Yan Jing’s Office

     Yan Jing glances across his office at Emmi swinging her legs on the couch while happily eating the cakes. He chuckles as he texts Zhen Sihao [Believe me. You want to see this.]


    Zhen Sihao reluctantly switches on the monitoring system. He leans forward looking at the screen, what the hell? Emmi is sitting on the couch drinking tea sneaking peeks at Yan Jing. He has an amused expression while looking at her relaxed appearance eating the desserts,  What a Little Glutton..haha.. He texts back [ What is Chen Emmi doing in your office?]

   [You know the girl?] Yan Jing is curious as to their connection.

  [Acquainted. She is Yi’s cousin.Why is she in your office?] He doesn’t want to say he is staying at her art studio.

  [I don’t know. She said she had an appointment with you.]

???  She said she was going to the Zhen Group. It was to see me?

   [Find out what she wants.] 

  Yan Jing saunters over to the couch. “Sorry to keep you waiting. ”

  Emmi waves her hand holding a half eaten macaroon, “No worries! The desserts are delicious!” She picks up the cup of tea and inhales the unique aroma which reminds her of her mother, “Is this Da Hong Pao?” Emmi sips the tea, “It brings back memories.”

    Zhen Sihao listens as she continues talking to Yan Jing. “Drink your tea before it gets cold.”

He feels inexplicably wronged while listening to her soft voice and seeing her considerate action of pouring Yan Jing a cup of tea. Look at that sincere smile on her little face! When did I get such preferential treatment? And I’m paying you!

   He sends a text. [ Stop drinking the goddamn tea and find out why she is looking for me.]

  Yan Jing drinks his tea as he looks at his phone, “ So what brings you to see the CEO.”

  Emmi sets down the teacup and her expression turns serious. “Director Yan I told you it is a sensitive issue. I can only discuss with the CEO.”

  “Well the CEO is on holiday with his girlfriend and won’t return until the end of next week.”

  “WHAT?” He is so old, he has a girlfriend? I saw his wife at the banquet. I thought Uncle Yihong was scheduled to meet with him on Friday about the land. Emmi nervously clutches her dress, “We..Well.. what about business while he is gone?”

   “I am in charge until he returns.”

   “So if there is a contract to sign , you…you can do it?”

   Zhen Sihao watches Emmi, what contract is the little thing worried about?

 “I am the Director so yes.”

     Emmi’s face pales, “Are you able to make important decisions?”


     Emmi nibbles on a piece of strawberry cake wondering if she should confide in him.

    Zhen Sihao can tell by her changing expressions Emmi is conflicted whether she should tell Yan Jing. He texts again [Tell her you will help her with whatever problem she has.] He looks around the small art studio, she did rescue me. I owe her a favor.

   “Miss Chen I am good friends with your cousin Chen Yi. If I can help you I will.”

   “You know Cousin Yi?” I am not close to him, but I won’t tell Director Yan.

  “Yes we went to University together with Yi.”


  “The CEO and I.”

   Emmi almost spits out her tea, “The CEO went back to school? He is so old.  I mean that’s good …a middle aged man returning..” Yan Jing interrupts Emmi.” The CEO is only a year older than me.” Yan Jing starts laughing uncontrollably and looks at the camera in the corner picturing Zhen Sihao’s reaction. 

  Emmi stares at Yan Jing and thinks about Zhen Sihao not realizing the man she met was his father. She taps her slender finger on the teacup and furrows her eyebrows,  “Maybe the CEO should stop smoking. He didn’t look very well. Smoking does cause premature aging.”

    ??? Zhen Sihao’s handsome face turns black, I am much better looking than fucking Yan Jing! What does she mean OLD MAN! He recalls Emmi calling him that at the art studio.  Wait she doesn’t know me or she would have recognized me already. He quickly texts, [Ask her when she met me.]

   Yan Jing coughs, “When did you meet the CEO?”

   Emmi sips her tea, she shudders at the memory, “Ahh..long story. Anyway,  I have some information for you. I’m not sure if what I overheard will be helpful but I think someone wants to harm your company. I was hoping in exchange for the  information you would help me with my problem.”

  Yan Jing raises an eyebrow, the little girl wants to negotiate? Interesting. “Well, I need to hear both what you overheard and what your problem is before I can make any sort of decision.”

   “Okay.” She points to the last dessert, “Did you want..” He shakes his head no, “For you. I don’t eat sweets.” Emmi picks up the chocolate covered strawberry then bites it. The strawberry juice runs down her chin and she continues, “Well whether you help me with my problem or not since you are a friend of Cousin Yi’s I feel compelled to tell you.” Yan Jing is distracted, unable to take his eyes off her chin stained with the strawberry juice. He takes a napkin gently wiping her chin.

Zhen Sihao watches him carefully wipe Emmi’s face. [What are you doing! Don’t touch her! She is Yi’s cousin!]

Yan Jing ignores the notification he is curious about what Emmi will say. “Go on.

Emmi thinks about the desserts and tea, “I don’t like the CEO but you seem like a nice guy.”

    Zhen Sihao is staring at the computer, I will straighten her out when she comes back. The man she met was NOT ME! Old Man? Wait until I reveal my identity to the little brat! Yan Jing a nice guy? Stupid little fool! You really are naive!

   Yan Jing crosses his long legs and casually asks, “What did you hear?” I don’t think it won’t be anything substantial but I want to give the little girl face.

   Emmi wipes her sticky hands with a napkin while she recounts the conversation she overheard in the restroom. She is looking at her chocolate covered hands while she is talking and not paying attention to the angry expression on Yan Jing’s handsome face. When she finishes describing the conversation between the two scheming women he almost crushes the teacup in his hand. He suppresses his anger and calmly stands up, “Miss Chen, thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. I would appreciate you not mentioning this sensitive information to anyone else. I will need to follow up immediately, if you leave your request I will speak to the CEO to solve your problem.”

  She stands up and bows deeply, “Thank you Director Yan! I have the details in my purse.” She reaches into her black bag and hands him a large yellow envelope. “My phone number is at the top of the first page.”

  Yan Jing hands her his business card, “I will contact you tomorrow. He walks her out to the elevator, “Miss Chen, thank you.”

   He hurries back into his office and calls Zhen Sihao, “Did you hear our conversation?” 

    Zhen Sihao is still very irritated after observing their friendly interaction. He turned off the monitoring site after she called him an old man. He takes a bite of an apple. “No, what other nonsense was the little girl spouting?”

   “Your father is up to some dirty tricks! Chen Emmi overheard two women in the restroom discussing the sabotage.”

   He takes another bite of the juicy apple. “What the hell are you talking about?’

   “Zhao Gao has a mole in Zhen Group who plans on sabotaging the merger. Another part of the despicable plan is to screw with the numbers to make it look like we are involved in insider trading.”

   “How did you uncover this plot? We need to make sure they don’t succeed. Friday we finalize the deal.”

  Yan Jing raises his voice, “Weren’t you listening I just told you! Chen Emmi overheard the two women in the ladies room. I assume they will implement their plan tomorrow.”

   “…”  They were discussing this in the restroom? Maybe they wanted Chen Emmi to hear..but no that doesn’t make sense. I will grill the little girl when she gets back. The offices are closed so the soonest they could act is tomorrow morning.

   Yan James continues, “I have the women’s first names anyway.. The one named CiCi works in marketing the other one works in accounting. The woman who works in accounting named Lana sounded timid but greedy according to Miss Chen. The woman in marketing is Wang Boquin’s mistress so she must know the details.”

   Zhen Sihao throws the half eaten apple into the trash.“I don’t want my father to know we have discovered the mole. So we should let Wang Boquin’s bitch alone and monitor her movements. The other woman was timid but greedy you say? She will give up the information under pressure.”

Emmi is in the elevator when her phone rings. She fishes it out of her purse and the smile leaves her face, What does he want? She answers as she walks into the lobby, “Need something?”

Zhen Sihao replies, ” Why aren’t you back yet? I’m hungry.”

She wants to wander around the harbor before she goes back to the art studio. She has a mischievous smile as she lies, “I have one more important errand while I am in Bashu City. If you are hungry there are instant noodles in the cupboard.”

“I don’t eat instant noodles.”

“Well, I will be back in two hours.” Emmi hangs up, Eat or don’t eat! What do I care! I never come to Bashu City and I am going to enjoy myself. Pfft! So annoying! Emmi turns off her phone then happily looks toward the bustling scene by the harbor.

??? She hung up on me! Unbelievable! He dials her number again and blue veins pop out on his forehead listening to the recording, “The person you called is unavailable please leave a message at the tone.”

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  1. Hurray! I’ve been waiting for this chapter! I really wanted to see Zhen Sihao’s reaction when he saw her in his office. I wonder how long her misunderstanding about the real CEO of Zhen Group will last.

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