QiQi’s Apartment

     While they are in the taxi on the way to Shen Qiqi’s apartment, Kang Xue calls the editor and tells half truths to explain the situation. After the woman screams in her ear for two minutes she agrees to give Shen Qiqi three days but she needs to email the doctor’s report.  Kang Xue breathes a sigh of relief after she hangs up, “How is your head?” 

   “Hurts a little but not too bad.”

  “Well the witch said you can have until Saturday. If we can’t find your laptop, do you at least have it on paper, sketches..notes.”

   Shen Qiqi reassures Kang Xue. “I have the outline, and sketches. Even if I don’t retrieve the laptop I can get the arc finished by Saturday. If I work twenty four hours a day.

  “Seriously Qiqi back up your work so this doesn’t happen again.”

   Shen Qiqi leans on her shoulder, “I will. Sorry Xue.”

  Kang Xue pats her head, “Don’t worry. Your webtoon is getting popular the old witch wouldn’t dare fire you. The owner came into the office the other day and I heard him telling Luo Yi he was happy with the new artists. He mentioned your name.”

  Qiqi’s eyes light up, “Really! He mentioned me?”

   “Yeah. So keep up the hard work.Well he actually said you need more social media presence but I will mention that after you get your next arc finished.

  The taxi pulls up to Shen  Qiqi’s apartment building and Kang Xue opens the door then frowns, “Could you pull up a little further there is a big puddle here.” She looks at her new red slingback Gucci heels . Thanks, you are a sweetheart. I just bought these heels.”

  The  driver looks at the beautiful woman in the rear view mirror and drives a little further down, “This good?”

  “Yes.”  She smiles at him as she opens the door and steps out. He stares admiringly at Kang Xue while she waits for Qiqi to exit the taxi.  She is tall, about 170cm and has a curvaceous body. What a beauty! When they were outside the Zheng Tower waiting for a taxi he noticed the two of them. A tall statuesque beauty wearing a tight beige dress and a short cute high school girl. A businessman was about to get into his taxi but he told he already had a fare and drove up in front of Kang Xue and Shen Qiqi.

    When Qiqi closes the door to the taxi she says hello to an elderly woman carrying two bags of groceries. “Grandma Zheng let me carry that for you.”

    “Thank you Little Qiqi. My grandson is coming over for dinner so I went to the meat market.”

   “Zheng Si came back from Africa?”

   The old woman’s face lights up, “That boy just arrived not an hour ago and called me to make him his favorite Wontons with crab and shrimp filling and my special honey seared spicy pork ribs. I told him he should go see his parents first but he said he missed my cooking.”

  Shen Qiqi laughs as she opens the door to the apartment building, “Well I have tasted your pork ribs and I don’t blame him. Haha.”

  “You girl!”

  They get into the elevator, “How long will Zheng Si be in town?”

 “He didn’t say. That damn brother of his sending him to the Tunisian branch just because of that woman!”

  “Grandma…” She pats her arm with her free hand, “ Zheng Si emailed me last month and wrote he was enjoying the change. He sent me some awesome pictures of a herd of elephants.”

  They arrive at Mrs. Zheng’s floor, Shen Qiqi and Kang Xue carry her groceries to her apartment. “Tell Brother Si I said hello and when he has time to call me”

  “I will.” 

  As they walk away Kang Xue is curious, “That Grandma..her grandson is Zheng Si? You know him”

 Qiqi pushes the elevator button, “Yeah. Why?”

  Kang Xue has a strange expression as she shakes her head, “Oh…Nothing.

     Shen Qiqi opens the door to her spacious apartment, when she and Kang Xue enter a fat orange cat lazily walks over then rubs against Qiqi’s leg.  Kang Xue’s eyes get itchy, she sneezes then sneezes again in rapid succession. Clearing her throat she says, “I thought your roommate was taking that cat with her when she moved out.”

  Picks up the purring cat and pets his head, “ She called, her boyfriend said no to the cat. I know you are allergic, I will put him on the balcony.”

  Kang Xue brushes some books off the modern sectional couch and sits down. “You need to get a roommate asap. How are you going to pay the rent? You should have made that cheap woman give you some money towards the rent for leaving you so unexpectedly.”

    Qiqi comes out from the bedroom and closes the door “Xue…She doesn’t have any extra money! They needed to put a big deposit down on their new apartment. When I rented this apartment I got a discount because the owner knows my Uncle Lu.”


   Qiqi grabs a bag of potato chips and two cokes, “Why don’t you move in with me. Isn’t your lease up next month?

   Even though the apartment is amazing…spacious..great view..awesome location. Kang Xue glances around the messy apartment. We have been friends since kindergarten. I want to stay friends with you so no.”

  “Sorry Sweetie, I would but I signed another year lease on Monday.” She takes a sip of the coke. ”In the taxi you said that you didn’t get the man’s name but he paid the hospital bill?”

  “Yes. He said since he caused me to fall he would take responsibility. I was going to thank him and get his name but he was gone.”

  “If he paid the hospital would have his name and information. We can call.” Kang Xue takes out her phone and calls the hospital. When the billing department answers she says, “ My name is Shen Qiqi. I was a patient in the emergency room earlier today and someone paid my bill. I want to repay his kindness but I didn’t get his name. Could you tell me who paid the bill?”

  “I’m sorry but we can’t give out that information.”

   “I really don’t feel right allowing him to pay.”

  “You can pay over the phone and we will delete his payment if you want.”

   “…” Kang Xue doesn’t give up easily, “I don’t want to insult him since he insisted on paying. I just want to thank him.”

    The woman rolls her eyes.“I’m sorry we can’t give out that information.”

   “Is there a supervisor I can speak to about this?”

    “I am the supervisor.”


   “I have a call on the other line Miss Shen. Is there anything else?”

     What a tough cookie! She won’t bend! “No.”

  “I will hang up then. If you have time please stay on the line for a customer survey.”

  “…” Kang Xue hangs up. “We need to think of a way to get his information.”

   Shen Qiqi finishes the bag of chips and throws the empty bag on the coffee table.”Oh..salty..where is my coke? Ahhh..” She swallows then thinks for a minute. “Xue, my Cousin Feng Chao is a computer expert, maybe I could call him and have him hack into their computer.”

   Shen Qiqi has the strangest family.. But this is good. “Call him.”

  Shen Qiqi makes the call, “Cousin it’s me Qiqi!”

  Feng Chao takes off the virtual reality glasses he is wearing. “What’s up?”

 “Umm..I need a favor.”

  Feng Chao laughs, “ Shen Qiqi is that the only time you remember you have a cousin surnamed Feng?”

   Shen Qiqi tosses a yellow ball of yarn in her hand into a basket of cat toys. She teases, “Cousin! Didn’t I get you VIP tickets to the Chinese Robot Championship in December?”

  “You did. I was just teasing you. That was cool, your friend Wu Kai let me try out his robot after he won.”

  “Wu Kai won? Brat! He told me if he won he would take me to China Disneyland!” I need to call that little rascal!

 ??? He stretches his long legs as he stands up and walks to the hotel room balcony. “So what does my Baby Cousin need?”

  “Don’t call me Baby Cousin, I just turned twenty!”

  “Okay..okay..what do you need.” He looks out at the dark ocean and the full moon.

  “Oh yeah right. Could you hack into Bashu Heights Private Hospital’s billing records? I was in a bit of a scrape today and the man who hit me..”

  Feng Chao’s handsome face turns black as he raises his voice and he tightly grips the railing, “SOME BASTARD HIT YOU? DOES MY FATHER KNOW!” The piece of shit won’t live until tomorrow!

  “Cousin..cousin calm down! I am fine.. FINE!  It was minor and my fault. He was very nice..very nice..”so handsome and nice! “Let me finish. I wasn’t paying attention and stepped off the curb as he was pulling out in his Land Rover. He slammed on his brakes and I fell down.”

  “You need to go to see Auntie Han and have her check your body for any injuries!”

  “I went to the hospital. That is why I am calling. The man paid for my hospital bill and left. It wasn’t until I was with Kang Xue..you remember her my friend you said had big boobs and a smoking hot body”

  Kang Xue slaps Shen Qiqi on her arm whispering, “Shut up!” Why does this girl say whatever pops into her head! 

  Shen Qiqi smiles and has a mischievous gleam in her sparkling brown eyes. She puts her hand over the phone then whispers, “Cousin would turn red to the tip of his ears when he saw you..haha.”

   Feng Chao coughs, “Don’t remember. Continue.”

   “ I want you to hack into their billing department and find his name and personal information. I left my laptop with my files in his car.”

  “Don’t you have a back up?”

  “I want my laptop.” 


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    1. Thanks for your comment! I was wondering if my readers would like Shen Qiqi and Sun Zhi! I’m looking forward to him being chased !

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