Curious Sun Zhi  looks down at the stage to see who has caught Zhen Sihao’s attention. It isn’t often that Zhen Sihao loses his cool.

   He watchs Zhen Sihao unexpectedly appear from behind the DJ dragging the beautiful young singer off the stage.


  Sun Zhi turns to Han Weisheng, “Who is the little songbird?”

 Watching the strange scene on the stage Han Weisheng curls his lips, “No idea. I have never seen her before but I would like to know the story too..haha..” He looks at the puddle of red wine and broken glass on the floor. “I never heard of him raising a woman…or should I say little girl.”

 Sun Zhi puts down his drink, “I’m leaving. See you on Saturday Weisheng.”

Zheng Si follows him out the door, “Zhi, are you busy tomorrow?”

“No. Why?”

“ The girl in the accident today, well she and my grandmother are close. I was at Grandmother’s and she mentioned the incident.”

 Sun Zhi has a confused expression, I paid the bill but I don’t recall telling the girl my name. 

  “When you gave her a ride to the hospital she left a laptop in your Land Rover. Can I stop by and pick it up?”


 “I will be by in the morning. I want to see your new villa also. I am temporarily staying at the Harborview Hotel but am looking for a villa in that area.”

  Sun Zhi yawns, “Sounds good see you then.”

   Zheng Si watches Sun Zhi leave, very Shen Qiqi can accompany me to the Jade Auction.

    Walking through the Club the exhaustion from the intense training in the mountains is really hitting Sun Zhi. He frowns when his phone is ringing and black lines form on his forehead. Who the hell got this number! 

    Shen Qiqi scrunches up her nose when he doesn’t answer again as she and Kang Xue leave Woo’s Noodle Shop, “Kang Xue I couldn’t find anything about Sun Zhi, he is like a handsome ghost!”

  Kang Xue shivers as they walk back to Shen Qiqi’s apartment. “Well, that shows you right there he isn’t someone to get involved with Qiqi. People that are able to hide their identity that well are definitely not simple.”

  “Xue, you can’t jump to conclusions. He had a very gentle manner when he took me to the hospital. He looks like a military man, I told you that, so of course he doesn’t have a social media presence. Look at my Uncle Wei, he is never in the news. You couldn’t meet a sweeter man. Every time he goes abroad he brings me back a surprise. Do you remember when I went to military training and collapsed from the heat? He had his personal helicopter take me to Auntie Han’s Hospital.”

   “…”  What world does this girl live in? General Wei sweet? I can barely breathe when he is around from his oppressive aura! He is the scariest man I have ever met!  You were in the ambulance so you didn’t see, He was cursing and looked like the King of Hell when he kicked the instructor across the field. Everyone was scared to death by him.

  They arrive at Shen Qiqi’s apartment building and Qiqi says, “Stay in the second bedroom I changed the sheets, it is too late to go back to your apartment.”

  Kang Xue thinks about the big orange cat, “I will get a taxi, I need to get up for work early. I have a meeting with the old witch. You need to get up early too and get a copy of your medical records from today then email it to me. So don’t stay up too late.”

  “Okay, I will wait with you until the taxi comes.”

  After Kang Xue leaves, Qiqi walks up the stairs to her apartment. She doesn’t like taking the elevator when she is alone. When she first moved into the building the elevator was broken and she was stuck inside for an hour. She is breathless when she reaches her apartment, I shouldn’t have eaten so many noodles.

  When she enters Fat Cat lazily opens his amber eyes, he is comfortably curled up into a ball on the couch. He lets out a perfunctory meow to greet QiQi as he stretches out his stubby fat legs. He raises his head, the girl looks drunk. He glances at his empty bowl at the edge of the kitchen.  I hope she remembers to feed me. 

  Qiqi plops down on the couch and pets his ruffled orange fur, “Fat Cat… have bed head.” She hugs him squeezing his neck and he wiggles to get out of her grasp. He meows and looks towards the kitchen. Qiqi sees his movement and pets him, “Midnight eating isn’t good for you. You really need to lose some weight.”

  Fat Cat jumps off the couch, he sounds pitiful as he meows tapping his paw on the dish. Diet? No way! It is already bad enough I need to eat cat food but I don’t like to be hungry… I was a world class chef before my scheming assistant pushed me off the balcony! Saying I committed suicide because of unrequited love… what a joke! I was  a little chubby yes… but I was very popular with the ladies! If I ever see that ungrateful man again I will claw his eyes out!

 Qiqi laughs out loud at his behavior, “ You seem to understand me..haha..You are such a little glutton.. Fat Cat you are too funny! Okay, but I am going to the pet store tomorrow to buy you better cat food. This food that Peng Mai bought has too many fillers.” She fills his bowl, “Eat slowly.”

  She opens the refrigerator and takes out a bottle of water, I know it is late but I need my laptop. I am going to try the handsome guy’s phone again. Maybe this time I will send a text message. Qiqi sits on the couch and bites her bottom lip, [My name is Shen Qiqi you took me to the hospital today. Thank you for that. I left my laptop in your car. Can I meet you to get it back?] That is nice and clear.

  Going into the bathroom she takes off the school uniform and smells it. I need to go back to the High School tomorrow to sketch those Basketball players .. doesn’t smell too bad…a little smoky from Woo’s but it will be okay.  She neatly folds it then gets into the shower, I wonder if he will respond to my text?

  After her shower Qiqi puts on her pajamas then gets under the quilt and immediately falls asleep. When she wakes up to the sound of alarm she squints her eyes then turns it off. Oh my head.. She lays on the bed motionless for a few minutes then goes to the kitchen to get a glass of juice. She stirs a packet of vitamins into the juice then gulps it down.

   Fat Cat slowly walks out from the second bedroom where he comfortably slept on the fresh sheets. The little drunk looks a wreck, her hair is a tangled bird’s nest and the dried drool by her mouth is really gross. He walks past Qiqi to drink from his water bowl avoiding her when she reaches down to pick him up. He meows, Clean up first.. He scratches at the sliding glass door leading to the balcony and she automatically opens it for him to go out. She is always surprised, his litter box is on the balcony and he will let her know when he wants to go out. He is a very smart cat. She has a smile watching Fat Cat look at her through the glass. He won’t go to the litter box if she is watching. Recently she added him to her Webtoon and her fans love him. A designer contacted her about using his image on her newest collection of fun t shirts.

   As the cool breeze hits her face Qiqi sighs what a beautiful day, blue skies with some wispy white clouds. Oh! I wonder if the handsome guy texted me back. She trips on her slipper as she hurries into her bedroom. She anxiously picks up her phone then looks discouraged, nothing.. Should I text again? No that would be too pushy. But I do need my laptop. So it is reasonable to try to contact him. [Sorry to be a bother but I have my work on my laptop and I need it.]

  Sun Zhi stares at the texts, this is the same number from the calls last night. So it is the High School girl from yesterday.  

  He decides to make sure the laptop is in his Land Rover before he responds. When he comes down the stairs Fu Mo greets him with a very pleasant smile , “CEO Sun did you want breakfast now?”

  Sun Zhi responds, “No need.” He walks past her down a hallway to the garage. The smile disappears from her pretty face as she watches his back, I spent two hours making a special meal for you. I made all the dishes Madam Sun said are his favorites.

  He opens the back door of the white Land Rover the laptop isn’t on the seat. He looks at the floor a bookbag has papers hanging out and the laptop is under the seat with some more papers.

Picking up the loose papers he smiles, the little girl was sketching me at the coffee shop. Haha.. he sees a few sketches of High School boys in Basketball uniforms. .she seems to like to draw men. He puts the papers carefully in the book bag then picks up the laptop that is covered with stickers. She must need her homework. I will call Si and tell him I found the laptop.

  Zheng Si is getting dressed to go to a Board  meeting at the Zheng Group then he plans on going to Sun Zhi’s villa. He is putting on a black silk tie when his phone rings. “Zhi.”

  “I found the laptop if you want to come by and pick it up.”

 “I have to go to a meeting then I will come by.”

  “I am going to Bashu City. Do you want to meet for lunch? You can come on Saturday to see the villa and I want to introduce you to someone.”

  “That sounds good. I didn’t think that bastard Chu would try to fuck me the moment I got into town. I just found out about the Board meeting this morning.”

  “How does Ming’s restaurant sound for lunch?”

  “One o’clock?” Zheng Si puts on a Limited Edition Patek Phillip watch, “See you there.”

  “Si, the girl texted me about the laptop should I tell her you are picking it up?”

 “No need to respond.” I don’t want you having any contact with Shen Qiqi. He hangs up and has a faint smile, Shen Qiqi will be able to go to the Jade Auction with me. I missed the little girl’s smile while I was in Africa.

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