Liu Ling’s Office

“I will see you then.” He hangs up with a satisfied smile, well, the little girl can’t miss saying goodbye to her friend.

   Emmi walks up the steps to Liu Ling’s office, what is with that guy… he can be so demanding! If he can really convince Zhen Sihao to move the project down the lake I will really owe him! Wait..I saved his life..he owes me! Well no time to quibble. She knocks on Liu Ling’s office door.

   He has been sitting at his desk trying to gather his wits. Today is the first time he has looked at Emmi as a woman and he is slightly frazzled. Thinking about her in bed with a man has been playing in his head and he is freaking out. He really does think of Emmi as his little sister.Maybe mother should talk to Emmi, they are close.”Come in.”

   Emmi walks over and sits in the chair by his desk, “Should i finish what I was telling you at the restaurant or do you want to start.”

   He is very uncomfortable and his palms are sweating, “Little Emmi, I couldn’t help but overhear a little of your conversation and I said I think of you as my little sister. I know you aren’t close to your family and I want you to know I am here for you so are my parents.” He gulps his saliva and sweat beads form on his forehead he blurts out, “Are you seeing a man? Don’t be fooled..”

  Emmi starts laughing and tears form in her eyes, Brother Ling is so cute! He must think I am dating Wang Hao! First he drags me away from the restaurant, Dr. Fu probably told him now he heard his voice on the phone.

  He watches Emmi laughing and doesn’t know what to make of it. He has a cold personality but cares deeply about Emmi. This conversation has been played over in his mind a few times but he never anticipated this reaction. 

  Emmi holds her side then blurts out, “I’m sorry Brother Ling you misunderstood. I am not dating Wang Hao. It’s a bit complicated. I promised not to say anything about Wang Hao’s accident but I think I can say I treated him. I hate to lie to Brother Ling but.. It’s a long story but actually he is why I thought my formulas for healing plaster and scarring cream could possibly be marketed.”

  Liu Ling has a confused expression, “What do you mean?”

  “Wang Hao is the son of an old friend of my Grandfather’s. He suffered some facial injuries and hates doctors and hospitals. I won’t mention I superglued his thigh and his other injuries I will stick to useful information. He knew my grandfather taught me some Chinese medicine. Also, that I grow medicinal herbs and asked me if I could give him some healing cream and ointment. Really, I wish I had taken some before and after pictures because the healing plaster and scar cream really worked. I just stopped by his father’s house this morning to see how he was doing and dropped off some ointment.”

  The tension leaves Liu Ling’s body, “So this Wang Hao lives with his parents.”

  “I don’t know much about him. He was there this morning.”  I don’t want to say yes in case he sees him at the apartment complex. Brother Ling will know I am a liar.

 “Well, that’s good. You should concentrate on your studies.”

 “Anyway, thank you for your concern. You and your mother and father have always treated me so well. Your father is amazing and your mother is incredibly sweet. You are the most handsome and perfect man I have ever known.

 “Well, we consider you a member of the family.”

  Emmi can’t resist and runs around his desk then hugs him, “Thank you Brother Ling.”

  He pats her on the head. This girl is too unrestrained. He laughs, “Okay sit down and I will give you a little advice,with your aptitude and skill you should transfer to the Chinese medicine department. I don’t want to discourage you but unfortunately there are unscrupulous businessmen who will exploit an inexperienced person.”

  “You are right. Unfortunately, I don’t want to change majors. I am going to audit your class and one other but my main focus is Fashion Design. I do want you to see the effects of my formulas so you can judge for yourself their effectiveness.”

  “Of course. Bring in the medicinal plaster and ointment I will check it out. I can see your passion as a designer. I saw you won the Elle Young Designer Award, you are very talented.”

  “Thank you, I love designing clothes. I do a livestream where I teach people how to sew and sell the clothes I make.”

   “Really? That’s great.” He laughs, “You are a very busy girl.”

   Emmi smiles, “Well, when I am a filthy rich world famous designer I will sit on a beach and watch the waves roll into the shore.”

   He loves Emmi’s positive attitude. “I’m sure with your determination you will accomplish that dream. I need to get to my class. Don’t forget to bring me your medicinal ointment and plaster.”

  “I will on Monday, or I could drop it by the clinic.”

  “I will walk out with you. Go by the house, I’m sure my father and mother would be overjoyed to see you.”

  “I don’t know you should have seen Auntie Liu run when I brought the stinky Nindrus Griyo to their house.”

Liu Ling can imagine his mother’s reaction; she has a very low tolerance for pungent smells. He chuckles, “You grow Nindrus Griyo? It is very hard to grow.”

   “I found that if I turn the soil with some ground eggshells and water it only in the evening, it grows well. My compost I also add used white peony tea leaves around the root. It likes to be by itself too away from the other herbs. It is a bit of a loner hahaha.”

   “Interesting. When I have time I would like to see your medicinal herb garden.”

   “Anytime. Do you remember when Grandfather would let you take his boat onto the lake and we would stay there all day fishing? He would be so mad when we came home until he saw the bucket of fish. Haha..”

   “I always wondered why the fish you caught were always much bigger than mine. It really hurt my teenage ego.”

  “I will tell you a secret, I would put a piece of sausage with the bait. Really you were so excellent in everything I was a little jealous. I thought about sharing my secret but it was too funny to see your dejected appearance when I pulled in a big fish.”

  He rubs her head, “Sausage ? hahah..You could be a little brat.”

  Emmy unlocks her bicycle, “I really can’t deny that fact..haha. Bye.”

  Liu Ling watches Emmi ride off on her bicycle and he is in a daze remembering those lazy Summer days at her grandfather’s cabin. He doesn’t have any brothers or sisters and Emmi has a special place in his heart. He pictures Emmi always wearing a big hat in the Summer so her face wouldn’t get any sun. She would smile so brightly showing her cute dimples when she caught a fish, and her eyes would bend in a crescent shape as she mercilessly teased him. Then they would barbeque the fish and sit on the deck quietly looking out at the lake. She loved counting the stars.

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