medicinal herbs that would make the most profit.”

  Emmi puts her on her backpack and Jiang Weiming can’t resist the urge to pull her ponytail up that is stuck under the canvas bag. His hand touches Emmi’s as she was reaching back. He feels the warmth of her fingers and he quickly takes away his hand, “Sorry it was an impulse, my little sister always has me pull out her ponytail.”

  Emmi doesn’t think anything about it, “You are right. Okay. I can gather some information after class that might be useful. I am going to Dr. Liu’s office, I will also get his input.”

  Jiang Weiming’s face darkens, what is her relationship with that man? They seem very familiar the professor even caught her in his arms when she tripped on the stairs. “Maybe I should go with you to talk to him.”

  “WH..what? Ah..no. I have an appointment and he might not like me bringing someone with me.”

  Her response sounds ambiguous to Jiang Weiming and he frowns, “Chen Emmi, you know how this school’s forum spreads rumors. I didn’t want to say anything but those girls that tripped you made some nasty comments about you and Dr. Liu.”

 “Can you walk with me? I need to be at class soon.”

   “I have time.”

 Emmi never bothers looking at the school forum but she wouldn’t want Liu Ling to be affected. “I don’t look at the forum, what lies are they spreading.” 

  ‘Well, as President of the Student Council I forced them to remove the malicious content but basically I think you can imagine what they were inferring. I would be cautious about meeting with Dr. Liu.”

   Emmi has a worried expression and she creases her eyebrows, “Jiang Weiming, Wow! First I want to say thank you! I don’t care what anyone says about me but I don’t want them to tarnish Dr. Liu’s reputation.”

  “…” Why worry about that old man! You should worry about the fact they made you sound like a slut! 

  They reach the door of the Mathematics Building and Emmi turns to Jiang Weiming with a determined look in her beautiful green eyes. She sounds resolute,“I am not going to be held hostage by a bunch of vicious women. I am going to tell Dr. Liu so he is aware and let him handle the situation as he sees fit.” No way will I say anything to Brother Liu! What if he wants to not see me anymore to prevent rumors. I will take care of those little witches myself. Causing trouble for me with Brother Liu? In your dreams! I will make you regret cursing Brother Liu any problems!

  Jiang Weiming’s pleasant expression doesn’t show his inner turmoil. “That is indeed a good plan.” Dammit! I should have known Chen Emmi wouldn’t let those stupid jealous women affect what she does or who she sees. He has always admired Emmi for being a strong and independent girl but he thought what he said would discourage her from meeting with Liu Ling. 

 He opens the door for Emmi and she gives him a brilliant mesmerizing smile.“Well, thanks again, the students made the right choice when they elected you Jiang Weiming as President of the Student Council. You are fair and a strong man who doesn’t let public opinion sway you from doing the right thing.. I’m sure it wasn’t a popular choice to protect me. I won’t forget your help.”

 “Of course Chen Emmi, but, I would do the same for any student who is being slandered on the school forum.” Actually I laugh along with everyone else and wouldn’t get off my ass to find out the truth. This is the first time I stepped in when it came to my attention, I couldn’t let those bitches call you a slut. I almost vomited blood when I saw one captured you on camera in that old bastard’s arms. They won’t be bothering you again after I got  finished with them. “So I will pick you up at the girl’s dormitory at seven.”

  “Sounds good. Bye.”

   Emmi walks into the class and walks to her seat by her friend then takes off her sunglasses,”Sheesh.. I am so tired.” The effects of her hangover are beginning to surface.

   Yue Hua looks at Emmi’s pale complexion and red eyes, “Girl were you drinking last night.”

 Emmi puts her arms on the desk and lays on them. She lifts her head, “Umm..I went to..” She stops herself, “I had a few beers.”

  “I have an extra bottle of orange juice, drink this.”

  Emmi takes the juice, “Thanks.”

  A middle aged woman stands at the podium telling everyone to clear their desks. Emmi gulps down some orange juice then puts it into her backpack. Ughh.. I am not looking forward to this god awful test!

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