Grandpa Wu’s Restaurant

    Emmi and Ruan YaoYao finish the livestream at The Spring Mist Cafe and are having a cup of coffee with Lu Ying Yue.  Ruan YaoYao finally asks the question that has been on her mind, “Lu Ying Yue do you play the piano?”

   Lu JunJie’s eyes light up, “My mom is the best at playing the piano! I love listening Even better than eating cake!”

   Lu Ying Yue blushes, “A little.”

  “I remember seeing you perform at the International Piano Competition in Austria five years ago. My piano teacher took me when I was in High School and I will never forget your amazing performance. My heart almost stopped when you played ‘La Campanella.”

 “That was a long time ago. Thank you for remembering me. You play the piano?”

  “I do. I am studying at A University. I know we just met but..” Ruan YaoYao hesitates, “I am performing in a Music Competition next month and I am having some trouble with the piece I want to play. I only wish I could master the nuances the way you were able when I watched you perform. Could you help me? I would definitely pay you for your time.”

   Lu Ying Yue loves playing the piano. She gave up her dream of being a concert pianist when she married Lu Shizhou. “It has been a long time. I don’t know if I could be much help.”

  Emmi is holding Lu JunJie in her lap showing him how to make a simple origami. She looks at the melancholic expression on Lu Ying Yue’s face. “I can watch Lu JunJie for you.”

   Ruan YaoYao tells Lu Ying Yue, “Honestly, I need someone to talk to, most of my friends in the department..well.. they are friends but also competitors if you know what I mean.”

  Lu Ying Yue has a sad expression recalling being sabotaged by someone she considered a good friend in the Music Department. She can understand what Ruan YaoYao is saying. “Yes, it is difficult when you are in the same circle. Well, you don’t have to pay me. I appreciate you and Chen Emmi’s hard work today promoting my cafe. If Chen Emmi doesn’t mind watching JunJie I’m willing.”

   RuanYaoYao grabs Lu Ying Yue’s hands, “Thank you..thank you! Please call me YaoYao!”

   Happy to talk about music Lu Ying Yue laughs showing a brilliant smile which is witnessed by a cold handsome man peering in the window of the cafe. He clenches his hands by his side then continues walking followed by six intimidating looking bodyguards. Taking out his phone he makes a call, “Find out who the two women are with my wife.”

   After they add each other on WeChat Emmi and  Ruan YaoYao leave the Spring Mist Cafe. Emmi holds onto YaoYao’s hand, “I made a lot of money during my livestream. I want to thank you YaoYao for helping me, let’s go eat. When I was here yesterday Han Shi took me to a delicious barbeque restaurant.” 

  “Han Shi?” YaoYao has a crush on him, “You went to eat with Han Shi?”

  “He works at the hotel where I applied as a server. Han Shi was going to lunch so we went together.”


  They walk along the busy sidewalk because they are both beautiful girls Emmi and YaoYao attract attention as they stroll along. A man with slicked back hair wearing several gold chains around his neck walks up to them with a flyer, “Beautiful girls, come to the Black Dragon Club tonight and participate in the talent show. First prize is 10,000 yuan.”

  When Emmi hears 10,000 yuan she grabs a flyer, “Seriously? 10,000 yuan?”

  The gaudily dressed man salivates while looking at Emmi’s petite body up and down then hands her a card. He smiles showing his two gold front teeth, “This is a VIP card. You can enter with no cover charge. What about you, Big Beauty?” He hands Ruan YaoYao a VIP card, “Even if you don’t enter the talent contest, this card will get you free drinks all night.”

  Ruan YaoYao walks away frowning as the man leers at them, she snarls, “Not interested.” 

  Emmi hurriedly takes the second VIP card from the man, all she can think about is the 10,000 yuan. She takes YaoYao’s hand again and shoves the VIP cards into her purse. I will discuss it with YaoYao when we eat. She is always in a good mood when there is barbecue pork in front of her..haha..

 When they get to the barbeque restaurant the old man at the door recognizes Emmi. “Good evening. Is Han Shi with you?”

  “No. Grandpa Wu, I brought my friend Ruan YaoYao to eat your delicious spicy pork.”

  Grandpa Wu thinks since Emmi is a friend of the Han family he should take her to a private room. As they walk towards the staircase Emmi stops him. “Grandpa Wu we can sit downstairs.” She doesn’t know how much a private room costs but doesn’t want to spend the extra money.

 “No. You are a friend of Han Shi. I will take you to a nice private room.”

 Emmi sees a table for two, “This table is good. My ankle has been bothering me. I don’t want to climb stairs.” He turns around and she rubs her ankle.

 “Well, if that is the case.” He puts the menus on the table, “I will send my son Yu over. Do you want something to drink?”

  “I will have a Snow beer. What about you YaoYao?”

 “Same. Thank you.”

  YaoYao has a look of concern on her pretty face, “Emmi, you hurt your ankle?”

 Emmi laughs, “ Shh..No..haha.. but I didn’t want a private room. I don’t know how much that would cost and I am fine sitting anywhere as long as the food is good. The spicy pork is to die for YaoYao, it falls off the bone and the sauce is amazing.”

   A  handsome man leaning on a railing upstairs smoking a cigarette has a smile on his face listening to Emmi. He saw her when she first walked in the door with Ruan YaoYao and could see her reluctance to pay for a private room. Han Weisheng comes out of the private room and sees his friend chuckling. “Sihao, what is so funny?”

 Zhen Sihao takes a drag from the cigarette, “Nothing.”

 Han Weisheng looks downstairs and sees Emmi and YaoYao. He isn’t aware that Zhen Sihao knows Emmi. “That is my nephew’s friend Chen Emmi. She is a little young for you isn’t she?”

   “Shut up! Did you call Sun Zhi?” He finishes his cigarette and walks back to their private room. When Zhen Sihao came to Bashu City Han Weisheng asked him to come to Grandpa Wu’s. He thought it would be an inconspicuous place to meet to discuss Zhou Gao.

  The server brings their drinks and Emmi orders the same dishes she had when she came with Han Shi. YaoYao looks around the noisy restaurant, “Emmi, isn’t that Zheng Muyan over there?”

   YaoYao turns around, “I thought he was studying abroad.”

   “Well my cousin told me he came back. More like taunted me about his triumphant return I hope he doesn’t notice us.” I want to enjoy my barbecue in peace!

     YaoYao drinks her beer, “Who would have thought we would run into him in this small restaurant.”

     Emmi laughs, “Well they say enemies will meet on a narrow road.” Damn bastard stole my designs and then was admitted to Chloe Designs as an intern. I hope he chokes on a pork rib! Well no..that is too evil.. I just hope he doesn’t notice me.

   The server brings their food and Emmi’s eyes light up, “Ahhh..smells so good!”

   When YaoYao is eating happily Emmi orders two more beers then brings up the Club. “YaoYao you said the practice room was closed tonight because of the electrical problem. Let’s go check out that Club! I know you don’t want to enter the talent contest but my singing isn’t bad. I think I could win the 10,000 yuan.”

   YaoYao starts laughing, “ Emmi, you didn’t really believe that man did you? It is just a scam to get women to go to their Club.” She uses her chopsticks to pick up some pickled cabbage, “You were right this food is soo delicious!”

   Emmi is thinking of how to convince YaoYao to go to the Club when a pretty looking man approaches their table. “Chen Emmi..Ruan YaoYao, long time no see.”

  “Not long enough Zheng Muyan.”

   “Is that any way to greet an old classmate?”

   “Move along. I am enjoying my meal.” She doesn’t want to cause a scene in Grandpa Wu’s restaurant.

   Zheng Muyan grits his teeth, the stubborn little girl hasn’t changed. “Mind if I join you?” He pulls out a chair and Emmi stops him, “I mind quite a bit.”


    “No.. I don’t.. which is why I blocked you six months ago.”

    He forcefully pulls the chair and sits next to Emmi, his voice softens and his eyes have a gentle light “Em, I didn’t have a chance to explain before I went to Paris.”  Zheng Muyan hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Emmi since he left. It wasn’t his intention to take full credit for the designs they worked on together. But, someone submitted them to the Committee without his knowledge then when he tried to explain his mother stopped him.  She emphasized what is done is done. If it came out that he had collaborated with Chen Emmi after the fact it would be detrimental to his family. He was across the street with his friend Gu Chen when he saw Emmi and YaoYao enter the barbeque restaurant and he impulsively came into the restaurant to see Emmi. At first he wasn’t going to say anything, just look at Emmi across the room but then he was unable to resist walking over to her table. 

    Emmi’s face turns bright red and she tightens her grip on the chopsticks in her hand, “Don’t you..” She can feel her emotions becoming turbulent but her voice has a sarcastic tone, “ Young Master Zheng please leave. I really have nothing to say to a random passerby… my spicy pork is getting cold.”

    Zheng Muyan has a gloomy expression being unable to apologize to Emmi. He feels his heart tighten as he stands up, “I have transferred back to A University.”

  Emmi ignores him as he storms across the crowded restaurant.  

  Their conversation has fallen into the ears of Zhen Sihao who is standing at the top of the stairs about to leave with Han Weisheng. He stops and listens, the little girl certainly has a poisonous tongue. He recognizes Zheng Muyan as the Fourth Young Master of the Zheng family. He leaves using the back stairs, “Weisheng, I am meeting Yi and Jing at my Club is you want to join us for a drink before you leave for Pushong City.”

  “Will do.”

  Emmi finishes her beer then orders a Baijiu and another Snow beer glaring across the room at Zheng Muyan. “YaoYao, I want to have fun tonight. Even if the talent show is a scam we can drink all night for free.”

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