Italian Restaurant

   When Liu Ling’s lecture ends, Jiang Weiming tells Emmi,“I am going to review the websites you showed me and the information from Dr. Liu’s lecture today. I would like to discuss TCM with you further so I can decide about investing. I’m thinking I could test the waters by investing in a small company or even an individual who shows promise.”

   Emmi’s green eyes sparkle, maybe I could be that ‘individual’ but I don’t want to be pushy. “I think that makes sense even though I don’t know much about investments I know a little about the market for medicinal herbs.”

  Jiang Weiming can see from her reaction he has peaked Emmi’s interest which is why he framed the idea in that manner. “Well, would you want to discuss the possibilities over dinner on Saturday? I should have enough information to ask you relevant questions.”

   Emmi gathers up her notes and pen then puts them in her book bag. “Saturday? Can’t.  I have a weekend job. Hmm..Friday would work for me.”

  Pleased that his strategy is working Jiang Weiming takes out his phone “Give me your WeChat and I will contact you.”


   He wants to talk further but Emmi sees Liu Ling putting a book and some papers into his briefcase ready to leave. She interrupts him, “I want to catch up with Dr. Liu so we can talk later.”

   She brushes past Jiang Weiming then rushes down the stairs. When she reaches the second to last step a girl sticks out her foot. The girls next to the round faced girl snicker as Emmi flies forward. Emmi lets go of her purse and bookbag, they land on the hard floor with a loud thump which is magnified in the almost empty lecture hall. Liu Ling is leaving and when he hears the noise turns to see Emmi mid air. He drops his briefcase and reaches out to grab her slender waist before she falls face first from the steep stairs. He stumbles backwards with Emmi wrapped in his arms as he tries to prevent them both from falling.

  Emmi looks up at him wide eyed, “Ah..Dr. Liu..thank you.” 

  As Liu Ling helps her steady herself, in a low voice no one else can hear he teases, “Little Em, you are still as clumsy as when you were in Middle School.”

  Emmi blushes and doesn’t want to say she was tripped. She gives a sidelong look to the three girls who are staring at them with their mouths open while Liu Ling picks up her purse and bookbag.

  Emmi says in a voice loud enough for the three girls to hear, “Dr. Liu, I wanted to ask you a question about your lecture.”

  Liu Ling smiles realizing she is saying it for the girls who are watching.

  “Walk with me to my office.”

      After they are outside the building Liu Ling says, “How is your knee?”

    “It is okay. “

   “Come to my office I will change the bandage for you.”

    Emmi agrees and they walk to his office. Once inside he hands her a bottle of water then says, “Sit on the couch. I will get my medicine box.”

   She is looking around his office when a pretty young woman comes in without knocking which means she is familiar with Liu Ling. The tall and slender woman is carrying a thick folder. She is wearing a burgundy dress that Emmi recognizes from Chanel’s Autumn Collection. Her matching heels are from Christian Lauboutin. My God with her crocodile Hermes bag, her outfit is worth more than my tuition.

  Ignoring Emmi she says “Ling, my father sent the proposal over for you to review.”

  “Peng Hua, I didn’t think you were coming until later this afternoon.”

  The woman responds, “I had some time. I thought we could get lunch before your afternoon lecture.”

  “Can. Have a seat. I will be finished soon and we can go.” He sits next to Emmi on the couch and opens the medicine bag. 

    Liu Ling has a serious expression as he opens the medicinal ointment and looks at Emmi absentmindedly staring into space swinging her legs on the couch like an innocent child. As he changes the bandage he wants to warn Emmi that she shouldn’t wear such a form fitting dress to school. She is too beautiful, her innocent face coupled with her alluring body ..too seductive…brings out the beast in a man. He noticed all the boys they passed on the way to his office were staring at Emmi like hungry little wolves.  He glances up at the silly look on her face. The little girl is so naive. He has an indulgent smile on his handsome face as he shakes his head remembering her coming into the clinic on numerous occasions when he was helping his father. The same as when she used to come into dad’s clinic. Obviously, the bitch on the end of the row tripped Emmi on the stairs. Little Em should have angrily called her out. I would have had them suspended! He frowns, If I hadn’t caught the little girl she would have landed on her beautiful face. 

    Emmi keeps sneaking peeks at Liu Ling while he holds her leg. She is oblivious to the murderous glares coming from the jealous woman sitting uncomfortably on a wooden chair across the room at Liu Ling’s desk. Emmi is too happy being so close to Liu Ling. His hand feels a little rough as he touches my leg. Just the right amount of rough..  Ahh..he smells so good. What is that scent..Cedar? Sandalwood? Mixed with a hint of is intoxicating. From this angle I can see the small teardrop mole under his right eye. He should get contacts. Although the gold rimmed glasses look is he should wear glasses so no one notices how super sexy he is. His eyelashes are longer and thicker than a girl’s… I’m jealous. The shirt he is wearing..what kind of material is it? It is thin and you can see his taut muscles sitting this close. I want to touch…Would he notice if I just grazed my hand across his chest. Yes.. he would Emmi! DON”T DO IT! When he just asked me if it hurt…his voice… so gentle and an aphrodisiac..

 Peng Hua watches Liu Ling carefully changing Emmi’s bandage. Who is this little bitch? I knew it wasn’t a good idea for father to invite him to the University as a guest lecturer. Ling is so handsome I bet every girl on the campus drools when they see him. Look at this little slut, you can see the pink bubbles surrounding her when she stares at him.

  Liu Ling doesn’t know how to read the room and when he finishes he says, “Chen Emmi do you want to come to lunch with us? I want to talk to the little girl about personal safety. It is a fucking shame no one in the goddam Chen family cares about Little Emmi. Poor girl would always come into the clinic by herself or with the old Butler. If you didn’t know better you would think she was an orphan.

Peng Min: “…” 

Emmi controls her enthusiasm and calmly replies“Sure. I wanted to ask you some questions about growing Fhriya Chlrilis.”

  Liu Ling stands up, “I am going to wash my hands then we can leave. I heard there is a very good Italian restaurant not far from the University. I will need to get back for my afternoon lecture. It is in walking distance”

   Peng Hua looks at her 10cm heels and tight dress. WALK?!?

    After Liu Ling walks out of his office the small room is filled with a very tense and awkward atmosphere. The silence is broken by Peng Hua. “Miss Chen you seem rather familiar with Ling.” She was watching her speak to him informally and they seemed to have a very good rapport. Peng Hua has never seen Liu Ling treat anyone with as much patience as when Emmi coquettishly acted as the antiseptic he was applying stung her knee. Peng cringes picturing the scene of Liu Ling coaxing Emmi with a pampering tone.

  “I have known Dr. Liu since I was in Middle School. How about you?”

    Peng Hua raises an eyebrow, Hmmm..So she has probably had a crush on Ling since she was a kid. She wants to intimidate Emmi. She takes out a mirror and checks her makeup then answers, “Ling’er and I went to University together. Now he heads the R&D department at my company.” Actually it is my father’s company and I don’t work there. Today my father needed these papers delivered and I volunteered thinking I could spend time with Ling … you just fucking ruined my plan… YOU LITTLE BITCH!

   ??? Ling’er…Ling’er?

    Liu Ling comes into his office with another man, “Let’s go. I ran into Dr. Fu and he is going to join us. Dr. Fu Han this is Peng Hua and my student Chen Emmi ”

   The group walks out the school gate and Dr. Fu excitedly points down to the right. He hasn’t eaten at the Italian restaurant in a month and is looking forward to having the House Specialty Homemade Lasagne. “The restaurant is down a side street three blocks down this direction. We should hurry, they get busy at lunch.”

   Emmi sees Peng Hua can’t walk very fast in her shoes and she says, “Dr. Fu and I can hurry to get a table. I don’t think Miss Peng can walk very fast in her heels.”

   The hungry Dr. Fu enthusiastically agrees and they hurry down the street. When they get there Emmi is gasping for air and bending over trying to catch her breath. She looks in the window but waits outside for Dr. Fu.“Go..good there are a couple tables in the back.” 

  Dr. Fu was a few steps behind her and his breathing is a little ragged, “ Chen Emmi were you..were you on the track team?”

  Emmi is still panting holding her chest, “Whellll, Dr.” She waves her hand in front of her face to cool off..Oh my God I can’t breathe.. he needs to get back for his lecture and he really wanted to eat lunch here.”

   Zhen Sihao is leaving the restaurant to go to his meeting when he notices Emmi. She is talking to a short man who looks to be about thirty years old. Her face is flushed red and her pony tail is messy with a few strands of black hair hanging loose on her cheek. The white dress she is wearing clings to her body because her skin is covered in a thin layer of sweat revealing the outline of her white bra.The thin dress stuck to her lower body really leaves little to the imagination. Behind his sunglasses his dark eyes are narrowed and reveal a dangerous light while looking at Emmi and the man. The little bunny ran all the way here because of Ling? And who is that guy with his eyes glued on her breasts? 

   Zhen Sihao’s driver is standing at the black Maybach holding the back door open waiting for Zhen Sihao. He wonders why the CEO stopped and is staring at the two people but obediently holds the door.

   Zhen Sihao impulsively takes two long strides to where Emmi is standing and grabs Emmi’s arm to drag her to his car.

Emmi looks up to see who the rude man is holding her arm. She blinks her eyes a few times as she stutters, “Wang..Wang Hao?”

   His voice is low as he growls, ”Shameless. Look at yourself.” He is still wearing the casual clothes so he doesn’t have a coat to throw over her seductive body so he blocks the man’s view with his broad back.

   Emmi’s face gets hot when she looks down to see that her white bra is showing through the dress.

  Dr. Fu is stunned by the man’s oppressive aura but bravely steps in front of them, “What are you doing! Let her go.”

Emmi quickly responds, “It’s okay Dr. Fu. He is my brother. I forgot… I need to go home.”

Dr. Fu watches as the man throws Emmi into the back of the expensive car.


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