When Emmi wakes up in the morning she yawns and stretches, why am I in the bed? She sees Wang Hao is dressed and sitting at the table looking at his laptop. Half asleep and blurry eyed she slides her legs over the edge of the bed. She brushes her hair out of her face, “Wang Hao, where did you sleep?” He points to the lounge chair, “I am going to need to deduct your wages for making me sleep on such an uncomfortable chair.” She jumps up suddenly alert with her green eyes wide open, “Hey, you could have woke me up when I fell asleep on the bed!”

  “You were snoring like a Wildebeest, I didn’t have the heart to wake you up.”

  She purses her pink lips and points her finger at him “But..but you are heartless enough to deduct my money. And I don’t snore!”

  He has an amused expression on his usually cold and indifferent face while listening to her aggrieved tone. Emmi doesn’t realize with her soft voice it is hard to take her seriously. Particularly since she is wearing fluffy bunny pajamas and has a messy appearance. She has drool at the corner of her mouth and her long black hair is  tangled, looking like a bird’s nest.

He can’t help laughing,“Haha..I’m kidding.” This girl is so funny! Zhen Sihao woke up an hour ago and fixed a cup of tea but there was nothing to eat leftover from last night’s meal. “What are we eating for breakfast?”

   “I will call Grandma Kang. Don’t forget you need to compensate her for making the extra meals.” 

  “I will include it with the money I pay you on Saturday.” He stares at the email from Yan Jing and sneers, the old man must be going crazy with nowhere to vent since I am unreachable on the ‘island’ vacationing.

   She dangles her feet over the edge of the bed as she makes the call. “Morning Grandma, I’m sorry to bother you but for several reasons I can’t come up to the house. Could you send Butler Han down with breakfast. My friend is still here so.. for two? Whatever you made this morning is fine.”

   “Of course.” It is best you don’t come. That cheap bastard Chen Yihong said when he gets a hold of you he is going to skin you alive. 

   “Thank you Grandma! I can come down the path to meet him. Please tell him to call when he is leaving.”

  After she hangs up she asks Zhen Sihao,  “Do you need to use the bathroom? I am going to take a shower.”


  “Butler Han will bring breakfast then.”


  Emmi takes a capped sleeved winter white dress embroidered with scattered blue butterflies she finished last week into the bathroom. I need to be extra pretty today for Brother Ling’s lecture. I could probably still sell this dress for 50% off if I wear it today. 

  When she comes out of the bathroom Zhen Sihao glances up from his work. Damn.. the little girl  is really beautiful.  He inhales the same intoxicating orange blossom fragrance as last night as she walks by him. “Chen Emmi, you should change your perfume.”

  “What? I don’t wear perfume..you mean my lotion?” It is really expensive! I bought it in Bashu City because I thought Brother Ling would like it.

  “If that is what that irritating smell is. Yes.”

  Emmi has a serious expression, “I like it.” Maybe men don’t. “Wang Hao, I have an important lecture attend today are you saying I don’t smell good!” 

   She looks like a cute little hamster with her cheeks puffed out.You smell too good, I can hardly restrain myself from getting closer to inhale more of the alluring scent. Important lecture? Future Hubby? Zhen Sihao’s eyes narrow and he shamelessly tells Emmi “You should wash off the lotion.”

  Emmi frowns looking at her watch, Butler Han will be here soon with breakfast then I need to leave. “Well, I will stop by my dorm room before class. Breakfast will be here soon and I need to leave. Thank you Wang Hao for being honest with me. Maybe the lotion’s fragrance is a little too sweet.”

   “Well, I feel after these past few days that we have a friendly relationship, so it is only right for me to be honest with you.” Definitely too sweet.

   Emmi’s phone rings, “Okay Butler Han, I will be right out.” She slips on her tennis shoes, and takes the clean empty containers to give back.“Breakfast is here.”

   Zhen Sihao has a smug expression on his face as she hurries out the door. She is much too young to get involved with a Professor. I am protecting her from an old cow who wants to eat tender grass.

   When she comes back she sets the insulation containers on the counter and grabs a custard bun, “Wang Hao. If there is anything call me. I will try to return your call immediately. “Can you hand me the handkerchiefs by you? I want to give them to Butler Han for Grandma Kang.”

   He picks up the beautifully embroidered handkerchiefs tied with a blue silk ribbon. He runs his finger across the embroidered flowers admiring her workmanship. These are for the cook? It looks like she put quite a bot of time and effort into sewing these handkerchiefs. He snaps out of his daze, “What time will you be back?”

  “I am going to Bashu City again after school with friends to do a livestream. My friend has to be back by seven so..umm probably about seven thirty. I will ask Butler Han to bring you dinner.”

  “No need. Do you have an extra key?”

  Emmi panics, ” You want to going out? But..” I don’t want anyone to see Wang Hao at the main house and he would need to go through the gate. “You can’t go out Wang Hao!”

   ??? “Chen Emmi, I have an important appointment.”

  “What time?”

  “Two thirty.”

   Hmmm.. Emmi raises her voice, “Wang Hao don’t you remember me telling you I have a tenuous relationship with the main house?! No one can see you, it would cause me a lot of problems and the main gate is the only way to leave the grounds!”

  “This seems to be a problem that needs to be solved. If you want the extra 2000 yuan I need to attend this meeting with my Supervisor.”

  “Can’t you do a Zoom meeting?”


  . “Well, all we can do is you leave with me now. Hurry up and eat and change. I will go tell Butler Han to come back in an hour. You can hide in the back seat. Since you are practically healed I will deduct the money for two days and since I am changing our arrangement I will pay for a hotel until Saturday. I really can’t take a chance that my Uncle or cousin finds out I have had a man staying in the cabin.”

  “Do you have a mask and a cap I can wear?” He planned on having his shadow guard pick him up and bring them. Z is his invisible guard no one is aware of his existence because of his uncanny ability to disguise himself.



   Zhen Sihao has no choice, he needs to personally meet with the woman or scrap his plans.  He has no intention of allowing the evidence to fall into his father’s hands. It will come in handy when the time comes to expose Zhao Gao. I will find somewhere to remain unnoticed until two thirty.

  Emmi comes back inside, “Butler Han will be back. Let’s eat.” She can’t hide her annoyance as she stomps over to him. “Wang Hao, why didn’t you tell me this last night?”

  “My Supervisor called me this morning while you were sleeping. I didn’t think it would be a problem.”

  Emmi puts the dishes on the table and sighs, “Well this should work. I was going to go to the library before Brother Ling’s lecture but I can go tomorrow.”

  Zhen Sihao sits at the table and furrows his eyebrows, “You call your Professor in such a familiar manner?” The man must be ‘Future Hubby’

   Emmi’s eyes sparkle and she has a big smile lighting up her beautiful face, “I have known Brother Ling forever. He is my grandfather’s friend Dr. Liu’s son.” She doesn’t want to reveal he is the man she likes. Emmi takes her chopsticks and picks up a piece of a scallion pancake. 

  Zhen tightens his grip on his chopsticks looking at Emmi’s infatuated expression , Liu Ling. When did he get back to China? “Liu Ling is teaching at University?”

   Emmi perks up, “Do you know him?”

   “No. I saw him being interviewed on television.”

   “Oh.” Yeah… how would Wang Hao know someone as impressive as Brother Ling. Emmi finishes her glass of soy milk as she stands up, “He is a guest lecturer. Hurry up and eat.” Emmi carries her empty plate to the sink.”You need to be ready when Butler Han gets back here.”




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  1. It seems that there is a smell of a long-standing confrontation. Are Zhen Zibao and Liu Ling old rivals? And now they have another reason to measure their strength

    1. No but they know each other though. Spoiler-Liu Ling thinks of Emmi like a little sister. There will be misunderstandings. He really is ‘Mr. Perfect’ which annoys Li Tian. Haha

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