Wang Hao’s Apartment

   Zhen Sihao gets back to his condo and takes off his mask and baseball cap. Looking at the black mask he brushes his finger across it, stupid girl kissing me while I was wearing a mask. Walking out to the kitchen he gets a bottle of mineral water, I wonder what the little thing’s full pink lips would taste like..haha.. He shakes his head, what are you thinking.. 

   After his busy day he is experiencing some leg pain. He picks up the phone to call Emmi.

  Emmi is happily drinking a cola and eating prawns when her phone rings. ‘Annoying Man’ shows up on the screen. She puts down the prawn in her hand. Licks her sauce covered fingers she lazily says, “Wang Hao I am eating. What do you want?”

 “My leg hurts.”

  She plays with a prawn dipping it in the spicy red sauce. “Didn’t I tell you that you can’t work two jobs. Take a hot bath then rub the medicinal ointment on the injury on your thigh. It will numb the pain. Don’t forget to apply the face cream so you don’t scar.  Did you go to the doctor’s today?”

 “No time.”

  “ Pfft! Wang Hao, although I am amazing you still need a real doctor to check you out. She takes a sip of cola. Not going to the doctors..working two jobs.. One in a smoke filled need to respect your body!”

Zhen Sihao recalls Emmi saying she was going to drink Champagne. He asks, “Are you drinking Champagne? You should talk about respecting your body.”

  “I am having a cola..I know my limit. I don’t want a hangover. Anything else? My noodles will get soggy.”

 “You need to come to my apartment in the morning to massage my legs.”

 “You can’t afford it.” I would but I will barely be able to make it to class.

 Zhen Sihao grips his bottle of water, she is such a little bean counter! “I asked Mo Yimo for an advance and you are cheaper than a certified masseuse. My leg feels so tight.”

 “I told you that you could wait to pay me. Is he charging you interest? Bosses don’t lend money from the goodness of their heart. Are you stupid? Really.. you have no money sense.”

 “…” I am a fucking Billionaire!

 “ Wang Hao? Wang Hao? Are you there? Fine, I will come before class. We can work out a payment schedule. I need to eat my noodles.Good bye don’t call me again.” 

  Zhen Sihao hangs up the phone and starts laughing, I don’t think anyone has made me laugh as hard as that little girl.  He rubs his leg, Chen Emmi’s massage technique is really good it is worth putting up with her nonsense. I usually have an aversion to a woman touching me, the little idiot seems to be the exception.

  YaoYao takes a napkin, “Emmi wipe your face you have sauce all over it. What are you going to do before class?”

  “Wang Hao needs treatment. I’m not going to say massage YaoYao will freak out..haha.. And he owes me money. “He is wearing a mask because he injured his face in an accident. Don’t tell anyone but I rescued him after his car went off the cliff by my art studio. You know my grandfather taught me some Chinese medicine and I have the medicinal garden.”

  YaoYao chokes on her noodles, then coughs, “Th..Th..That man was staying at your Art Studio with you! That is why you didn’t come to the dormitory! My God Emmi! If your Uncle or Cousin Chloe found out I can’t imagine the consequences.”

  “No one knows except Butler Han and he won’t say anything. Wang Hao has an apartment now by the University his company rented for him. I can ride my bike there before class.”

  YaoYao walks to the refrigerator for a bottle of water, “Emmi, what do you know about this man? I don’t get a good feeling from him.”

   Emmi finishes her cola,“He has a good job, he is working with Zhen Group on a project.” She rolls her eyes thinking about Zhen Sihao. “When he stayed at my house at the very most he was demanding and annoying.”

   “I don’t like this Emmi. I will have my brother find out more about Wang Hao.”

   “Don’t bother Tingzhi.”

   “Emmi, I’m serious, didn’t you notice his cold and overbearing aura?”

    “I think because he is a good looking salesman he is narcissistic. Anyway, I’m not worried.” I want the money he owes me then I will wash my hands of him believe me. Emmi pats her stomach, “I am so full and tired!” She gets under the thick beige bedspread, “Can you set the alarm on your phone YaYao? I don’t have the energy.”

     “Sure.” YaoYao looks at her friend, she is so naive, that man had an evil aura. I didn’t want to say that but he made me lose my breath when he was staring at Zheng Muyan like he could kill him with just a look. I don’t think a man reacts like that unless he is interested in you. He had a possessive and jealous look in those bottomless looking eyes. If he doesn’t like you why would he grab you off the stage and drag you away?

    YaoYao’s alarm goes off in the morning and she taps Emmi on her shoulder, “Get up.”

   Emmi pushes her hand away, “Nooo..I need to sleep longer.”

   YaoYao smiles, “You said to set the alarm, Get up.”

   “How can you sound so perky? I hate you..haha..” Emmi rolls over and scratches her head, “I feel like I just fell asleep five minutes ago.”

  “I can testify you were sound asleep, you were snoring in my ear!”

  Emmi sits up, “Let’s order some breakfast first. I’m hungry.”

  “Chen Emmi! You ate so much before you went to sleep, how can you be hungry!” She looks at Emmi’s thin body, “Where do you put it all, if I ate like you do I would definitely get fat.”

  Emmi smacks her dry lips and reaches for a glass of water on the nightstand, “Well, I run every morning..haha..not this morning but usually. You should start running with me then you don’t need to worry.”

  “Please, I hate running..I rather watch what I eat. Anyway, I don’t have time to wait for Room Service. I need to meet with my academic advisor before my morning class. So we need to get back to the dorm. You can get a breakfast bun at the stall by the entrance if you are hungry.”

  “Okay.” Emmi gets up and puts on the dress she wore to the Spring Mist Cafe. She smells the dress she wore to the Black Dragon Club, “So stinky from that smoky place! I will need to have it cleaned then discount it.”

   YaoYao hands her the jumpsuit she borrowed to wear.“I really like the jumpsuit. I will buy it if it is inconvenient to resell.” 

   Emmi thinks about it, “I didn’t tell Little Fluff it was a one of a kind so I can make her another one. You can have it, you don’t need to pay me. If you didn’t come with me last night I wouldn’t have won the Talent Contest.”

   “Thanks Emmi!” YaoYao thinks about Mo Yimo, he complimented her on the jumpsuit. He was very handsome and such a gentleman. 

   After they go to the dorm and change YaoYao reminds Emmi to be careful around Wang Hao. Emmi gives her a hug, “Don’t worry…see you later. I am staying in the dorm tonight.”  Emmi rides down the street and stops at the stall that sells breakfast and buys a bun. She eats it as she rides along, what a beautiful day… a nice breeze… Halfway down the street she drops the dirty clothes at the cleaners and looks at the address that Zhen Sihao texted her last night. Shouldn’t be too much farther, she eats the last bite of the bun as she arrives at the apartment complex. She looks up at the tall building, Wow! This is the newest complex in the area, his company is rather generous to their employees to get him an apartment here. 

    The guard asks who she is visiting and she tells him, “Wang Hao.”

    “Your name?”

    “Chen Emmi.”

    “I need to see your Id.”

   Emmi takes it out of her wallet and hands it to him.

    While she is waiting for him to call, Liu Ling comes out of the building carrying two trash bags. The garbage containers are located by the gate. “Chen Emmi, What are you doing here?”

   Emmi isn’t looking in his direction and turns at the sound of his voice. She almost falls off her bike and her face is crimson red. “Brother Ling! What a surprise!” What am I going to say? I can’t tell him I am here to give Wang Hao a massage. My God how embarrassing!”

   “ friend lives here, She invited me for breakfast and to go over our notes before class.”

   Before he can ask anything else she says, “Do you live here?”

  “I sublet an apartment from a Professor who is on Sabbatical. The hotel wasn’t convenient since I will be here for six months, this worked out well. Don’t forget to stop by my office this afternoon.” He can see crumbs on her lips from the breakfast bun. Liu Ling smiles she has always had quite an appetite. 

   “I won’t.” 

   He walks back to the building and Emmi sits on her bike in a daze. handsome.

   The security guard has been trying to get her attention, “Miss you can go in now.”

Emmi snaps out of her infatuated daze and takes back her ID. She smiles at him, “Thank you.”

She parks her bike and waits to enter the building until she thinks Liu Ling has returned to his apartment. She doesn’t want to take a chance of running into him on the way to Wang Hao’s apartment.

Zhen Sihao is in the kitchen making a protein shake when Emmi rings the doorbell.

When Zhen Sihao answers the door he says, “The guard called ten minutes ago what took you so long?”

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