Go To Hotel

     Wang Hao after I collect my money could you drop us off at the Harborview Hotel?”

    “No. You need to go back to your dormitory at the University.”

    “Huh? No I don’t. I got us a room for the night at the Harborview. The dorms are closed now. I’m not going to get into trouble trying to get back in, especially when I paid good money for an awesome room. She hugs YaoYao, “We are going to order room service and drink champagne.”


   Mo Yimo decides to escape the awkward atmosphere. After knowing Zhen Sihao since they were in Middle School he recognizes the terrifying look on Zhen Sihao’s face. He has a smile that is not a smile and the veins on his neck are bulging. “I’m going to get the prize money, I will be right back.”

  Emmi walks over and gets a bottle of water, “So thirsty.” She notices Zhen Sihao staring at her intensely with a strange look. “Well, if it is a problem Wang Hao, we can take a taxi.”

   Ruan YaoYao is wondering how Emmi knows Wang Hao. She is talking to him in a familiar tone but I have never heard Emmi mention him. She pulls Emmi over and whispers, “I think we should take a taxi. How do you know this man?”

  Emmi gulps down the water then responds, “Wang Hao? Well..it is a long story.” She finishes the water. “Ahh..” Emmi looks expectedly at Zhen Sihao. “What do you say? Will you give us a ride?”


  Mo Yimo comes back with the money and hands it to Emmi. He has a business card in his hand an agent from Peshing Talent Agency gave him to give to Emmi but puts it into his pocket.

  Emmi excitedly takes the money from Mo Yimo’s hand and kisses the stack of bills, “Yeah! Thank you!” She puts the cash into her purse, her lips curl up and she looks like a satisfied cat that just ate a big fish. “Mr. Mo, do you have these talent contests often?”

  Mo Yimo breaks out into a sweat feeling Zhen Sihao’s burning stare scalding him “No. It was a one time special event.” It was a bad idea..a very bad idea..damn that Young Master Qin!

  Emmi looks dejected, “Oh.” She was thinking it was easy money and would enter again. “You should rethink that. It seemed like your customers really…” before she could finish Wang Hao pulls her arm towards the door, “Let’s go. I need to get up early for work.”

  After they leave Mo Yimo leans on the desk, what is going on with the Boss?

 When they are walking through the crowd Zheng Muyan sees Emmi being dragged by a very tall man wearing a black mask and the baseball cap. He has a jealous expression as he steps in front of him blocking their path, “Where are you taking her?” He turns to Emmi aggressively taking her other hand, “Chen Emmi are you drunk? I saw you up there on stage you must be drunk.” He shoots daggers at Zhen Sihao then tries to pull Emmi away. “ I will take you to the dormitory.”

  Emmi struggles to get her hand out of his strong grip, “Young Master Zheng! I told you earlier not to show yourself in front of me again!”

  “I know you are angry with me but you can’t go with this man!”

   Emmi looks up at Zhen Sihao then impulsively stands on her tiptoes to kiss him, “As you can see he is my man so of course I can go with him.”

  Zhen Sihao: “…”

Ruan YaoYao: Why don’t I know this?

Zheng Muyan: Fuck no! I don’t believe it!

Gu Chen: I’m here to drink

  Zheng Muyan tightens his grip on her hand, “That’s not true! I asked around, you aren’t dating anyone.”

   Emmi frees her hand then possessively wraps her arms around Zhen Sihao’s waist, “ We aren’t dating..” She has a mischievous smile, “We are bed partners. So don’t interfere with my life again!” She pulls Zhen Sihao’s large hand as Ruan YaoYao follows behind them with a shocked expression on her face.

   Zheng Muyan’s face turns crimson red watching them leave. He clenches his fists at his side and his heart is pounding, Liar! When you lie your right eyebrow twitches..who is that man?

  Once they are outside she immediately lets go of Zhen Sihao’s hand. She starts laughing, “Haha.. YaoYao did you see the look on Zheng Muyan’s stupid face? Hahaha!”

  Zhen Sihao’s deep eyes are filled with a complicated emotion wondering why he let her use him and didn’t push her away. Flustered by his reaction to her intimately holding onto him he grits his teeth sounding very angry he spits out, “Chen Emmi, I will let this slide once but little girl don’t ever think of using me again.”

  Not realizing the dangerous atmosphere around Zhen Sihao Emmi giggles as she looks up with her green eyes sparkling, “Wang Hao you should be flattered that a beautiful girl like me would use an old man like you.”

   Looking down at Emmi’s amused expression Zhen Sihao’s temper flares as he takes long strides walking away, “Get a fucking taxi.”

   “…” Emmi didn’t think he would take it so seriously but she shrugs her shoulders. Laughing at his fit of temper she puts cups her hands at her mouth then screams as he storms down the sidewalk, “I’m rich I will get a limo!”

   Zhen Sihao hears Emmi and he grimaces. Audacious Girl! I need to leave before I strangle that ungrateful little thing! Who do you think gave you that 10,000 yuan in your hot little hands! HA! She is too miserly to hire a limo!

  Ruan YaoYao watches him leave, “Emmi, that man..well.. he doesn’t seem like the type of man to provoke.”

  “Wang Hao? He won’t do anything to me. I saved his life.”


  When he arrives at his car Zhen Sihao takes out his phone, “Weisheng, two little girls checked into the Harborview under the name Chen Emmi. I want two of your best security guards to guard them don’t let them know. They should arrive within fifteen minutes.” 

  Han Weisheng is still in the private room at the Black Dragon Club, ”Okay.” He isn’t a person who pries into someone’s affairs but he is curious. Could it be the beautiful young girl that was singing? What is her connection to Zhen Sihao? 

  A taxi pulls up and Emmi and YaoYao get into the taxi, “Harborview Hotel.”

Zheng Muyan and Gu Chen followed them out of the Club and watched the scene. “I knew she was lying. Chen you hang out at this Club have you seen that man before.”

 “No. But wearing a mask and that baseball cap it is hard to say. I saw him talking to the manager Mo Yimo earlier he might know. You should let it go Muyan, Chen Emmi made it clear she won’t forgive you.”

  Zheng Muyan narrows his light brown Phoenix eyes and ignores his friend. “Let’s go back into the Club and ask him.” The man has a dark dangerous aura, I could barely breathe when he was glaring at me with those unfathomable eyes. Chen Emmi might be playing with fire and she doesn’t even know it she is such a fucking naive and innocent girl!

   When Emmi and YaoYao arrive at the room Emmi plops on the bed, “ YaoYao, I am so mad! That Zheng Muyan who does he think he is! He ruined my chance for an internship at Chloe Designs and wants me to forgive him! Not in this life, I don’t usually hold a grudge but I will make an exception in his case!” Emmi has tears forming in her eyes as she pounds the pillow. “Zheng Muyan why did you come back! I hate that I trusted you!”

  YaoYao rubs her back, “Emmi…” She doesn’t know what to say to comfort her friend.

  After Emmi releases her anger by pounding her fists into the pillow she wipes her eyes, “Hand me the Room Service menu I’m starving. What do you want to eat?”

  YaoYao laughs at Emmi’s ability to quickly change face, “I don’t care whatever you order will be good.”

  “I’m not going to let him ruin my night.” She dumps the 10,000 yuan on the bed, “Do you believe I won!”

  “Emmi I didn’t know you could sing so beautifully. You really deserved to win.”

  “I took singing lessons when I was young but after my Mom died Uncle Yihong didn’t want me to continue. My mother had an amazing voice, I guess I got lucky and inherited the ability haha. My teacher said I could be a professional singer if I practiced harder. So I practiced more but my mother didn’t allow me to pursue singing. She said the Entertainment Industry is too messy and with my soft personality I would get eaten alive.”

  YaoYao lays down next to Emmi,“Your mother really cared about you. My family doesn’t want me to enter the Entertainment business because it would be beneath the status of the Ruan Family.”

 “You are so talented! I would think with their backing you wouldn’t encounter any black powder.”

 “Well my brother is good friends with the boss of Peshing Entertainment and he said he would support me. But, if my family puts pressure on him I don’t know. Anyway, we have two more years before we graduate so I am not going to worry.”

   Emmi hugs YaoYao, “My grandfather taught me how to play the qin and I got into Ancient style music for a while in High School. I think if I ever wanted to pursue singing that niche is less troublesome.”

 “That is cool. Have you heard of Fu Po. I love his voice, he sang the theme song for the fantasy drama, ‘ Love Among The Clouds.’

 “I love that drama! Chou Yi is so handsome when he infiltrates the Demon Sect. I knew he could sing but his acting is worthy of the prestigious Newcomer Award.” Emmi’s stomach growls, “Haha..lets order.”

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  1. Well, Emmy gives! …. But to be honest, I thought that Zhen Sihao would want to help and play along with her.

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