Black Dragon Club Part 3

  The DJ is a muscular man in his late twenties unafraid he rushes over and grabs Zhen Sihao. “Hey, let her go unless you want to die!” Emmi turns and smiles sweetly at the DJ she opens her mouth to say she knows him. The DJ’s face turns white as a sheet even with a mask on the man’s face he recognizes those terrifying ink black eyes shooting him daggers. Why is the Boss dragging the little chick away. Zhen Sihao gives him a fierce look and the DJ remains frozen to the spot. Emmi blurts out, “No worries he is my brother.” Zhen Sihao turns his icy cold gaze to Emmi. I am not your fucking brother! The DJ quickly retreats while apologizing looking at Zhen Sihao, “Sorry..I didn’t know.” I didn’t know the Boss has a sister…why is she singing in the talent show?

  Once they are off the stage Emmi puffs out her cheeks and puts her hands on her hips. She angrily confronts Zhen Sihao, “What are you doing Wang Hao!” 

   Zhen Sihao’s molten dark eyes with tiny flames inside focus on her hazy green eyes. “A better question is what are you doing?” The little bunnygirl is so fucking gullible any one of those unscrupulous men could take advantage of her stupidity. Singing on stage like that with her innocent face and sweet voice inciting any one of these entitled assholes to force the foolish little girl to a room and bully her.

  “I want to win the 10,000 yuan!  I don’t have time to talk to you. I need to find the bathroom. I had to hold my pee the whole time I was singing so I wouldn’t miss my turn.”


  “I wonder where the closest bathroom is here?”

 Zhen Sihao takes her hand, “There is one down this hallway.”

 “Just tell me where it is you don’t need to take me.” She tries to get her hand out of his but can’t. “Wang Hao, let me go.”

 “No. This place isn’t safe.” Also it is in my office.

   “Hmmph! Wang Hao, you are the only person manhandling me.”

   “Shut up.” He takes her down the hallway to a luxurious office. He opens the door with a key as Emmi stares at him, “Why do you have a key?”

   “I didn’t want to tell you but to pay you I needed a second job. I spent the money my company gave me.”

    Emmi lets go of his hand and stares at him with a scornful look . “Wang Hao! You have barely recovered from your injuries you can’t work day and night! Are you stupid!”

His lips curl up in a smile as he leans down facing her as he brushes her loose hair behind her ear with his slender finger. He teases, “Do you care about me Chen Emmi?”

Emmi blushes as his face moves too close to hers, she can feel his warm breath on her lips. She pushes on his chest so he will back up but he doesn’t budge. Flustered because her heart is beating fast she scoffs, “In your dreams Old Man. I don’t want my hard work saving you go to waste… This place is so smoky too.” She fans her face, ” bad for your lungs. You will end up in the hospital an exhausted wreck with a fever. Then I will never get my medical fees. Quit and pay me when you can. I have made some money lately with my livestream. ”

“…” This little girl’s mind…I can not figure out how it works.. she is not normal.. and why does she keep calling me Old Man!

“Move.” She has her legs tight together as she pushes past him into the room looking for the bathroom. Once she is inside the spacious bathroom she hurries to pull down her underwear and sits on the toilet, “Ahhh..”

  Zhen Sihao looks at an invoice on his desk while Emmi is in the bathroom. Why couldn’t a normal man have saved me after I pulled myself out of the lake. This little troublemaker is driving me crazy.

  When Emmi comes out of the bathroom he is patiently leaning against the wall waiting. “I’m off work. I will give you a ride to the University.”

  “Huh? No. I need to see who won the talent contest and my friend..OH NO! YAOYAO! She is probably looking for me. I need to find her quickly before she has a breakdown!”

    After Zhen Sihao takes Emmi off the stage YaoYao sees the handsome man who was talking to the bartender. She assumes he is a manager since she overheard him giving the bartender instructions. The man said something to Emmi as we were leaving the back bar but I wasn’t paying attention after she put her hand around me. Running through the crowd over to Mo Yimo she tugs at the sleeve of his suit coat. She has a worried expression and sounds hysterical, “You..You need to help me find my friend. She was singing on the stage a minute ago…” Tears start forming in her doe like brown eyes, “Then a man in a black baseball cap and a black mask took her away. An Evildoer! We need to find my friend!”

   An Evildoer..hahaha! The description of the man sounds like the Boss. He didn’t see the singer. “Miss, calm down.” He lies in a comforting tone telling YaoYao, “ We don’t have any hooligans here.” Actually these rich Young Masters have no morals and some are really scum… worse than a common gangster He points to muscular men in black clothes, “The Club has very good security to protect our patrons.” Now he looks closely at YaoYao, MoYimo recognizes her as the girl from the back bar. Hmm..she was the quiet one sitting with the sassy girl. Did her friend piss off the Boss..if so she might be in some big trouble.

  “I will talk to the DJ since he was on the stage at the time.”

   “I am coming with you!” She is not used to drinking and she is lost without Emmi’s bravado. YaoYao fearfully glances at the unruly crowd. I feel safe with you and you smell really good.

   Mo Yimo chuckles at the way YaoYao is clinging onto his sleeve as they move through the lively crowd. He agilely blocks a man who is about to knock into YaoYao. He motions to a security guard who takes the drunk man away. He looks down noticing her frightened appearance, she doesn’t look like a girl who would come to a Club. His sister is a fashionista and always pulls him along to shop so he can recognize designer brands. I don’t recognize the designer of the trendy off the shoulder white jumpsuit but her dainty pink diamond bracelet is from Tiffany’s and her high heels are Gucci. Coming to the the Black Dragon Club was most likely was the little troublemaker’s idea.  He agilely blocks a man who is about to knock into YaoYao. He motions to a security guard who takes the drunk man away.“Miss, should wait in my office. I will bring your friend there when I find her whereabouts.” 

  YaoYao’s heart is pounding in her chest by the near collision with the stinky drunk man so she readily agrees, “Ahh..that sounds good.”

   He takes her to his office and points to the brown leather couch, “Have a seat, do you want a bottle of water or juice?”

     YaoYao sits in the corner of the couch besides an elderly professor at University she has never been in a closed room with an unrelated man. “No need. Please hurry to find my friend!” 

    “I will. Stay here.” The girl is really cute.. she looks like a small white kitten curled into the corner of the couch.

    After he leaves YaoYao nervously looks around the room, tastefully decorated in warm colors. Much more comfortable than my elder brother’s office. She has a good impression of Mo Yimo. The handsome manager is very gentlemanly. YaoYao didn’t miss him intentionally moving his body to the side to protect her as the man almost fell onto her body. The man then alerted security to discreetly remove the drunk man.

    Mo Yimo walks to the stage then goes around to the back. He waits for the music to stop then approaches the DJ. “Li, did the Boss leave with a girl that was performing?”

   “Yeah, he looked very agitated as he pulled her to the back.”

   “He didn’t say anything?”

   “Mo Yimo, I have worked here for two years and he has never said a word to me.” I’m not going to say I tried to stop him and he gave me the ‘do you want to die’ stare. 

   Mo Yimo is going down the stairs when he see Zhen Sihao walking down the hallway with the little sassy girl. He walks up to them, “Bo..” Zhen Sihao interrupts him, “Mo Yimo,the Boss isn’t in his office.”


    Emmi recognizes Mo Yimo as the handsome annoying man from the back bar. He must be Wang Hao’s superior. She doesn’t want to get Wang Hao in trouble so she quickly says to Zhen Sihao, “Thank you for your help. I will be going now.”

   Zhen Sihao grabs her by the back of her collar, “Hold on. I said I would take you home.”

  “And I told you Wang Hao, I need to find my friend. We have a hotel room.”

   ??? The two beautiful girls are really in a same sex relationship and have a hotel room? Wang Hao? Mo Yimo is confused by the situation but has a calm demeanor from working in the Club’s chaotic atmosphere.  “Ah Miss, your friend was worried. I am the Manager, she is in my office.”

  Emmi has a big grin relieved that YaoYao is safe, “GREAT! Where is your office.”

He looks at Zhen Sihao for a sign as to what he should do. He nods. “This way.”

  When the three of them walk into Mo Yimo’s office. YaoYao jumps up off the couch and hugs Emmi then glares at Zhen Sihao. “I was soo worried..wuhuwuuuhuu.”

   Emmi gently wipes her tears with her fingers, “Sorry YaoYao”, she decides not to embarrass Wang Hao in front of his Boss since he needs the job. “I saw Wang Hao and he showed me where a bathroom was close to the stage. You know I can’t hold my pee that long and I sang the entire song..I was dyyyyiiiing.” She hugs YaoYao, “Don’t cry.”

  Mo Yimo hands YaoYao some tissues. She smiles at him as she dabs her red and swollen eyes. “Thank you Mr. Mo.” When she looks at him with her big brown eyes covered in a layer of mist he is momentarily stunned. He is never around such an innocent looking beauty.

   Emmi holds YaoYao’s hand, “Will you be alright to go with me to see who won the contest.” I think it is me and I want the prize money.

  Zhen Sihao wants to leave and he doesn’t want to go without Emmi. The girl is a disaster. He gives Mo Yimo a look pointing at Emmi’s back.

  “I was going to give the prize to the winner before I went to look for you. They called me and said the winner is..” He looks at a sheet of paper on his desk waiting for Zhen Sihao to say her name.

 Emmi is very excited, she says, “ Was the winner Fang Jiao?”

Zhen Sihao:???

Ruan YaoYao: ???

Mo Yimo looks up from the paper then puts the blank sheet in the drawer, “Yes the winner is a woman named Fang Jiao.”

Emmi starts jumping up and down, “ THAT”S ME! I WON! I WON!” She hugs YaoYao, “10,000 yuan! Yeah!”

Wang Hao after I collect my money could you drop us off at the Harborview Hotel?”

“No. You need to go back to your dormitory at the University.”

“Huh? No I don’t. I got us a room for the night at the Harborview. The dorms are closed now. I’m not going to get into trouble trying to get back in, especially when I paid good money for an awesome room. She hugs YaoYao, “We are going to order room service and drink champagne.”





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  1. Zhen Zibao is so blatantly lying to Emmy about herself. She’ll probably be very angry when she finds out who he is. ha-ha

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