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    Emmi says goodbye to Han Shi then sits on a nearby bench to change her shoes. Once she has the comfortable tennis shoes on her feet she puts the heels into her large black purse. She takes a moment to look around at the lively city center where most of the large corporations in Bashu City have their offices. Emmi feels a little out of her element gazing at the crowded sidewalk  flooded with stylish looking men dressed in business suits accompanied by confident looking women. I need to muster up my confidence before I meet with that old devil, Zhen Sihao. It is very important I make him understand I will not give up the deed. Emmi mutters to herself, “There is absolutely no way, Zhen Sihao! You will need to find a way to build around the fishing cabin.She clenches her small hands at her side, I need to be strong! Emmi just because he made you cry in high school you are not the same wimp!  Don’t be afraid of the old fart…  face him like an equal opponent. He can’t make you give up the deed! If you can convince him to change his plans then you don’t have to deal with Uncle Yihong. After her pep talk Emmi quickens her pace weaving her way through the crowd in the direction of the Zhen Group Headquarters. 

   While Emmi is marching towards his company unaware the man she met at the banquet was his father not him, Zhen Sihao has finished applying the medicine on his itchy face. Several patches of the medicinal plaster has fallen off his cheek, the gashes have completely healed and he notices there is no scarring, the area is only slightly pink. He is very surprised Emmi’s medicinal herbs work so well he assumed when he went back to the city he would need to see a dermatologist. Now if my leg would get better, I’m tired of using this fuckng cane.He limps over to the table and looks at the laptop waiting for a reply from Director Yan. When he doesn’t see an email he searches the news to see if there’s any push back from his father after he acquired the subsidiaries Zhou Gao was planning to absorb. He has a sinister half smile while surfing Weibo , let’s see how the sly old fox tries to spin this situation to placate his Board of Directors.The old man isn’t one to take defeat lying down.I need to recuperate completely before I show up  my company.

 Emmi stands in front of the Zhen Group looking up at the impressive sky scraper. The entire time she was walking over she kept trying to build up her confidence to deal with meeting Zhen Sihao. It’s been four years since the incident and it is still fresh in her mind. He humiliated her when she approached him at the  banquet.  Emmi shivers then laughs, in retrospect I was naive to believe he would give me a chance but I never expected the old fart to be so unbelievably cruel in front of  everyone. Seriously, for God’s sakes I was in high school.. haha.. couldn’t he have just cut me some slack. Emmi shivers and shakes her head recalling the awkward scene at the Chen Group banquet. Well, no matter what I’m not going to take no for an answer today, this is much too important and I’m not the little girl I was the last time I faced Zhen Sihao. I will not let him bully me.If he doesn’t  listen to reason the worst case scenario I refuse to turn over the deed to Uncle Yihong. I will use the money I’ve saved from my live stream and hire a lawyer.If Uncle Yihong kicks me out of the family I will just live in Grandpa’s fishing cabin until I graduate University.

       Emmi  decides to use the restroom to change into her heels and freshen up before she attempts to locate Zhen Sihao’s office. I know if I ask the woman at the reception she will check to see if I have an appointment. Well, when I come put of the restroom I will follow anyone getting into the elevator and sneak up to the highest floor. Yeah..most likely that is where the CEO’s office is located.

She enters the spacious restroom and notices a comfortable looking couch in a separate area. Emmi smiles and casually nods at a woman who looks up from washing her hands as she walks by.When she sits on the couch to change her shoes,directly in front of her are two women dressed in business attire looking in the full length mirror applying lipstick. They glance in her direction and then continue talking ignoring her presence. 

    “Are you sure about that CiCi?” 

    “Positive. You don’t think I’m the type of person to put all my eggs in one basket to you? “

    “If what you are saying is true it will affect the whole company. I don’t want to have to find another job.”

     The woman named CiCi takes a brush out of her purse and begins to fix her short brown hair. “Well, Lana if you help me I can guarantee your position as an executive secretary to the Vice President of the Zhao Group.The position pays ten times what you make in the accountanting department.”

  Lana is shocked and stammers ,  “I.. I don’t have the qualifications to be an executive secretary. I’m not even a manager, I do the tedious work no one else wants to do.”

   CiCi has a slight smile, which is exactly why I think you will get the information I need . If I can convince Lana, I will make $2,000,000 USD and destroy that cocky son of a bitch ,Zhen Sihao. She puts her hands on Lana’s narrow shoulders and stares into her eyes . “ If you help me you won’t regret it, believe me.” She whispers in her ear, “Aren’t you getting married soon? There’s a signing bonus of $ 25,000 USD.”

   Lana’s eyes widen, tempted by the money , “Are you sure that’s all you need me to do? Nothing else?”  It would be easy enough for me to access that information why would CiCi offer me so much.. better job… money?  Those three companies haven’t  made a significant profit as long as I have worked here.Why are they important to Zhou Group?

   Emmi is intrigued, it looks like the woman named CiCi  is up to no good. I wonder what her plan is? If I can find out maybe I could use the information as leverage when I talk to the old devil.  Not that I want to help him out in any way but…  Emmi yawns then leans back on the couch closing her eyes so she can inconspicuously listen to their conversation

    CiCi continues, “Didn’t you say your future in-laws look down on you because you  have a low-level job? Don’t you want to see the look on their faces when you tell them you are the executive secretary of the Vice President of Zhou Group?” 

   Lana smirks, picturing her in-laws ugly faces when she tells him of her promotion. “So all I need to do is put the flash drive in my computer and download the information. That’s it? Then I can sign a contract with Zhou Group?”

   “Well, to avoid suspicion you will need to wait to turn in your resignation. You need to continue to do your job for at least two weeks. Don’t get me wrong no one will be able to pinpoint who  leaked for the information. I’m not going to tell her when she initiates the program a virus infect the entire network. But, it would be best to remain until the company is in chaos and you will be just one of many employees who choose to quit or are laid off.”

  “Two weeks?  What guarantee do I have that you will fulfill your end of the bargain?”

  “ Lana, how long have we been friends? Of course you can trust me. you must realize what I’m saying makes sense.When you give me the flash drive to show my good faith I will advance you the signing bonus.”  I picked the right person, Lana really isn’t very bright.That money is a drop in the bucket compared to the two million  I will receive and I don’t have to get my hands dirty. Even if the plan is discovered there is no way to trace the corrupted files back to me.

  Lana’s eyes light up at the mention of the money, “ You will give me the entire 25,000?”

  Emmi wants to laugh out loud listening to the two scheming women . This scene is right out of a TV drama.The one named CiCi, she doesn’t sound trustworthy at all. Obviously, she has no loyalty to Zhen Group, why would that stupid girl Lana think she will follow through on her promises? She is the one doing something illegal, CiCi is just going to reap the benefits. Not to mention hahaha I am sitting here and they are both oblivious I can hear every word. 

  Two stylishly dressed women are laughing as they enter the restroom. CiCi suddenly grabs onto Lana’s arm, “You still have some time on your lunch break, let’s go to the coffee shop next door and talk about your wedding.”

    CiCi recognizes one of the women as Wang Boquin’s fiancee, she wants to avoid a confrontation but the women stands in her way. The woman has a malicious smile as she pushes CiCi. “Bitch!” CiCi is wearing 10cm heels and is unable to stabilize herself, she stumbles falling backwards landing on Emmi.




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