Zhen Group Part 2

   The woman has a malicious smile as she pushes CiCi. “Bitch!” CiCi is wearing 10cm heels and is unable to stabilize herself, she stumbles falling backwards landing on Emmi.

  “…” Emmi braced herself for the imminent collision, she has watched enough dog blood dramas to know where this confrontation was going. When CiCi lands on her she catches her so she doesn’t roll onto the floor.

  Flustered CiCi looks up at Emmi who is smiling sweetly with a look of concern, “Are you alright?”

 CiCi quickly gets off of Emmi’s lap and straightens her tight dress. She knows any further entanglement with Wang Boquin’s fiancee will cause her more problems. CiCi glares at her but doesn’t say anything. Just wait you bitch until Bo leaves your fat ass. I can’t wait to see the ugly look on that smug face of yours! She pulls Lana’s hand leading her towards the door of the restroom.“Come on Lana. Let’s go.” 

   Emmi looks at her watch conflicted as to whether she should follow them for more information or go find Zhen Sihao. I probably should just find the old fart. But I could use the information for leverage and the more I know..damn!  She hurries out the door looking to see if the two women have left the building and collides with Yan Jing. “Oww..”She rubs her sore nose after she hits his broad chest. Looking up she blushes, My God! He is the handsome man from the elevator at the hotel. She bows and apologizes, “Sorry.”

  He lifts her chin to look at her nose,   “Are you alright?” 

  “Yes..Yes.. haha..” Emmi’s heart is racing from his fingers on her chin. “I’m fine.”

  He lets go of her chin, “Are you a friend of Han Shi’s? What are you doing at the Zhen Group?”

  Emmi has a confused expression, “Han Shi? Yes…well he is a schoolmate of mine.” How does this handsome Uncle know Han Shi?

   “I see. What are you doing at the Zhen Group?”

  “Ah. I have an appointment.”

  Several secretaries pass by them and stare at Director Yan wondering who the beautiful young girl is standing with him. It is a rare occurrence to see him showing such a genuine smile. Emmi feels the women’s intense gazes on the two of them and thinks this man must be popular with his charm and good looks.

  He ignores the women and says, “Who is your appointment with? I will take you there.”

  “No need. No need. I can find my way.”

  Yan Jing thinks Emmi is cute and wants to tease her a little, “Well I see you don’t have a visitor’s badge. You won’t be able to enter the elevator without one.”

  Emmi’s crystal blue eyes widen and she bites her lower lip.“Really?”

  No, but I am having fun. “ I will take you to the reception desk to get one.” Obviously the girl doesn’t have an appointment. I wonder who she is here to see? The online fashion department maybe? She is furtively glancing around like a nervous little rabbit.

  “I can’t bother you! I will go myself.”

  “No bother, Han Shi is my good friend’s nephew. I should take care of his friend.” He starts walking to the front desk, Emmi reluctantly follows him moving very slowly. Handsome guy don’t you have work to do! Why are you bothering with a small chicken like me! Emmi feels a thin layer of sweat forming on her forehead. Dammit! It will be humiliating to be rejected! Should I be honest? No, he will kick me right out of the building!

  Yan Jing turns around, “Coming?” He chuckles as he sees Emmi hurrying towards the elevator. I was right she doesn’t have an appointment. I wonder where she is going?

    Emmi sees the elevator door open not far away and quickly runs for it. She sticks her slender arm in the door and smiles at the several people inside the elevator. “Just made it.” She looks at her watch, “My goodness I don’t want to miss my interview.”

  Emmi assumes the CEO’s office must be on the top floor. She notices an amiable looking young man next to her so she asks him, “This building has so many floors! Can you go to the rooftop? I bet the view of the harbor is amazing!” He looks up from his phone and notices how beautiful the girl speaking to him is then answers, “No. The only access is from my cous..the CEO’s floor below it.”

  “Oh..The CEO. Too bad. I’m new to the city and wanted to see the view from there.” Wow that was easier that I thought it would be.

  “ There is a rooftop restaurant on Harbor Way where you can see the harbor and the new Amusement Park.”


  “Which department are you in?”

  “Oh, I am here for an interview in the online fashion department.”

  He takes out his business card, “I am in R&D if you need anything you can contact me. Good luck.” He gets off the elevator and realizes he didn’t ask her name. Fuck! I will go to the design department after my meeting and find her. She is the most beautiful girl I have seen since I started working for my cousin.

   Emmi smiles watching him get off the elevator, What a cute guy. Too bad I am not here for an interview..haha. She puts his business card in her purse as the last person gets off the elevator on the 20th floor. Emmi pushes 25. Okay, don’t be nervous. Think about Grandfather and the cabin. When the elevator door opens she takes a deep breath and walks down the hallway. A pretty woman looks up from her computer when she hears Emmi approaching. What is she doing on this floor? The secretary has a harsh tone, May I help you?

  “I have an appointment with CEO Zhen.”

  “ Leave or I will call security.”

  “ Check his appointments. I am his four thirty appointment, Chen Emmi.”

   Ridiculous! What a little liar. The CEO has been on his private island for a week.  “I do all of the CEO’s scheduling and I know you do not have an appointment.” She picks up the phone next to a pile of documents, “I will give you one more chance to leave before I call security.”

   Yan Jing’s office is located down the opposite hallway from Zhen Sihao’s. When he gets off the elevator he can hear Secretary Woo. He walks over, “Secretary Woo is there a problem?”

  Emmi’s face turns bright red and she lowers her head, unable to make eye contact. Wuuhuuu it’s the handsome guy! Well I have come this far I can’t run away now. She lifts her head and smiles brightly, her eyes are sparking and two cute dimples are exposed. “Hello.”

  Secretary Woo has a smug expression she expects the Director to call security. He hates it when random women try to get close to him or the CEO.

   Yan Jing heard the conversation between the two women. He has a faint smile,“This is a surprise.”

  “Well yes it is. Are you here to see the CEO also?”

  “…” What is this girl up to? Why did she come here looking for Sihao. She is extremely beautiful but so fucking young. He lifts his eyebrow, No way..he wouldn’t.

  Emmi notices several different emotions flashing across Yan Jing’s face. Does he think? Ewww! Ewww! She pictures the old man’s face at the banquet, cold and fierce. Emmi shivers at the thought. She composes herself, “I have some sensitive  information that I can only share with CEO Zhen.”

  “Come to my office.”

  “Ah, I need to speak to CEO Zhen personally.”

  “If you want to see CEO Zhen you will need to come with me.”


  Yan Jing leads Emmi down the hallway to his office. When he opens the door Emmi gasps. The decor is the standard straight man choice of black and gray. But, the black leather couch has colorful pillows and there are several vibrant abstract paintings on the walls. Looking out the floor to ceiling windows Emmi’s mouth drops open. She exclaims, “Wow. What a view!”

   Yan Jing notices Emmi’s infatuated look and smiles at her naive appearance. “Have a seat.” He picks up the phone, “Send up some tea and desserts.”

   Emmi remains standing, “This is a private matter I can’t discuss with anyone other than Zhen Sihao.”

  Yan Jing leans back in his office chair and crosses his long legs. He taps a pen on his desk, “How do you know the CEO?”


  “I can’t help you unless you are honest with me. Since you are Little Shi’s friend I will do my best to help you.”

  Emmi looks around, the handsome guy must have an important position to have this office on the same floor as the Old Man. “Do you mind if I ask you a couple questions first?”

  “Don’t mind.”

  “Since you are on the same floor as the Old Man..I mean Zhen Sihao. What is your job?”

   Old Man hahaha..This little girl is too funny.

 Yan Jing has a mischievous smile, “Excuse me I need to make a call then we can continue.” His secretary Gu Chao comes in with the snacks. Yan Jing looks up from his phone,“ Miss Chen have some tea and cake. I won’t be long.”

  He is laughing as he texts Zhen Sihao. [Look at the camera in my office. Make sure you turn on audio.]

Zhen Sihao is looking at the stock market when he gets the text. [I’m busy.]

  Yan Jing glances across the room at Emmi swinging her legs on the couch while happily eating the cakes.[Believe me.You will want to see this.]








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  1. Yan James notices Emmi’s infatuated look and smiles at her naive appearance. “Have a seat.”
    I think there’s a typo in the name

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