Lunch Part 2

    Liu Ling smiles at Emmi, “Eat while the food is hot then we can discuss business.” Maybe that will give me time to think of a way to explain how business works without discouraging her naive dreams.

  “Okay.” She has a spoonful of soup, “Delicious! No wonder this little restaurant is so popular even though it is down an inconspicuous side street. Brother Ling is acting strangely. Could it be that he thinks I am talking nonsense?

   They eat their food without talking, each one absorbed in their own thoughts.Liu Ling glances across at Emmi, this atmosphere is not conducive to a serious talk. Looking at Chen Emmi across the table only lit up by a candle is disconcerting. He can’t keep his mind on what he wants to say. She grew up into a beautiful girl. When she looks down at the plate her long eyelashes cover her unusual catlike green eyes then when she gazes at me I feel like she is looking into my soul. This isn’t’ good. I came here to remind her of the threat men pose and I am imagining..God! When they finish Liu Ling decides it would be easier to talk in his office. I think it is the candlelight.

  “If you have time we can continue in my office, I would like to hear more about your plans.I think it is too noisy here.”

  “I don’t have any more classes this afternoon.”

  “Very good.” He pays the check and they leave the restaurant.

   Zhen Sihao got out of bed about twenty minutes ago. After he showered he put on casual clothes and came out to the balcony to have a cigarette. I haven’t slept that well in a very long time. I didn’t have any disturbing dreams and felt extremely calm when I woke up. Was it the massage or her singing? Or both? He chuckles that Emmi threw a couple towels over him then left. She is really an interesting little girl. Was she worried I would catch a cold but didn’t want to get the massage oil on a blanket. Shit! I would just throw it out. But she is so cheap she probably used her mental abacus and calculated the price and didn’t want to ruin an expensive cover. He flicks his cigarette ash looking at the University, Hmm…I wonder if the little girl is in class?

  He takes out his phone to call Yan Jing. “Jing,first, have legal change the documents for the land sale. I want to leave an adequate amount of land so Chen Emmi isn’t disturbed by construction or neighbors.The second phase which would border her property will be left undeveloped and my personal property.  She really seems to love the shitty little cabin and her medicinal herb gardens. Although I could ignore the temper of Chen Yihong when he finds out I want to purchase less of the lakefront property tell him we will compensate him 1,000,000 for the change. The condition is he does not harass Chen Emmi any further concerning the land and building she owns. Tell him we find it extremely distasteful that he would attempt to rob a little girl’s property left to her by his father Chen Bingwen. Remind him that if he should disturb her in any way ..well..he knows the consequences. Afterwards you can go ahead and inform Chen Emmi that Zhen Group will be starting the project further down the lake.”

   “…” Did the sun rise in the West..compensate..don’t rob a little girl? Is this the same man who ruthlessly destroyed two prominent families not letting anyone go from the elders down to the children of the second branch.

 “Also, good job on resurrecting Zhou Group yesterday. Did you find out who was behind getting the shares from —— and ——- when the stock tanked?”

  “No. I haven’t been able to find out. It might be a foreign investor.”

  “We need those shares.”

  “I am working on it those old geezers won’t say. Said they signed a nondisclosure. They are probably kicking themselves now, you would think they would want to throw the person to the sharks. Whoever the investor is, I wonder how they knew you would save your father’s company before it went bankrupt? If we didn’t..well.. those shares.. they would be only good as  toilet paper.”

  Jiang Weiming sneezes as he gets into his…… after his last class.

  “Okay well call me when it is all done.”

  Zhen Sihao finishes his cigarette then crushes it in the ashtray.  He looks out at the gardens and over to the University,surprisingly this apartment is comfortable. Maybe I won’t move back into my penthouse on Monday when I come back from the Island..hahaha. The little thing will be very happy when she finds out Zhen Group has solved her problem with her Uncle.  He stretches his back and there is no tightness at all. She has some unusual talents, her voice really is beautiful. I could help her get into the Industry but then she would get entrenched in a dirty nasty world. I like the way her eyes shine with a pure innocence I wouldn’t want her spoiled, too many men would scheme on the little thing. Not to mention drugs are rampant. He shivers thinking about someone slipping Emmi an aphrodisiac.

  He takes out his phone, Emmi is walking through campus with Liu Ling when her phone rings. She answers, “You woke up?”

  “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

  “ I didn’t want to wake you up.You had Panda eyes.” She thinks about all the skin care products in his bathroom, “So I thought you needed your beauty sleep. Hahaha.. You said you didn’t need to work in the morning.”

    Liu Ling can faintly hear the sound of a man’s deep voice, I didn’t want to wake you up? He has a shocked expression on his handsome face..Fuck! She isn’t sleeping with a man is she? The man Fu said dragged her away? He raises his voice and grabs her arm before she trips, “Little Emmi, watch your step..”

  She turns to Liu Ling, “Ahh.. thanks Brother Ling, I didn’t see the stairs.”

  Zhen Sihao’s face darkens, “You are with Liu Ling?” 

 “Yeah we had lunch at that little Italian Restaurant now I am going to his office. We are here.Why did you call.”

   Zhen Sihao’s voice sounds cold and domineering,“You need to come over tonight for my massage. Be here at seven.”

  She holds her hand over the phone, “I need to finish this call. I will come to your office when I am done if it is still convenient.”

  “Convenient.” I really need to have that talk with her!

  After he leaves Emmi angrily says, “Wang Hao! I have plans tonight that is why I gave you an extra long deep massage. You will be fine until tomorrow morning.” 

  “You never told me that. We agreed on two daily massages.”

  “Well, we can start tomorrow. I’m busy tonight.”

   “What? You are going out with Liu Ling?” 

   “Not that is your business but no. I am going out to dinner with a classmate.”


   “Wang Hao honestly! I need to go talk to Brother Ling.Stop asking me so many questions.”

  “Well, what if I told you I wanted to surprise you with some good news that is why I called.”

   “What do you mean. Is it about my Art Studio?”

   “Well you are too busy so forget it. Enjoy your dinner.” He hangs up picturing the expression on Emmi’s face. He looks at his watch, she will be calling me back in…the phone rings and he has a devilish grin and doesn’t answer. He calls Yan Jing, “Hold off on contacting Chen Emmi. I will let you know when I want you to call.”

 “…” Yan Jing is in his office finalizing the paperwork. What is going on with Sihao?

   Emmi stomps her foot, as she calls his number again. Wang Hao! This time he answers, “Yes.”

  “Wang Hao! You know my Art Studio is very important to me! What did Zhen Sihao say?”


  “Listen, I can come over after dinner at say 10:30-11. My one roommate is leaving tomorrow to study abroad and tonight is her going away party. I can’t miss it. I won’t see her again for two years.”

   “In that case you can be late.”

   “…”  Late? We never discussed a time! I need to find out about my Art Studio I can’t lose my temper. Emmi grits her teeth and sweetly says,“Thank you Wang Hao.

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