Dr. Fu watches as Zhen Sihao throws Emmi into the back of the expensive car.


   Zhen Sihao takes a suit coat from the trunk then gets into the backseat. Raising his eyebrow at Emmi sprawled on the leather seat,  “Chen Emmi, look at yourself! Do you have any common sense?” He pulls her thin white dress down that has curled up to her underwear exposing her slender snow white thighs.He tosses the suit jacket to Emmi and it lands on her lap., “Put this on.”

   Emmi’s face turns red as she sits up and puts on the jacket. “I was going to say thank you but..” she glares at him puffing out her cheeks, “You are too much Wang Hao! You threw me in here like a ragdoll.” She can’t get her arm in the sleeve so he fixes the coat so Emmi can slip her thin arm into it.

   The driver looks in the rear view mirror, Wang Hao?

   Zhen Sihao pushes a button and the glass privacy partition separates the front and backseat. “Oh, so I should have left you there in that wet dress which leaves nothing to the imagination?” His thin lips curl up in a devilish smile, “Not that there is much to see.”

 Emmi pulls the coat tighter around her chest. “YOU..YOU..Just drop me off at my dorm.” No lunch with Lui Ling..wuuhuuu..why did I run to the restaurant. Then this arrogant man !

  Emmi’s phone rings and her eyes light up, she sounds excited as she clutches the phone, “Brother Ling?”

   Lui Ling is walking into the crowded Italian restaurant and has a worried expression on his handsome face. When he and Peng Min arrived Dr. Fu told him what happened. Liu Ling’s voice sounds concerned, “Little Em, who was the man that took you away? Dr. Fu said you told him the man is your brother, his name is Wang Hao?” He knows she is an only child.

  “Umm..he.. ” Emmi gives Zhen Sihao a sidelong look, “well, he is my Uncle’s assistant.” She laughs nervously,  “Dr. Fu must have misunderstood. I forgot I was supposed to go home after class, he sent him to pick me up.I’m sorry if I worried you Brother Ling.”

  “Okay. I have something I want to discuss with you. Stop by my office after class tomorrow.” Liu Ling wants to talk to Emmi about being more wary of men. He had the idea earlier but now after what Dr. Fu told him he is very concerned about Emmi being duped by an unscrupulous man. Dr. Fu’s description of Wang Hao made it seem doubtful that Wang Hao is Chen Yihong’s assistant. He said the man was intimidating and possessed a dangerous aura.

  “Your office..after class..sure!” Emmi hangs up and can’t contain her excitement. “YES!” No Peng Min… no Dr. Fu…just Brother Ling and me..

 “Little Idiotl! You just confirmed my assessment of you..foolish..naive!”  The little bunny has no clue..  So easily fooled by Liu Ling’s gentle facade..what a fucking joke!

 “Wang Hao, mind your own business. Forget taking me to the dorm. “Driver! Stop the car!”

  Zhen Sihao points to the soundproof divider. “Let me reiterate, Idiot!”

 When the car stops behind a small traffic jam not far from the University Emmi hurriedly opens the door then hops out. She stops and sticks her tongue out at Zhen Sihao before she runs up to the school gate. “So darn annoying!”

  Zhen Sihao’s lips curl up into a smile watching Emmi run away covered in his oversized suit coat.  Brother Ling.. Future Hubby..When the little thing calms down I am going to need to warn the stupid girl about that smug bastard Liu Ling. He is not a good match for the little rabbit. Running to the restaurant so he didn’t have to wait…this morning she wouldn’t walk three steps to hand me a bottle of water.

  Emmi takes off Zhen Sihao’s designer suit coat and shoves it into her bookbag. I don’t want any question as to why I am wearing that stinky man’s coat. If I hurry no one should notice my dress.

   Zhen Sihao puts down the divider and tells his driver, “Take me to the apartment.” Yan Jing called him, he expedited the sale and left the keys with the security office. He also purchased the adjoining apartment so Zhen Sihao wouldn’t be bothered by noisy residents.

   When Zhen Sihao arrives at the apartment building by the University and he is very satisfied. There is a security gate with a guardhouse and the grounds are well maintained. It is the newest building in the residential area closest to the University. According to Yan Jing the majority of the residents are professors and management personnel from the Sun Corporation headquarters.

   Once they pass through the gate and get the key from the security guard they drive into the Underground parking. Zhen Sihao notices there aren’t many cars and the ones parked are mid size economy models. He tells the driver, “After you bring up the luggage you can have the rest of the afternoon off.” I will need to buy a less conspicuous car.

  “Yes, CEO Zhen.”

  “Call me Wang Hao not CEO Zhen.”

   ??? The CEO is acting really weird. First, the unruly little girl..right, she called him Wang Hao. He was smiling and laughed after she ran out of the car…this ordinary apartment complex..what is he doing? If this man didn’t look and sound exactly like Zhen Sihao I would think he was a fake.

  Zhen Sihao takes the elevator to the top floor. He walks down the hallway to his apartment located at the end. When he opens the door, in the empty living room a well dressed man in his thirties is standing by the window talking on the phone. When he sees Zhen Sihao he hangs up, “Mr. Wang, I am Xavier from Ming Designs. Director Yan hired our firm this morning to decorate the apartment. He said you wanted to move in immediately so if you don’t mind the inconvenience I can complete the job today. The study is finished and the bedroom.”

  There is a knock at the door, “Delivery.”

   Xavier puts down the geometric patterned black and gray accent pillow in his hand. “That should be the dining room furniture.”

   Zhen Sihao’s driver follows the delivery men into the apartment, “Mr. Wang, your luggage.”

 “Wheel it into the bedroom then you can leave.”

 “Reschedule the rest of the decoration for tomorrow. After they bring in the furniture I need all of you to leave.”

    “As you wish.” Xavier purses his lips into a straight line, I wanted to finish today to start decorating the Fang’s new vacation villa in the mountains. Fuck! He rolls his eyes, why does this asshole have such a domineering attitude, Director Yan said he is a new salesman they recently hired. Xavier thinks about the huge budget for decorating the apartment and Director Yan’s specifications. He must be a fucking spoiled relative of the CEO’s or the Yan family. I don’t recognize him but… he is wearing a mask and hat covering his face.

   After the men set up the dining room Xavier waves his bony hand. “Voila ! Finished! ”

   Zhen Sihao is leaning on the counter in the kitchen drinking a bottle of imported Veen’s water. He is pleasantly surprised by Yan Jing’s efficiency they only discussed the apartment yesterday. The refrigerator is stocked with his preferred selection of water, juice, fresh vegetables and meat. He turns to face Xavier “Call first tomorrow.”

  “Certainly.” Xavier motions for his assistant to follow. 

  Alone in the apartment Zhen Sihao walks to the balcony and calls Yan Jing. “Jing, I’m impressed. This apartment exceeds expectations. How did you find it so quickly?”

   Yan Jing is at lunch with Han Weisheng, he puts down his chopsticks. “The building was completed six months ago and is owned by Sun Corporation. They didn’t sell several of the apartments in the building for the convenience of their executives because of the proximity to their headquarters. I called Sun Li Jie and the two apartments I got for you have never been occupied. I know your cleanliness habit..haha.” He winks at Han Weisheng across the table.

     Zhen Sihao ignores his friend’s jab.”What happened when you told Chen Yihong about the changes in the lakefront development plans?”

  Yan Jing starts laughing, “The old fart was jumping up and down like his fucking pants were on fire threatening to find another buyer. His son Chen Ji on the surface appeared unperturbed, but by the way he was clenching his fists at his side he was also angry. He calmed his father down before the problem escalated. Chen Ji is a smart man, he is able to look at the big picture. I have to say besides saving your ass after the crash, the information although spotty that Chen Emmi gave me about the plot to sabotage the merger was invaluable. It also pointed out the flaws in our security. What are you going to do about your father. Are you going to release the news you are back from your island holiday?”

  “After I meet with Zheng Tilien today everything will be in place for me to totally fuck Zhou Gao. By tomorrow he will be expecting Zhen Group to be put under investigation for insider trading. I am going to wait until he discovers his plan didn’t work. I want him to squirm when the tables are turned on him. He will be frantic to get in touch with me. I will let him sweat then meet with him on Monday. Soon not only will only Zhen Group’s stocks soar but I will also have a sizable stake in Zhou Enterprises.”

Yan Jing takes a sip of his red wine, “Do you want to give the little girl the good news about her grandfather’s cabin not being affected by the land sale?”

“Not yet.” He pictures Emmi’s face as she taunted him outside the school gate. “If Chen Emmi contacts you say you need to wait for the CEO’s approval.” I will have fun playing with the little idiot for a few days.

“What about your injuries? I know you said your they were minor but I think you should have Dr. Wu check you out.”

“Called. I am stopping by his private clinic tonight. I will contact you after my meeting.”

After he hangs up he lights a cigarette and leans on the balcony railing looking at the view. The balcony overlooks an ancient style garden and beyond the Plum Blossom trees a short distance away he can see the new Medical Research Facility at the University. Not bad.. It isn’t spectacular like my penthouse in the City or even the view from my office at the Zhen Group but..it’s not bad.

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