Making Plans

   Zhen Sihao has a complicated expression while watching Emmi examine his thigh. Occupying the spot of the number one Golden Bachelor in Bashu City most women look at him with undisguised lust in their eyes, coveting his flawless good looks and his wealth. He can’t think of an instance where a woman looked at him with an indifferent expression like Chen Emmi does. Even when she called him handsome there was nothing in her clear and unblinking eyes that said she had any desire towards him. What if she knew I am Zhen Sihao? I wonder if her expression would change?

  Emmi can feel his intense gaze focused on her face, “Wang Hao why are you staring at me?”

  “I was wondering how much longer this is going to take. I need to use the bathroom.”

 “Not long. I don’t think it needs to be bandaged. I will clean the area and apply some medicine then massage your leg. Are you still having any pain?”

  “No. My leg still feels slightly weak but I can get around comfortably without the cane.”

  She begins to knead his legs, “I think massaging your leg two times a day will be beneficial to strengthening the muscles that were cut. When you go to your regular doctor you should have them recommend one to you. You can find some Massage Therapists that aren’t too expensive.”

  Wang Hao doesn’t like anyone touching his body but thinks Emmi seems to be the exception. Maybe because she doesn’t seem to have a hidden agenda.  “How much would you charge?”

  “Me? I don’t have time. I have classes.” He is too moody and his temper flares for no reason.

  ??? You just got a weekend job at Weisheng’s hotel! “You were bragging that you are good at time management.”

  “That isn’t the point.” She had a strange shiver go down her spine when he was staring at her a few moments ago. Emmi straightforwardly asks, “Do you want to chase me Wang Hao?”  Emmi continues to massage his injured leg then looks up at him with a cold expression. “I will be honest I have someone I like.You don’t have a chance.” 

  He coughs, “Little girl you certainly are full of yourself! I like a woman who is well.. A little more… umm..developed.”

  Emmi glares at him then increases the strength as she pounds his legs, “WANG HAO!”

  He chuckles when she gets angry, “ I am comfortable with your level of care. I don’t have time to try out various Massage Therapists to see if they are to my liking. I will have a very busy schedule when I go back to work on Monday.”

  “Didn’t you say you aren’t from this area?”

  Zhen Sihao effortlessly lies, “I’m not.. but since I am working on a project with Zhen Group I will be here for a few months. Since I was able to convince Zhen Sihao to use our company my Boss was impressed and found me an apartment by the University.”

  “By the University? Not in Bashu City?”

  “Well this apartment is close to the subsidiary where my office will be located.” He looks at her fluttering her eyelashes while tapping her chin with her slender white finger. Zhen Sihao’s eyes have a mischievous gleam, this seems to be the little miser’s habit when she is thinking about money

   “Wang Hao, I thought you didn’t have any money and I don’t think an at home unlicensed Massage Therapist would be covered by your insurance.”

  “Well if you weren’t rude to me on the phone today then turned off your phone I was going to tell you the good news. Once Zhen Sihao committed to the cooperation I received a large bonus. I was going to share my good news and tell you I would give you an additional 2000 yuan on top of the 8000. But.. you turned off your phone.”

  Emmi eyes sparkle and she can’t contain her excitement, 2000 yuan bonus. I wonder if he will still give it to me. Why was I so impatient..2000 yuan! She has a sweet smile as she looks up at him with a pitiful look in her green eyes, “Are you still going to give the extra money to me?”

  He wants to burst out laughing at her turn around, “I will give you the 2000 yuan if you say you will take the job as my masseuse. To be honest, too many women want to climb into my bed, I need someone who isn’t interested in me. So I will feel comfortable.”

  Emmi does remember how squeamish he was when she first brought him into the house and wanted to examine his leg. She looks at his handsome face and well built physique, I bet a lot of women do want to be with him. Wang Hao has both good looks and a good job. But his personality is bad..he is arrogant and has a terrible temper. Petulant like a small child. Intrigied by the possibility of earning extra cash she wants to commit but needs to think about it. “Since you explained your situation I will consider it. What would you pay me? Hmm… You are close..walking distance from the University?”

  “I would need to check the going rate for a Masseuse. And yes the apartment is within walking distance from the campus.” I need to call Jing and have him find me a suitable apartment by Saturday.

  “So like an hour in the morning before you go to work and an hour in the evening?”


 “What is the address? I will figure out how long it would take me to ride my bike there and back.”

  “…”  Zhen Sihao is starting to get a headache from all her questions.I don’t have the fucking apartment yet! “I don’t have the address. I was informed today by my Supervisor and the apartment won’t be ready until Saturday. I can give you the information tomorrow.”

 “When you have the pay rate, times and location of the apartment we can discuss. I can’t give you a definitive answer until I have the full details.”

  ??? ‘A definitive answer‘? This isn’t a multi million dollar deal..haha..she is really cute. “Okay.He stands up to go to the bathroom, “So I will need to stay here until Saturday, you can charge me for the additional ointment.”

   Greedily rubbing her hands together she has an impish smile.  Wang Hao must have got a fat bonus! I wonder how much he got? Well, I can’t ask that would be rude. Yeah!! Close to campus and short hours sounds great! But, I need to act reticent so he doesn’t lower the pay thinking I am desperate for money.

    Emmi takes her long white down coat out of the closet and a red scarf bundling up to go outside. She wants to call YaoYao and find out if her Uncle went to the dorm. When she reaches in the pocket of her coat she feels a lollipop, oh right… BingBing gave it to me last week after tge exam. She unwraps the lollipop and puts it in her mouth, ohh.. strawberry flavored.

  When Zhen Sihao comes out of the bathroom he sees Emmi is by the door in her pajamas and a big coat. He walks over, “Where are you going?”

  She turns around and takes the lollipop out of her mouth and waves it, “To the deck.I need to make a call.”

  “Don’t be long, it is too cold outside. He raises his eyebrow, “and give me the lollipop.” She starts giggling at his serious tone, “No!” He reaches to take it from her hand and she quickly puts the pink lollipop in her mouth as she runs out the door.

   He laughs as the red door closes behind Emmi, Childish! He shakes his head,What a strange girl.. 

    Outside Emmi sits on a lounge chair looking out at the lake while she calls YaoYao. “Hey, did my Uncle come to the dorm?”

    ‘Yeah, I tried to call you earlier but your phone was turned off. Then I had my rehearsal for the upcoming Piano Competition.I just got back and was going to call you.”

   “What did he say?” Emmi sucks on the sweet lollipop.”Did you say I was at a study group?”

   “Emmi, you were right to have a plan. Your Uncle’s face was bright red and he was fuming. He demanded to know where you were. I was flustered and if we didn’t rehearse what I should say I don’t know what I would have blurted out.”

  “Sorry YaoYao to put you in that position. Hey, to make it up to you I found a super cute cafe in Bashu City. Do you want to go there after school tomorrow? My treat! The desserts are awesome and there is the cutest little milk bun! He is absolutely adorable!”

  “What time? I have practice at seven o’clock.”

   “I thought about four or so. I am going to livestream from the harbor and the cafe. I will arrange for a car so we don’t have to take the bus.”

  Yao takes a corn chip from a bag before she puts it into her mouth she replies,“I could go then. Who is the little cutie?”

 “His mother owns the cafe. I just met them but I really got a good feeling when we were talking. Their business is slow and I thought if I showcased their delicious desserts and quaint cafe maybe they would get more customers.”

  “Okay. I will see you tomorrow.”

   Emmi hangs up and pulls the coat tighter putting the lounge chair in the reclining position to be more comfortable. Brrr..the nights are starting to get colder. She points her camera at the stars in the sky then takes a picture.Remembering the photo she took at the Harbor she uploads the beautiful picture to her Weibo with the caption, Beautiful sunset at Bashu Harbor today. She also posts a photo of the piece of chocolate cake and laughs when she notices Lu JunJie’s chubby white hand reaching for a fork in the background. She types Found an awesome cafe with delicious desserts! Going to livestream a little tomorrow at five o’clock!

   When she finishes she closes her eyes with the lollipop still in her mouth and clutching her phone. Emmi has had a long day and soon drifts off to sleep.

   Zhen Sihao closes his laptop and looks at his watch. Chen Emmi is going to catch a cold if she stays out there much longer. He decides to go to the deck and tell her to come inside. The little girl lacks common sense. The only time she seems competent is when she is discussing medicine or money.

He doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he sees Emmi laying on the lounge chair wrapped up like a cocoon with only her fluffy head sticking out. Zhen Sihao removes the sticky lollipop from her mouth and puts her phone in his pocket. Bending down he picks Emmi up to carry her into the studio. Little fool!

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