Lu Ying Yue

   Emmi can tell that Ying Yue seems conflicted about the idea, “ Don’t you think it would be worth a try? “

  “I don’t want to bother you… I’m sure business will pick up eventually.”

  “I think it would be fun, it’s no bother at all. I was planning on coming tomorrow anyway to model my latest design using a harbor as a backdrop. That is why I am here today to scout a location because I am not very familiar with Bashu City. I usually do my live stream in my art studio but occasionally I like to take it up a notch filming in different interesting places.”

 JunJie has been listening and he knows his mother’s personality. She doesn’t like to accept help from anyone. “Mom, listen to the beautiful sister. When I was at Fatty Mo’s house his aunt was watching a guy eating corn dogs at an amusement park.” He taps his white pudgy fingers on the table trying to think, “ And it would be free advertising”

 Ying Yue: “…”

  Emmi: “…”

 Oblivious to the strange expressions his mother and Emmi have on their faces he continues, “ I heard Auntie say watching him eat made her hungry. I could eat chocolate cake.”

  Emmi starts giggling recalling how he looked with his face smeared with chocolate. I think the little milk bun just wants an excuse to eat cake… haha

  Ying Yue’s face turns red, “Thank you Chen Emmi but I don’t want to impose on you”

  Emmi can see Ying Yue is a proud woman and is rejecting her idea because she doesn’t want to accept charity. “I know we just met Ying Yue but I would be happy to do it. Coming to your shop and filming would add some fun to my livestream and attract viewers. Emmi winks at JunJie, “So we would be helping each other.”



  Ying Yue wrinkles her eyebrows together, my savings will probably be exhausted in another two months if the cafe doesn’t have any customers. She glances over at her son who is staring at her with a pleading look, “I will trouble you then.”

  Emmi smiles brightly and her blue eyes are sparkling, “Awesome! Tomorrow I have classes until three o’clock, would around five work for you?”

  “Anytime would be fine.”

 “Can I add you to WeChat?”

 “Let me go get my phone.”

 When Ying Yue leaves the table Emmi raises her hand, “Fighting!” JunJie raises his chubby white hand and slaps it against Emmi’s palm.

  Emmi finishes her coffee and looks at her watch. Wang Hao must be getting hungry. A single dog like him should be able to make noodles right? Emmi scrunches up her nose feeling a little guilty that she turned off her phone,Well..he is paying me..hmmm..Emmi looks out the window, I want to walk around the harbor for awhile though. She turns on her phone when the call connects she says, “Grandma,could you prepare a few light dishes and pack them for me? I have a friend at my studio who is visiting and is sick.”

  The old woman continues wiping the granite counter and answers, “Of course Miss. I was preparing dinner now.”

 “Thank you so much. If Butler Han could bring it to my studio I will let my friend know. I am still in Bashu City and won’t be home until later. He can leave it at the door and knock, my friend might be contagious.”

  “Miss…” The old woman nervously looks around to make sure no one is around. “ Did you do something to aggravate your Uncle? He sent someone to the University to bring you home. He was storming around the house waving some papers in his hand cursing you.”

  Emmi gulps, he must want me to sign over the deed to the fishing cabin. She plays with her straw, “Okay. Thank you for letting me know.” 

  “En. I will tell Han.”


  After the old woman hangs up she shakes her head, poor girl with no backing it can’t be easy to live in this house. She is afraid to get too involved all she can do is warn Emmi.

  JunJie notices Emmi’s sudden change, she has a serious expression on her face after hanging up the phone, “Beautiful Sister is there something wrong?”

  Emmi sets the phone on the table and shakes her head, “ sweetie. My friend reminded me of some homework I need to finish. Haha..who likes homework!”

  Ying Yue comes back to the table and the two women exchange WeChat. Afterwards Emmi stands up to leave, she smiles as she puts her phone into her purse. She rubs JunJie’s fluffy hair, “Well, I will see you two tomorrow then!”

  Ying Yue and JunJie walk Emmi to the door of the cafe. Ying Yue points down the street,“Emmi the bus stop is located a half a block down by Wang’s Noodle Shop.”

  “Thanks!” She walks out the door quickly taking out her phone deciding she should get back to the art studio as soon as possible. Zhen Sihao is drafting a proposal for the new Entertainment company Zhen Group acquired when his phone rings. He sees the caller is Emmi, Hmmph! Now the little thing develops a conscience! “What?”

  “Wang Hao if anyone comes to the door DO NOT! I REPEAT! DO NOT ANSWER THE DOOR!”

  What is with Chen Emmi? She sounds in a panic,“Why?”

  “Don’t ask why! Just don’t answer the damn door!” Oh that’s right Uncle Han will bring his dinner.. Well… actually look through the peephole and only answer when Butler Han knocks. I asked him to bring you dinner. I won’t be home until later.”

  “Where are you? My face itches and the bandage on my leg needs to be changed.” He complains, “You have been gone all day.”

  Emmi is in a bad mood after hearing that her Uncle went to school to find her. Luckily YaoYao won’t say she isn’t staying at the dorm the last few days.”Stop whining like a three year old!”

Zhen Sihao’s veins bulge out on his head and he squeezes the phone until his knuckles are white. “Repeat what you just said!” Emmi ignores him while looking around while she is walking towards the bus stop and trips stumbling onto the ground. “Oww!” The phone flies out of her hand onto the sidewalk. After she retrieves it she bends down and rubs leg.

   When he hears her scream in pain he inexplicably is worried. He forgets he was angry at Emmi a moment ago and in a concerned tone asks,“What just happened?”

  “Nothing.. Anyway.. listen I told you this morning I would be gone all day. I had important matters to take care of in Bashu City. It is really none of your business.”

  Emmi brushes the dirt off her hands and limps towards the bench. A young boy with orange hair and a nose ring is sitting on the bench and quickly walks over to help Emmi, “Are you okay?” He was watching her since she left Ying Yue’s Cafe.

  Zhen Sihao can hear a man’s voice, “Who is that?”

 Emmi says thank you to the boy and sits on the bench, “Wang Hao I can’t talk. I’m in pain. Don’t answer the door.” Emmi hangs up the phone.

 Zhen Sihao angrily stares at the black screen then calls her back to find out what her situation is but she doesn’t answer. Damn girl! Where does she get the guts! He walks with the cane slowly pacing around the room unable to concentrate on his proposal. I have never met such an insufferable woman! Says what she wants…  Insults me..doesn’t answer my questions..then doesn’t even bother to answer her fucking phone!

  The boy sitting next to Emmi shyly peeks at her bloody knee. “Do you want me to get a bandage from the convenience store?”

  “No. It will be fine.” She takes a tissue from her purse and wipes the blood off her knee then tosses it into the trash “Do you know what time the bus comes?”

   He looks at his Limited Edition Retro Rolex watch, “Fifteen minutes.” I should thank Uncle Lu for taking away my car. I wouldn’t have met such a beautiful goddess!

   “Thanks.” Trying to get her mind off worrying about the sale of the fishing cabin she looks out at the horizon, the sun going down over the water is spectacular. She snaps a picture. “Ah really beautiful.”

   She decides to stand up and take a selfie, but two people are walking by on the sidewalk and she needs to wait. Suddenly she hears a familiar deep voice, “Little Chen Emmi, is that you?”

   Emmi meets Liu Ling’s gaze then sees the beautiful woman walking with him. Who is she? Emmi’s heart starts racing and her beautiful green eyes sparkle when she looks at her male god, “Brother Ling!”

   “Are you going home?”

   “Yeah, I am waiting for the bus then I am going to take a taxi from town.”

   “I can take you back. I am going to the University.”

   The woman with him stiffens and her manicured red nails dig into her palm, I don’t want this light bulb tagging along!

   Emmi doesn’t hesitate, “I will trouble you then!”

   “Chen Emmi this is my colleague, Dr. Gail Horton.”

   Emmi reaches out her hand. “Pleasure to meet you” while smiling brightly exposing her two dimples and her white teeth. The boy on the bench stares at Emmi, his Adam’s apple rolls mesmerized by her cat like green eyes and beautiful face. He secretly takes her picture then posts it on his Weibo, “I found my goddess!”

  Dr. Horton has a faint smile and in a soft coquettish voice asks, “Liu Ling didn’t you want to try the Japanese restaurant before you go back to the office?”

  “It is getting late and I have to prepare for my first lecture tomorrow. We can go another day.”


 “My car is parked half a block down the street.”

  Emmi stands up and winces in pain. Liu Ling notices, “What happened? Can you walk?”

 “I wasn’t watching and tripped. I can walk.”

 “Sit down let me look.”

  She watches his handsome face as he bends down and lifts the hem of her dress to look at her knee. He looks up without being aware of her infatuated expression, “We can stop by my father’s clinic and I will disinfect and bandage your knee before I take you home. Dr. Horton, I will drop you off at your hotel first.” He doesn’t hesitate and picks Emmi up into his arms then laughs, “Little Emmi you are still too thin.”

 Emmi: “…”

 Dr. Horton: “…”

  Boy on the bench: Lucky Bastard! 

   Emmi’s cheeks are tinged with pink as Lui Ling holds her princess style. Oh My God! Oh My God! I can’t believe this! She wants to pinch herself to make sure she isn’t dreaming. I’m so lucky! She shyly peeks up at him..Brother Ling is sooo strong and handsome!

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