Sun Zhi At The Club

   Sun Zhi puts on his motorcycle helmet then straddles the seat of his custom red and black Ducati Superleggera. He speeds down the steep driveway opening the inpenetrable iron gate as he approaches. After he drives onto the dark winding road leading down to the highway he accelerates as the icy cold wind coming off the lake below whips his face energizing him. Exhausted from training soldiers in the rugged terrain of the Washu Mountains he planned on reading then going to bed early. His plan was disrupted by his good friend Zheng Si’s call to meet at the Black Dragon Club in Bashu City. Since he hadn’t seen his friends in a long time he decided to join them for a couple drinks.

  When Sun Zhi arrives he bypasses a group of beautiful women who are greedily staring at his eye-catching appearance. Wearing a black leather jacket that wraps around his taut broad chest and black jeans that hug his long legs he looks untamed and extremely sexy. He languidly strides past the women ignoring their comments and nods to the muscular doorman who buzzes a side door. Sun Zhi moves seamlessly through the noisy bar wondering why the Club is extraordinarily crowded on a Thursday night. He shakes his head when he hears the DJ announce the start of a Talent Show. He has a faint smile on his handsome face, what the hell?

   Two scantily dressed women are surrounded by several drunk men cheering as they walk to the stage. Sihao’s club had definitely changed since the last time I was here..haha. Weaving through the unruly crowd Sun Zhi reaches a staircase behind the dance floor. He takes the steps two at a time to the second floor them moving down a short hallway to the owner’s private room.

  Zheng Si stops talking to Han Weisheng when he notices what Sun Zhi is wearing, a black Gucci leather jacket and black jeans. His black hair is messily hanging onto his forehead and his cheeks are slightly red. “Zhi, did you ride a motorcycle.”

Zheng Si was hoping that Sun Zhi would drive his Land Rover to the Club. He could retrieve Shen Qiqi’s laptop, preventing her from meeting Sun Zhi again. He drinks his wine thinking about how to discreetly broach the subject without having to explain Shen Qiqi and his relationship.

  “Yeah. I just bought a new Ducati and I wanted to test it out.” He picks up a bottle of red wine and pours a glass then sits down. “Weisheng. I heard you left the Bureau.”

  “I did.”

 “What are you doing now?”

  Han Weisheng lazily takes a cigarette out of a pack then lights it. “I am running the Hotels under the Han Group. I recently opened a new one in the city.”

  Sun Zhi crosses his long legs and leans back on the luxurious Italian leather couch. “Sounds boring.” He laughs and refills Han Weisheng’s glass. “Give me a cigarette.”

  Han Weisheng hands him the pack as a thin line of smoke curls in the air from his cigarette. He has a serious expression, “I got tired of all the bureaucratic bull shit. I am thinking of opening a Security Agency, would you be interested? You could be my partner.”

  Sun Zhi thinks about recently being undercover working for the CEO of Li Group, Li Tian. Although it was his cover working as his bodyguard he got a taste of what the job entailed. “No. I am going to be taking a more active role at FutureTech now that I finished my last mission.”

  “Well if you get bored. Haha..keep it in mind.” He drinks his wine. “Where are you living now?”

  “I  moved into my recently finished villa on the mountain. Come by when you have a chance my designers created a unique security system. If you do start a Security business you might be interested in purchasing it for your clients. I have to say I was impressed when they demonstrated it to me.”

  “I have a busy schedule this week with the Harborview Hotel. How about this weekend?”

  “I don’t have any plans for Saturday.”

  “If you want I can invite my chief designer and Director of R&D. I think we would find my new project interesting.”

  “Sounds good. Before I left the Bureau I heard Futuretech is working on a secret project for the Army.”

  Sun Zhi  flicks his cigarette in the ashtray, “We can discuss on Saturday. I am not happy with that asshole who is in charge on their end. I worked with Deng Larry before on a mission and he cuts corners.. You know the of those ass lickers always sucking up to the Brass.”

  “Fuck! That prick! I always had a bad feeling when I saw him. Underneath that gentlemanly exterior he is definitely a scheming fox. I never could figure out his end game though..”

  “You should be glad you left. Zheng Tielin quit for the same reason as you..too much fucking bullshit.”

  Zheng Si chimes in when he hears his cousin’s name. He is the only member of his family he likes. Zheng Tielin is a straightforward honest man which is a rare commodity in the Zheng family. “How is my cousin Tielin? I haven’t seen him in over a year.”

  “Good. I saw him when I was working in Catang City.”

   The door opens and two beautiful dark haired women wearing low cut red sequined minidresses come in carrying appetizers. When the chef said they were going to deliver food to the owner’s private room they were very excited. They refill the Han brothers’ empty wine glasses then one leans over Sun Zhi to take his glass and he moves back, “I’m good. No need.”

   Zheng Si is standing by a table flicking his cigarette into an ashtray. He curtly waves away the women as they attempt to get close to him. Repulsed by their heavy perfume he scowls barely containing his disgust. “Leave.” They don’t move and one of the women seductively brushes her chest across his arm, ”But..” Controlling the urge to kick the woman across the room he narrows his cold and unfathomable eyes, his voice deepens, “Now.”

  The four men have known each other since childhood and the relaxed  atmosphere becomes stifled. Han Tifeng peels a prawn teasing Zheng Si, he knows his cleanliness fetish, “ Si, why did you get rid of the women? If I were still single I would enjoy having those beautiful women hang all over me. Shit! the huge breasts on the tall one…I would love to take a bite.” He laughs then pops the prawn into his mouth, while he is chewing he continues, “I’m lucky I got out of the house to join you tonight. My wife has me on lockdown since she had the baby. If I even talk to my secretary she throws a jealous fit.”

  His brother Weisheng slaps him on the head and takes away his wine glass. ”Do you know how  lucky you are to have a woman like Sui!”

  Tifeng pushes him, “Damn brother.. that hurt! You know I am just kidding!”

  The door opens and a very tall man wearing a black baseball cap and face mask covering his face comes into the room. Sun Zhi is lighting a cigarette , he looks up, “Sihao, what is with the ‘I’m a kpop star’ look? Are you performing tonight at your… hahaha… Talent Show?”

  “Fuck off! Unless you want me to charge you for those two bottles of 1989 Chateaux Cheval.”

   Sun Zhi smirks as he takes out his black card throwing it onto the table. “Charge me but don’t forget the friend and family discount. Your Club must be hurting.. a Talent Show haha..” 

   Pfft! Zhen Sihao tosses the card back to Sun Zhi then takes off his mask ignoring his sarcasm. “When did you get back Si?”


  Zhen Sihao pours a glass of whisky, “How long are you going to be in Bashu City?”

 “Indefinitely. I found out what I needed to know.”

  Zhen Sihao walks over to the two way glass to look down at the stage, “ Mo Yimo told me Chu was in the Club a couple nights ago with one of the Zangwa brothers..Yan.”

   Zheng Si raises his eyebrow, “ That little motherf****r  won’t be celebrating for long.”

    A woman comes in carrying dishes on a tray. Zhen Sihao tells the woman to leave the door open and the sound of the singers’s soft angelic voice floats into the room

  Han Tiefeng is the first to comment, “The woman’s beautiful voice sounds so expressive… full of heartbreak. Really good rendition.” He takes a chicken roll off the plate the woman placed on the table. “Do you recognize the girl?”

   Zhen Sihao has a complicated expression, he turns away from Han Weisheng to look out of the two way glass. All of a sudden while looking down at the stage of the Talent Contest Zhen Sihao exclaims, “What the hell?” then drops his glass of wine on the floor and rushes out of the room

  Curious the men look down at the stage to see what has caught his attention. It isn’t often that Zhen Sihao loses his cool.

  They watch Zhen Sihao unexpectedly appear from behind the DJ dragging the beautiful singer off the stage.


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