Liu Ling’s Lecture

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! ❤ Here is an extra chapter for my loyal readers! Enjoy your day, this author loves you! XOXO ❤( I laughed soo hard at this gif hehe)

   Zhen Sihao told Butler Han to drop him off at a small restaurant not far from the University. He made arrangements with Yan Jing to send a driver to meet him there in an hour. The inconspicuous Italian restaurant is down a side street and won’t be open until noon. The restaurantv is owned by an elderly foreigner Zhen Sihao knew when he went to University.Zhen Sihao is confident that wearing the black mask and baseball cap no one will recognize him in this small college town. 

Before he gets out of the car Emmi reminds him to send her the information for the hotel he will be staying for the next couple days. “I will come and check your injuries this evening and massage your leg. Make sure the hotel doesn’t cost more than 550 yuan a night, that is what I can afford. If it is more the need to pay.”

  “..” He exits the Silver Rolls Royce then turns to Emmi, “I will be busy. You can come in the morning for the massage. I can apply the ointment myself tonight.”

   When they arrive at the University Emmi gets out of the car and walks to the driver side. “Thanks Butler Han. So you can pick us up at 3:30 to go to Bashu City?”

   “Yes, Mrs. Chen went to the Spa Resort in the mountains and she won’t be back until Saturday.”

   “We will meet you here at the front gate then. Drive safe.”

   “Miss Emmi, Mrs. Kang asked me to tell you how much she loved the handkerchiefs.”

   “I’m glad. Drive safe!”

   He watches her walk towards the school in the rear view mirror. Who is that man? He has a powerful aura, why was he staying at Miss Emmi’s studio? 

   Emmi is in a great mood as she walks down the path to the lecture hall. But her mood is shattered when she runs into her cousin Chloe. She stands in front of her blocking her path with a malicious smile on her pretty face.“Why are you so happy Emmi? Because you have avoided my father the last few days?”

 Emmi has a confused expression pretending to be surprised, “Uncle Yihong? He is looking for me?”

  “Don’t act like you don’t know! Where have you been?” 

  Emmi nonchallantly looks at her watch, “I need to get to a lecture. I don’t have time for your questions. I will call Uncle.”  She begins walking towards the Business buildings. Chloe follows her, “Your classes are the other direction are you looking for Weimeing? I’m telling you he doesn’t like you, chasing him will just embarrass you.”

  ??? How does this girl come up with such stupid ideas. Emmi continues walking looking at the unfamiliar buildings. “Cousin, I have told you numerous times I don’t want anything to do with him.”

  Jiang Weiming walks down the steps of the library and notices Emmi. He takes two steps at a time as he hurries down the stairs, as he approaches the two young women he slows his pace. He smiles showing his perfect white teeth, “Chen Emmi, I need to talk to you.”

  “…” Emmi can feel the murderous vibes coming from Chloe, she scrunches up her nose, Wow..bad timing..I don’t have time for this drama.

   “Jiang Weiming, I don’t want to be late to class.I don’t have time now.”

  “What class? I will walk you there.”

  Since she isn’t familiar with this side of campus so she agrees ignoring the hateful look in her cousin’s eyes.“Okay. I haven’t been to this lecture hall before, it is in a building adjacent to the new Medical Research Facility, Room 489.”

  Chloe is walking with them and she has a sarcastic tone, “Why are you going to a lecture about medicine.”

  “Cousin, why are you following me?” She knows it because of Jiang Weiming but she doesn’t want to explain anything.

    Chloe gives Jiang Weiming a sidelong glance “Ah..ah..we didn’t finish our conversation about Dad being unable to find you all night.”  

   Emmi laughs to herself, if I actually liked Jiang Weiming this ambiguous statement would be very embarrassing. “Well, I will call him. Anything else? If not don’t you have a music class at eleven. You will be late.”

   Chloe forgot when she saw Emmi anxious to confront her about her whereabouts the last couple days. Dammit! I can’t miss this class or I will get deducted points “I was so worried about you cousin when I saw you I completely forgot about my class. Next time you stay out all night please call home. We were all worried sick.”

  Chloe’s acting skills aren’t bad. If I didn’t know not a person in that family cares if I live or die I would believe her heartfelt words. “You should hurry.”

   Chloe has a coquettish tone, “Weiming, I gave FeiFei two tickets for the Music Competition. I hope you will come cheer me on!”

   She waits a moment for his answer but he is distracted looking at the new Medical Research Buildings. When he doesn’t answer she angrily glares at Emmi and leaves then turns around to witness them laughing. Bitch! Slut! She is like a damn fox spirit!

   Jiang Weiming and Emmi both see the building at the same time and in unison say, “There it is.” They look at each other and laugh. Jiang Weiming thinks when Emmi laughs she looks very beautiful. He has known her since they were children and most of the time she has a serious expression on her face. He ignored what Chen Chloe said because he knows she said it to make Emmi appear frivolous and he knows she wouldn’t do anything irresponsible. “Chen Emmi why are you going to a lecture on Chinese Traditional Medicine?” He heard a famous doctor would be giving a lecture today.

   Emmi thinks although Jiang Weiming is a playboy he has always treated her with respect. “Do you remember my Grandfather?”

  “Of course. He used to take my brother and I  fishing on the lake when my family would visit your house. ”

  “Well, he taught me about Chinese Medicine and I have always been interested in learning more. I have a small medicinal herb garden. I sell some of the herbs to a clinic in Huangdan. It is hobby.”

  “Did you need to reserve a seat for the lecture?”

  “No. That is why I came early. Anyone can sit in on the first lecture, then you need to register for future lectures.” Emmi smiles, “Thanks, I will be going in now.”

  “I don’t have a class until this afternoon.I will come too.” He opens the door to the building, “I noticed the demand for medicinal herbs has risen with the increasing popularity of TCM. It might be a good investment opportunity.”

  Emmi’s eyes light up. Jiang Weiming is considered a financial wizard. The number one genius in the Finance department. “You are thinking about investing?”

  As they walk down the hallway he puts his hand in his pocket twisting jade prayer beads. Yes, if I can get closer to you.  “I need to understand more about TCM and medicinal herbs before I can make an informed decision.” 

  Emmi looks at the numbers of the rooms, “Here it is..489.”

 They walk into the room and there are very few seats left. The room has an inordinate amount of female students. Jiang Weiming looks surprised as they look for two seats and Emmi notices his strange expression.  He is very tall so Emmi pulls on his arm when he leans down she softly explains, “The lecturer is very handsome. Haha.”

   The tips of his ears turn red and his body stiffens from her warm breath on his neck. Damn! She smells so fucking good! He is in a daze when a pretty girl sees him and waves, “Weiming! Sit here!” he ignores her and says to Emmi as he points to the left. “ Two seats there.”

  Emmi slides past a girl, “Excuse me.” and sits down unhappy she is so far away from the front. How early did these women get here! Jiang Weiming sits next to her glaring at the guy on the other side of Emmi who is staring at her ass. The guy recognizes Jiang Weiming who is at the moment giving him a death stare. Fuck! She is so beautiful she must be his new girlfriend.  A few moments he secretly takes a picture of Emmi and Jiang Weiming with their heads together. Emmi is showing Jiang Weiming a website that is informative about medicinal herbs and their uses. “These are the most common medicinal herbs but there are rare or hard to grow herbs that can fetch quite a bit of money.” She wants to tell him about the medicinal plaster she created but stops herself. I will wait and see if he is interested in investing first. Dammit! I wish I had taken before and after pictures of Wang Hao to demonstrate the efficacy of the compound.

   Jiang Weiming finds listening to Emmi very interesting.She sounds so enthusiastic talking about medicinal herbs,I could listen to her sweet voice all day. He never really thought about TCM very much even though his Uncle is rather well known in the field. I should get more information from Uncle Xixin and then I can invite Chen Emmi out to dinner to discuss collaboration.

  Liu Ling walks up to the podium and Emmi quietly tells Jiang Weiming, “After the lecture we can exchange contact information and I can send you some links.”

  “Sounds good.”

  Emmi puts away her phone and excitedly looks at Liu Ling. He is wearing gold rimmed glasses and is casually leaning on the podium looking at some papers in his hand. Emmi wants to take a picture but hesitates looking at Jiang Weiming ..well, next lecture I will sit closer to the front.

Liu Ling is wearing a tailored navy blue suit that accentuates his broad shoulders and trim waist. Emmi furrows her eyebrows when she hears the sighs coming from the girls in the row in front of her. They shiver from the cold air coming from the row

  Jiang Weiming thinks Emmi is here to learn more about TCM  and not because the lecturer is good looking until he sees her infatuated expression and she mutters under her breath, “Ahh..why aren’t we closer? I can’t see his beautiful face.”


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