Empty Cafe

This extra chapter is for my friend Elena. I hope you enjoy it! ❤

   Emmi stops at a small cafe by the waterfront when the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts out the door. When she walks into the quaint cafe she is surprised there are no customers at this time of day. As the door opens a bell sounds and a cute young boy in denim overalls with a bear on the front scurries over and pulls on her skirt. He greets her with a big smile, “Beautiful sister try our special.” When a young woman wiping her hands on her apron sees the scene she hurriedly comes around the corner of the counter. Quickly scooping the adorable little boy up into her slender arms, she softly apologizes, “Sorry Miss.”

    The cute little boy’s chubby cheeks are red as he resists. He tries to struggle down from her embrace but she tightens her hold, he has an indignant tone,“Mom! I’m a big boy! You can’t hold me like this!”

    Emmi laughs looking at his chubby white calves exposed as his dark blue overalls ride up his legs, My God the little milk bun is adorable! I want to pinch those tender looking cheeks! “No worries! What is your name Big Guy?”

    When she calls him ‘Big Guy’ his beautiful round dark eyes light up. Puffing out his chest he sounds serious, “My name is Lu JunJie. You can call me Jun. Do you want to try my mom’s delicious chocolate cake? On special today. Beautiful Sister, what’s your name?”

   The pretty girl holding him blushes as she tousles his shiny black hair, “Miss, don’t mind him.”

   Emmi’s blue eyes crinkle into a crescent moon shape, “My name is Chen Emmi, you can call me Emmi.”

   The milk bun pulls on the young woman’s sleeve, “Mom!” When she doesn’t say anything he says, “This stubborn woman is my mother Lu Ying Yue.”

   Emmi: “…” I want to steal this child! Haha..

   The pretty girl holding him blushes, “Miss, don’t mind him.”

   “I am happy to meet you.”  She really wants to pat his fluffy head but restrains herself. “You know chocolate cake is my favorite, sounds great! and I will have a..” She looks at the beautifully handwritten menu on a chalkboard, “ a large Cafe Americano.” Emmi walks over to a seat by the window admiring the beautiful view of the harbor. Why isn’t this place filled with people? The interior is really cute. The view from the window is awesome.Maybe the desserts aren’t good. She sympatheticly glances over at the thin young woman who is putting the little boy on a chair by the counter. Emmi can overhear Ying Yue whispering in a gentle voice reminding him to stay at his little table and color. 

   Emmi can feel the little boy’s eyes on her and she smiles. His mother is very pretty, I wonder what his father looks like? He must be extremely handsome.

   When the coffee is ready the young woman brings it over and the little boy shuffles behind like a duckling carrying the piece of chocolate cake.

   “Looks delicious. Thank you.”

   The little boy stands in place waiting for Emmi to take a bite. JunJie wants to see the good looking sister smile again after she tastes his mother’s delicious cake. Ying Yue bends down to pick him up but this time he moves his short legs towards the table out of her reach. He climbs up onto the seat across from Emmi then props his chin on his short arms watching Emmi.

  Exasperated from her son’s unusual behavior Ying Yue raises her voice slightly, “Lu JunJie!”

  Emmi wants to burst out laughing this kid is really too cute. “Lu Ying Yue I really like kids. If you don’t mind your son can sit with me.” She notices him staring greedily at the chocolate cake. Any minute it looks like the little milk bun will begin drooling. “Is it okay for me to JunJie a piece of cake and a glass of milk?”

Jun Jie’s face lights up, I knew this Beautiful Sister was awesome when I first saw her come in the door! Ying Yue never lets him eat her cakes because she is worried about his teeth. JunJie only knows they are delicious because he sneaks a piece now and again. He thinks about it, Also that will be one more sale. Gazes at his mother with a pitiful expression he shakes his head, The silly woman has no business sense.

  Ying Yue hesitates then agrees, “Alright but you don’t have to buy it.”

  “Please I want to.” Emmi hands Ying Yue her credit card. “I will take two pieces of the chocolate cake to go also.” YaoYao loves chocolate cake. When I go back to the dorm I will give it to her.

 Emmi takes a sip of the steaming hot coffee, oh the coffee is so smooth and tasty. I really want to know why I am the only customer, should I ask? No that would be very rude.

   JunJie points his chubby white finger at the cake, “Sister Emmi you don’t need to be polite… eat.” He wants to see her smile after she takes a bite. I know if people would come into the cafe they would really like the cake mom makes. He wrinkles up his little button nose, Why doesn’t the silly woman get any customers?

  Emmi takes a bite of the cake, this cake is better than any of the desserts I had at Zhen Group! “Little cutie, your mother’s cake is yummy!”

  Ying Yue walks over with JunJie’s cake and milk. Emmi can’t hide her enthusiasm. She sounds excited, “Lu Ying Yue this is the best chocolate cake I have ever eaten!”

   When Ying Yue hears her sincere compliment she smiles brightly, “Thank you.”

  Emmi wants to take another bite but she puts her fork down then continues, “It is so light and not greasy, heavenly!”

  JunJie smiles up at his mother exposing his two cute dimples, “I told you Mom! Your cake is the best!”

   Emmi points to the seat next to her thinking maybe she can help Ying Yue’s business. Although her livestream revolves around fashion occasionally she streams when she goes to an interesting place. “Lu Ying Yue if you aren’t busy can you sit with me for a minute.”

   “…” Both Ying Yue and JunJie have a blank expression, Busy? You are the only customer.

   Ying Yue sits down and Emmi doesn’t beat around the bush. “Lu Ying Yue the cake is delicious and the coffee is just right.” She looks around, “Do you mind if I ask why you don’t have any customers?”

   Ying Yue twists her blue flowered apron under the table, Can I tell her a stupid tyrant is blocking me? Haha..no. “I haven’t been open long, so it is a bit slow this time of day.”

  Emmi sighs, “Oh that explains it so you are busier earlier in the day.”

  JunJie blinks his eyes and his long black eyelashes flutter as waves his fork with a piece of chocolate cake on it, “Mom..Sister Emmi is only our..” He looks at his chubby fingers counting in his head, “Three.. She is the third customer.” He sets down his fork and bends his fingers down. “ It was the Grandpa, the pretty boy with the pink shirt and well Sister Emmi.””

  Ying Yue’s face turns bright red as she glares at her son, usually he says two words why is he so talkative today!

   Emmi can see her embarrassment, yup it is true kids say whatever comes into their heads. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to butt into your business.”

   Ying Yue isn’t good at concealing her emotions and it has been extremely hard since she walked away from the Lu Family bwjen she was pregnant. She tries her best to suppress the urge to cry and her expression remains calm, “I haven’t advertised and there is a popular coffee shop down the next block.”

   Emmi can tell from the sadness in her eyes she is hiding something but she respects Ying Yue’s privacy, “Oh that explains it.”

  JunJie eats another bite of cake, I didn’t know there was a popular shop taking their business, “Mom, why didn’t you tell me. I could stand outside and pass out flyers.” When they were walking to the cafe a man handed his mom a flyer for a buffet restaurant.

  Ying Yue doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You are too young to pass out flyers.”

  JunJie hates it when she says he is a little boy. He puffs out his cheeks and slams his little paw on the wooden table which barely makes a sound, “I am not too young! I am the man of the house!” He doesn’t know his father, it has always been him and Ying Yue.

  Emmi watches the mother and son and her heart aches for them. Ying Yue seems to be only a little older than me and she is a single mother. What kind of bastard leaves such a pretty girl and cute little boy?

  In a luxurious office in the heart of the city young CEO Lu sneezes then says, “Continue with your report.”

   Emmi decides to tell Ying Yue her idea, “Lu Ying Yue..”

  She is interrupted by Ying Yue, “Please call me Ying Yue.” She has a beautiful smile and her dark brown eyes sparkle, “You are the first person to compliment my chocolate cake.” This girl seems very genuine and sweet.

  “Ying Yue then and you must call me Emmi. I have an idea to increase your business I don’t know if you want to try it.”

  JunJie has a mouthful of milk and quickly swallows it, “Yes we want to try it!”

  Emmi can’t hold it in any longer and she giggles, the little dumpling has a milk moustache and chocolate icing on the corner of his lips. She reaches over with her napkin and wipes his mouth. The tips of his ears turn red watching Emmi lean so close. Jun Jie can smell the light flowery scent coming from her which is different from his mom who smells like vanilla. He sits there like a wooden block until she finishes while glancing over at his mother.

  After Emmi puts down the napkin she says, “I go to University and am in the fashion design department. I do a livestream demonstrating sewing techniques and sell the clothes I design for extra income. Sometimes I stream for fun when I encounter something interesting. I don’t have a huge following but I do have quite a few loyal followers. What do you think about doing a livestream in your shop? It would possibly increase your business. What do you think? I could come back tomorrow, maybe film you in the kitchen. I could bring my roommates to try your cakes and coffee..what do you think?”

 A thin layer of mist covers Ying Yue’s beautiful brown eyes and her hands under the table are trembling while gazing at Emmi’s sincere expression, I just met Chen Emmi and she wants to help me? Would it work? Could that bastard surnamed Lu continue to block me?

  The handsome and extremely domineering man surnamed Lu is leaning back on the couch in his office studying some documents. He sneezes twice then looks towards his assistant and growls, “Turn on the fucking heater I’m catching a goddamn cold!”


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