Zhen Sihao languidly walks over answering the door, “What took you so long.” The guard called ten minutes ago.

    Emmi scrunches up her nose ignoring his question while looking at the thick green drink he is holding. “Yuck! What is that you are drinking?”

   “It is spinach smoothie, I made you one.”

    She waves her small hand, “I appreciate your effort but no thanks. I ate a  breakfast bun on my way over here.”

     He has a mischievous smile looking down at her chest, “I especially added papaya in yours.”

     Emmi blushes at his inference then her catlike green eyes give him a ‘go die’ look, “WANG HAO!” Cursing Zhen Sihao under her breath as she takes off her white tennis shoes and puts on slippers. What an annoying man! She angrily walks into the living room, “Not all men are as perverted as you are wanting a woman with big boobs!”

    Zhen Sihao coughs then drinks his smoothie, Chen Emmi’s angry expression is really cute, she looks like a little wild cat… her green eyes have sparks flying around inside. “Seriously after drinking last night you should have one. It doesn’t taste bad.”

    Emmi walks into the kitchen. She picks up the green smoothie on the granite counter next to a blender. Zhen Sihao watches as she hesitantly takes a sip. She nods her head,”Hmm..not bad.”

“Much better for you than a greasy meat bun from a street stall.”

“Not greasy.”

He raises an eyebrowas he hands her a tissue, “Your non greasy meat bun stained your face.”…your lips are glistening with oil.

     “Well, let’s do this. I need to get to my class.” She glances around the apartment, “Wang Hao, your company really went all out furnishing your apartment. Are you making that much profit for them that they are willing to buy such expensive Scandanavian furniture?”


   “Oh. Nice place. She walks out to the balcony, “Wow!” She leans over the railing, ” You can see the University from here.” She sees Liu Ling walking down the street. Oh my Brother Ling looks so handsome in that silver gray suit! If I had binoculars I could watch him walk right up to his office..haha.. “Wang Hao do you have binoculars?”

   “Why do you want binoculars?” He saunters to the railing peering in the direction she is looking. Pfft! Excited because Liu Ling is walking down the street. Irritated he takes her by the shoulder, turning her around, “I thought you needed to get to class, come inside and start.”

   Liu Ling has entered the campus and she can’t see him anymore. Next time I come I will bring binoculars. Brother Ling must walk to class this time everyday. She smiles happily thinking about her crush. So handsome!

   Zhen Sihao raises his eyebrow at her infatuated expression, what the hell does the little girl see in that self righteous bastard?

   Emmi has a faraway look in her sparkling eyes and for some reason this irritates Zhen Sihao, he isn’t used to being ignored, most women fawn all over him. He wants Emmi’s attention to be placed properly on him. so as she enters the living room he sticks out his hand, “Give me your phone, I will send the 15,000 yuan to you for my treatment, etc.”

   “Wang Hao, I told you not to borrow from your Boss to pay me.” After winning the Talent Contest and seeing Liu Ling this morning Emmi is in a fantastic mood.

   “It’s done. Mo Yimo didn’t charge interest.”

   “But, you still need to work it off in that smoky noisy Club. Forget it. Give the money back to him and quit. You can pay me in installments. Singing at the Talent Show gave me an idea. I am going to livestream playing the Qin and singing Ancient Style Music” She finishes her smoothie, “Wang Hao I admit my mistakes, this smoothie is delicious.”

  “Give me your phone.”

  “Do you listen? I said I will wait. Anyway, saving  a life is more meritorious than building a seven story pagoda.” 

   “…” Is this the same miserly girl that calculated every yuan I owed her when we were at the cabin.

  “Although the low slung couch looks cool I think it will be difficult for you to lay on while I massage your leg. Where is your bedroom?”

  ‘Chen Emmi! Could you be more reserved!”

  Emmi gives him a look, “Really Wang Hao?!? Get your mind out of the gutter. Although it’s true you are a very handsome man, you are way too old for me and aren’t my type.” She slurps the last of the spinach smoothie. “Additionally, as you just pointed out I don’t meet your specifications. If you lay on the bed I can pull up a chair and easily massage your leg and then your back. I need to give you a deep massage. If you lay on the couch I will  have to lean down too far, exerting  pressure will be tiresome. If you want to spend money, get a massage table and that will solve the problem next time.”

    He frowns when she says old…your dream man is the fucking the same age as me! Should I point that fact out! He swallows down the words he wants to say.  “Down this hallway.” 

   “If you want to spend money, get a massage table and that will solve the problem of using your bed next time.”

    Emmi groups her backpack on the floor by the bed and takes out the medicinal oil she brought. “Can you get me a few large towels.”

  Zhen Sihao brings a stack of towels and hands them to Emmi as she pulls a chair over by the bed. She looks at his casual long pants, “Go put on shorts.”

    He has an amused expression,The little girl really has guts the way she likes to order me around. 

   Zhen Sihao goes to change and Emmi takes out her phone to check her email. I was really hoping Director Yan would get back to me before I go home for the weekend. I don’t want to face Uncle Yihong until I have his answer about the land. I have quite a few projects I need to work on this weekend in my studio.

   When he comes back wearing shorts Emmi has the two large white towels on the bed, “Lay with your legs on the towels so the oil doesn’t stain your  bedspread.”

    He notices she looks dispirited, “Is there something wrong?”

  “Well, I am waiting for an important email and I haven’t received it yet. Okay, first I will massage your legs then your neck and back.” She looks at her watch, I need to be at class at 10:30..

   Emmi drips the scented medicinal oil onto her hands then rubs her hands together to warm the massage oil. It has the light scent of sandalwood and sweet orange. She chose this oil because it will calm his mind and help him relax during the massage. She noticed his body always seems tense and full of aggression.

   When he inhales the aroma thinking the scent is very pleasing, not too heavy. Since Emmi massaged his legs at the Art Studio he is comfortable with her touch. He closes his eyes and relaxes as she begins the massage. She notices how tight his leg muscles are, “Your muscles feel really tight Wang Hao, no wonder they hurt.”

   “En.” Zhen Sihao is enjoying the sensation of her warm soft hands massaging his legs. He suffers from insomnia and last night because of the dull pain he wasn’t able to sleep at all. 

   Emmi is thinking about the Zhen Group and the land deal, what if they won’t accommodate me? How can I hold onto my deed. Uncle Yihong won’t let it go. She doesn’t realize while she is contemplating the different outcomes she has moved her hands up to the top of Zhen Sihao’s thigh. Suddenly he feels a reaction to her hot hands on his bare thigh. Zhen Sihao bolts up staring at Emmi with a complicated expression and black lines form on his forehead, “Chen Emmi are planning on seducing me?”

  She jumps up from the chair when she realizes how close her hands are to his crotch. Emmi’s face turns bright red as she sputters, “Sorry! Sorry! I wasn’t paying attention! I will go get you a bottle of water!” She runs out of the room like a frightened rabbit.

    After she leaves the room he looks at his lower half.“What the fuck!” He uses his internal energy to stop the heat flowing through his body. I actually had a reaction to the little girl? He calms himself down and then laughs thinking about how red her face turned, like a cooked lobster.

   Emmi leans on the kitchen counter while gulping down the mineral water, OH MY GOD! AHHH! I need to pay attention from now on, that would have been..she I can’t even think about it..Errr.. She drinks the water and calms down then goes back into the bedroom acting as though nothing happened. “ Here’s some water.” She hands him the bottle, “Okay, take off your shirt and lay on your stomach.”

  Zhen Sihao has a twinkle in his eye after seeing how flustered Emmi was when she ran out of his bedroom. So the little bunnygirl isn’t as thick skinned as she likes to act…haha.. it isn’t often she shows her shy and vulnerable side. He teases, “I think I should leave my shirt on.”

  Emmi rolls her eyes, “Wang Hao, I was distracted thinking about something. It won’t happen again. If you want the massage, take off your shirt or I will go back to campus now.”

   He is curious about what is on her mind, “What are you thinking about? Maybe I can help you.”

  “Thanks but..wait..” Emmi’s eyes shine brightly, “You know Zhen Sihao, do you know Director Yan?”

   He sips the water, “Acquainted.”

  “Well, my Art Uncle wants to steal the deed from me so they can build a Lakeside Development. I just want the Zhen Group to begin their project further down so my small bit of land isn’t included. If they propose it my Uncle should let the matter go about the deed.”

 “I can mention it.”

  “Wang Hao, you would do that for me?”

  “Yes. But I am just a salesman. I don’t know if it would hold any weight.” I won’t make the little girl worry any longer about her Art Studio. She looks very upset. I will have Yan Jing email her Zhen Group agrees to her proposal.

  “Well. I would appreciate it.I won’t charge you for a week’s massage.”


   Zhen Sihao takes off his shirt, Emmi sees the couple injuries on his chest still have a tinge of redness. She touches his chest with her finger and he grabs her hand, “What are you doing?”

  “The injuries on your chest, did you apply the ointment? They are still a little red…maybe because they were deeper. Please go to the doctor.”

He has a warm feeling in his heart gazing at the concern in her eyes, “I will go later .”

“Good. Make sure you go. I don’t want my work to go to waste if you get an infection.”

Zhen Sihao comes back to reality, hmmph..she really is a cold little thing.

 Emmi leans over Zhen Sihao then begins massaging his neck then starts moving down his back. Happy he will put in a good word with Zhen Sihao, she is softly singing while she loosens his muscles.

  Listening to the sound of the soothing sound of her lilting voice combined with inhaling the aroma of the calming sandalwood massage oil while being massaged Zhen Sihao slowly closes his eyes. When Emmi hears him snoring she smiles. She noticed the dark circles under his eyes when she came into his apartment. Wang Hao, you might be annoying but there is no doubt you are a hard working man. Working two jobs to pay me back.. Saying you will talk to that old fart Zhen Sihao for me ..maybe you aren’t that annoying after all.


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