Black Dragon Club

    Emmi finishes her beer then orders a Baijui and another beer glaring across the room at Zheng Muyan. “YaoYao, I want to have fun tonight. Even if the talent show is a scam we can drink all night for free.”

   Ruan YaoYao sees the deep sadness in Emmi’s eyes. It must have been hard to face Zheng Muyan unexpectedly. Although Emmi  stayed strong in front of Zheng Muyan as her close friend YaoYao knows how he hurt Emmi’s pride. “What the heck..why not!” She raises her glass and clinks it with Emmi’s half empty glass. “It isn’t often I get out of practice to go have fun!”

   Emmi has an idea and finishes her beer, “Let’s get a hotel room so we can change and not worry about going back to the dorm.”


   Emmi pays the bill and the two girls say goodbye to Grandpa Wu. Emmi tells YaoYao,“I have the two outfits I modeled on the livestream. I think the jumpsuit will fit you, might be a little tight around your chest.”

   Ruan YaoYao remembers the cute jumpsuit, “I can leave it open then with the camisole I’m wearing  underneath.”

   “Good idea!”

    “The Han family’s Harborview Hotel isn’t far. We can get a room there.”

   When the man behind the frontdesk tells Emmi the price of a room she hesitates then thinks about Zheng Muyan’s face. She furrows her eyebrows and hands the woman her credit card.

   In the elevator YaoYao says,”I will pay you half, give me your phone.”

  “No. This is my treat.”

  “I can’t let you pay that much money!”

  “Someone has been gifting me on my livestream. They must be really rich haha..think of it as them paying for the hotel room.”

  Zhen Sihao sneezes as he is driving to his Club.

  They enter the hotel room and YaoYao gasps, “This room is gorgeous!” Emmi lazily walks over to the window and looks at the city lights. “Come look at this view it is amazing.”

   Besides the city lights they can see the harbor. “The restaurant is on the rooftop I will be working at this weekend and has a panoramic view.”

   “Cool. Are you nervous Emmi, my father was talking with my mother about Ming’s restaurant. They couldn’t get a reservation until next month. It is popular with celebrities and was featured in a couple magazines recently. Waiting on those type of snobbish people can’t be easy.”

  “I’m a little apprehensive but it’s a good opportunity to make extra money. I won’t let anyone bully me. Hmm.. The Ruans are one of the elite families in Bashu City..they need to wait for a reservation? Emmi notices the small refrigerator and her eyes light up, “Should we see what is in the mini bar?”

    YaoYao comes rushing over with her brown eyes wide blocking the bar.“Don’t open. Hotel’s overcharge like crazy for those little bottles of alcohol.”

   Emmi puts her hand on her friend’s shoulder while looking into her worried eyes, “We can each have one, at the Club the drinks will be free.”

    They look through the small bottles then see a bottle of champagne for two. Emmi and YaoYao excitedly look at each other, “YES!”

   “Let’s get dressed then drink it.”

    After they both shower Emmi puts on  the pink embroidered top and black tulle skirt she modeled at the harbor earlier. YaoYao puts on the black and white jumpsuit, “What do you think Emmi?”

  “You look like Yang Mi but more beautiful!”

   YaoYao hugs Emmi, “You are so talented! This jumpsuit is so cool! I want to buy it!”

   “Sorry YaoYao I sold it to Little Fluff on the livestream. I will discount it for her since I let you wear it tonight haha. I don’t think she will care.”

   They happily laugh as they apply makeup when they are finished they walk out onto the balcony. Emmi’s green eyes sparkle as she pops the cork on the Champagne bottle trying to hurry as it foams out the top she fills their glasses. “To winning the 10,000 yuan or just getting drunk on free drinks! Hahaha”

   When they leave the hotel room they link arms on the way to the elevator, YaoYao giggles, “I heard the Black Dragon Club belongs to a mysterious Young Master and it is popular with the Golden Bachelors. Do you think we will see them?”

  “YaoYao get your head out of the clouds haha. They don’t mingle on the first floor, they have private rooms upstairs.” Emmi has heard her cousin Chen Ji talk about going to clubs with his friends.

   She pushes the elevator button. “Yeah, you are probably right.”

  When they get outside Emmi shivers, “We should have brought jackets.”

  YaoYao spots a taxi and waves. “Don’t worry it will be hot in the Club.”

  When they arrive there are women standing in a line outside waiting to get into the Club. Emmi shivers,“Well,YaoYao we might freeze out here before we get into the Club… haha.”

  “We have those VIP cards.” She pulls Emmi to step around the women. “There should be a VIP door.”

   A group of heavily made up women who look to be in their late twenties start grumbling and Emmi looks at their angry faces, “Hurry then before these Aunties eat us alive.”

One of the women hears her comment and tries to grab Emmi’s arm, “Who are you calling an Auntie!”

Emmi laughs mischievously as she avoids her outstretched arm and the women stumbles in her 10cm heels, “Should have said Grandma..haha..” She scurries away towards the front door as the woman rubs her ankle.

   They show the VIP passes to the stone faced man at the door and he stamps their hands with a Black Dragon, “Go in that door.”

  Once inside the music is deafening Emmi pulls on YaoYao’s thin arm, “So loud!”

  YaoYao excitedly glances around at the luxurious bar and the colored lights flashing on the crowded dance floor. “WOW!” She is a sheltered girl from a prestigious family and has never been to a Club.

   Emmi stands on her tiptoes, YaoYao is much taller than she is and screams in her ear, ”TOO LOUD! IS THERE ANOTHER BAR?”


   They walk through the drunk crowd towards the back. There is another quieter bar with leather couches and low glass tables with candles on them. Emmi breathes a sigh of relief. “This is better.” They find a couch and sit down, “I wonder when the talent show begins?”

  YaoYao looks at Emmi with a concerned expression, “Are you sure you want to participate?”

  Emmi looks for a cocktail server, “Why not! If I win I am 10,000 yuan richer. If I lose like I said I will get a buzz for free.”

   A tall pretty woman wearing black leather shorts, a red silk short top and 10cm red high heels walks by ignoring them. Emmi tries to get her attention but to no avail. “YaoYao, I am going up to the bar, what do you want?”

  “I will come too.”

  “No someone might take our seat and this is a comfortable spot.”

  Neither one knows this area is reserved for escorts. Men come to this area to find women to accompany them to the private rooms.

  Emmi strolls up to the bar and orders two gin and tonics with a lime. The bartender waits for payment and Emmi confidently shows him the Black Dragon stamp on her hand. He nods and watches her walk away, Beautiful girl but looks awfully young. Usually the Boss has Mo Yimo hire more mature looking women. He wipes off the blue granite bar where a few drops of liquid can be seen. None of my business what these perverts like.

  Emmi hands YaoYao the drink, “AH CRAP! I forgot to ask him when the talent show begins!’

  She decides to wait until she has another drink then will ask the bartender.

  The couches where scantily clad women were seated are slowly emptying. Two drunk middle aged men approach Emmi and YaoYao, after they pass one man responds to the other, “Fuck no..I would feel like I was fucking my daughter. Yeah the one looks ripe but the other one doesn’t even look like she has more than a handful.”

  Emmi and YaoYao are oblivious to the strange looks they are getting and chat about school. After they finish their drinks Emmi lazily walks back up to the bar, “Two more please.”

   When he comes back with the drinks she gives him a tip and says, “What time is the talent show?”

  “What talent show?”

   “The man with the flyers at the harbor said there is a talent show here tonight that is why my friend and I are here,”

   The bartender looks over at YaoYao then laughs, “Haha that explains it.. Haha.” He wondered why the two girls were sitting there happily talking with no customers. Most of the women are hungry and if they aren’t chosen sit with scowls on their faces. They certainly don’t talk to their rivals.

   Emmi knocks on the bar to get his attention,“Hey handsome! What is so funny?”

 “Ah nothin..” Then he decides to tease Emmi and leans over the bar and takes her wrist. “See that Black Dragon, the reason you get free drinks is because..” Emmi pulls her hand away, “Because why!”

   “This area is for men to hook up with you.”

   “Hook up?’ She raises her voice, ” HOOK UP!” Emmi’s face turns bright red as she stares at the handsome bartender’s amused expression. She isn’t one to take a loss so she composes herself then nonchallantly says, “I have the stamp so I still get free drinks right? It is my choice if I go with a man or not… I mean I could choose a woman right”

    ??? “…”??? “…”

  Emmi curls her lips in a satisfied smile then winks at him. Picking up the drinks off the bar. Once sitting down she gazes at YaoYao’s innocent expression looking around the lively bar. Best if I don’t tell YaoYao the situation. She sees the bartender looking in their direction and she puts her arm around YaoYao. He is still staring at them so she scoots her butt across the couch to sit closer to YaoYao to dispel any doubts he might have. “The bartender doesn’t know the time. After this drink lets go to the front of the Club by the dance floor.”

   Zheng Muyan and his friend Gu Chen are looking for Emmi and YaoYao. Zheng Muyan pushes through the crowd, I distinctly heard them say they were coming to the Black Dragon Club.

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