Emmi Returns To Cabin

  When Emmi unlocks the door to her Art Studio Zhen Sihao looks up from his meal and sets down the chopsticks in his hand. She limps into the room and meets his fiery  gaze. Emmi ignores his irritated expression and sets her purse down on a white wicker chair. “That’s good Butler Han delivered your dinner.” She slowly walks over and pulls out a chair at the table. “Did anyone else come to the door?” 

  He takes a sip of water then uses his chopsticks to pick up a piece of chicken. When he finishes chewing and swallows the fragrant meat his voice is tinged with annoyance. He raises his eyebrow, “Shouldn’t your first question be how am I feeling?”

  Emmi is in an excellent mood after spending time with her crush. She thinks about the 8000 yuan that Zhen Sihao will be paying her on Saturday and doesn’t want to jeopardize losing even one yuan. The thought of being deducted even the slightest amount of money bothers her. She reluctantly softens her tone and apologizes,“Wang Hao, I’m sorry if I seemed insensitive. You need to realize I had a lot going on this afternoon. As soon as you finish eating it looks as though I can remove some of the medicinal plaster that is beginning to flake. Once I clean up the area, the itchiness should subside and I can give you a bowl of medicine to relieve any discomfort.” 

  Zhen Sihao continues eating without speaking, he was famished and thinks the Chen’s cook’s food is satisfying. It seems the cook was instructed to make light dishes suitable for someone who is ill. Well, at least the little thing showed some consideration. According to Yan Jing her Uncle is pressuring her for the deed to this cabin and surrounding land. She probably was frustrated being unable to resolve the problem. I can see she’s very attached to this cabin so I will forgive her insolence. “How did your interview go?”

   Emmi walks over to the counter covered with the containers of food Butler Han delivered. Hungry because all she had this afternoon was desserts,she puts some chicken with noodles on a plate. Looking at one of the empty container she frowns, I wish he hadn’t eaten all the seafood porridge, it is my favorite. When she returns to the little table she decides to ask again, “Wang Hao, I do need to know if anyone stopped by before I got home.”

  “Yes. Someone was banging on the door but I didn’t answer it.”

  “Did you see what they looked like?”

  “Two people. One was dressed in black, he looked like a bodyguard ,the other was a short gray haired middle-aged man. It was your Uncle Yihong and his bodyguard.He looked very angry, his eyes were bulging out of his head and he was spitting while cursing you. Haha..

  Emmi bites the end of her chopstick, Sounds like Uncle Yihong. Well if Uncle came by the cabin once he’s not going to come back again tonight. I will call him in the morning. I need to call YaoYao. She eats some noodles  wondering if Director Yan had a chance to look at the documents she gave him earlier. The sooner I get this problem settled I can breathe easier. No way am I giving up this cabin. I don’t care what I have to do!

  Zhen Sihao watches several emotions flash across her face, what is she thinking? “Did you take care of your business in Bashu City?”

  Emmi is deep in thought, “Huh?  Oh yeah. I got a weekend job as a server at Ming’s Restaurant.” She wipes her mouth with a napkin. “I start this Saturday.”

  What I want to know is about visiting my company! Wait! Isn’t that the upscale restaurant in Han’s new hotel I invested in last year. I heard it is a popular hotspot. He looks at Emmi’s pure and innocent appearance, she isn’t suited to be a server there. “How can you work and go to University?”

  Emmi takes a sip of water, “The job is only on the weekends. Not a problem. I’m very good at time management.” She gets up from the table, “I’m going to take a shower while you finish eating then I will change your bandage and check your face.”

  Zhen Sihao watches her slender back as Emmi walks towards the cupboard and takes out a fresh white towel. I need to talk to Weisheng, the little rabbit isn’t suited to be a server, too many men will try to take advantage. The little girl is too naive!

   Emmi stands in the shower. I wish I could take a bath at the main house, I’m not supposed to get my knee wet. She wraps her knee in the thick towel, this should protect it, then turns on the water to a light spray. She pictures Liu Ling taking care of her at the clinic.  Ahh..Soo handsome..gentle..handsome. 

  Zhen Sihao is standing by the white wicker chair when Emmi’s phone rings in her purse. Without any qualms he pulls out her phone, who is Future Hubby? He swipes and sees the WeChat message. [Remember don’t get your knee wet. Come by my office at the University tomorrow I will change the bandage for you.] 

  ??? He narrows his eyes looking at the bathroom door listening to Emmi happily singing a love song in the shower. He smirks as he presses delete then tosses her phone back into her black leather purse. A Professor? Doesn’t he have any morals? Shameless! Messing around with a student! Was he with her in Bashu City? I heard her talking to a man after she fell.

  Emmi puts on her pink bunny pajamas and matching slippers and comes out of the bathroom rubbing her wet and tangled long black hair with the white towel. Zhen Sihao stands frozen mesmerized by the innocent looking but seductive girl not far from him. The faint scent of orange blossoms surrounding her body and her beautiful face flushed red from the shower is stimulating his senses. He quickly turns away as his Adam’s apple rolls, the tips of his ears are red and his heart is thumping. What the hell Sihao! She is a fucking little girl! He rationalizes his body’s reaction to Emmi’s appearance. It must be too long since I have had a woman. I will need to call Yvette this weekend. He continues walking over to his laptop to finish his proposal.

   After Emmi blow dries her hair she puts it up into a high ponytail, then gets the medicine kit out. Grabbing a couple towels from the cupboard she calls over to him as she pulls out a chair, “I’m ready.” 

   Zhen Sihao after concentrating on the spreadsheet has calmed down. He exits the program and closes the laptop then slowly walks over without using the cane. Emmi notices his improvement, “It is getting easier for you to walk?”


  Once he is seated Emmi begins to use a cloth to gently clean his face. He tightens his grip on the chair as her warm soft fingers touch his cheek. Inhaling her sweet scent and the feeling on her tender hands his mind is full of crazy thoughts.  Think about the details of the negotiation and forget about the girl. He considers the pros and cons of future cooperation with the Lu Family.

  Emmi quietly removes the medicinal plaster on his face. When she is done she holds his face in her small hands examining where he had the wounds turning his face from side to side. She is satisfied with the effects of the medicinal plaster she made. I could market this! I should discuss it with Brother Ling, get some suggestions! Good reason to go to his office!

Zhen Sihao’s face has only a trace of pink where the metal shards had been embedded. The injuries are healed and only faint discoloration is left. He feels a thin layer of sweat on his forehead as she leans her face closer. She suddenly lets go. “Let me get you a hand mirror so you can see your face. I think the medicinal plaster worked better than I anticipated. The slight discoloration might last another week or so but if you are uncomfortable you could wear a light foundation.”

  ??? Wear makeup? Never!

 Emmi hands him the mirror and stands back with her hands on her hips. Zhen Sihao wants to laugh, she looks ridiculous, like a giant pink fluffy rabbit. He studies his face in the mirror and his dark eyes widen in surprise, “You made this medicinal plaster yourself?”  Staring into the mirror he touches his skin. Not even a full week.. The results are incredible!

  Emmi has a big smile while gazing at him with an expectant expression. Praise me! Praise me! “Well it was my grandfather’s formula I just tweaked it a little.” Holding out her hand she has a bottle of liquid makeup. Before he can resist she dabs a little on the faint pink marks,”This way when you go back to work you won’t feel uncomfortable.”

  I am a straight man! Wearing makeup makes me uncomfortable! 

  She smiles and her eyes sparkle appreciating his facial features. “I didn’t realize how handsome you are Wang Hao! You do have the face to be a top salesman!”

 Black lines form on his forehead and the air surrounding them drops to freezing. When Zhen Sihao heard the first part he was feeling smug but the second sentence??? “What do you mean?”

  Emmi shivers, it is really drafty in here all of a sudden. “Well, it is a known fact that companies hire salesmen for their looks, number one.” She has a confident smile and wants to prove her point, “They probably hand all the women clients to you, am I right?”

Zhen Sihao wants to know what Emmi’s brain circuit looks like. This little idiot’s reasoning is not scientific! I hire people for their capabilities who cares what they look like!

  “Let’s look at your leg. If it is healed you could probably leave tomorrow. You paid until Saturday but instead of a discount..Hmm..I will send some special ointment for you to apply on your face in the morning and at night.” She scrunches up her nose calculating, “Oh…and you can have this expensive bottle of liquid makeup. It isn’t my color, my roommate YaoYao gave it to me.”


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