Han Shi

    Emmi enters the large kitchen fascinated watching the chefs preparing food. All the delicious aromas wafting through the kitchen cause her stomach to grumble. She swallows her saliva, yum… it really smells good in here, I bet the food’s delicious. Looking around the bustling kitchen she thinks maybe she was too impulsive and should have waited out front for the owner. While she is considering walking back out the swinging door a short plump woman wearing a red apron approaches her.The woman places the bowl she’s holding down on a counter,with a pleasant voice she asks Emmi,”Can I help you? We aren’t open for another half hour.”

  “I’m sorry, I probably should have waited out front.” She smiles brightly,  “My name is Chen Emmi,  I am here about the weekend server position. I spoke to Mr. Huang on the phone earlier.”

   “Oh yes, my husband told me you were coming.” My goodness! This girl is very beautiful and her dress looks expensive.She looks like a family’s Young Miss I wonder why she wants to be a server? “He is busy in the restaurant speaking to some people about a photoshoot.Come over here and have a seat, he shouldn’t be too long.” She points to the opposite side of the kitchen where there’s a large grill and stove.“I need to finish preparing today’s special but if you need me I will be over by that stove.

     After the woman walks away Emmi is intrigued watching the flurry of activity in the kitchen. A tall young man wearing black slacks and a white shirt comes rushing through the swinging door.He has a sheepish grin on his boyish face as he walks over and opens the stainless steel cabinet by the table where Emmi is sitting. Taking out a black apron he calls across the kitchen,“Sorry I’m late Auntie Huang.” He notices Emmi sitting there quietly and wonders who she could be. But because he is late he hurries over to do some prep work for the dining room.

    Emmi patiently waits while observing the people preparing for lunch. Mrs.Huang glances at Emmi wondering what could be taking her husband so long, the restaurant opens in ten minutes. Seeing how quiet and obedient Emmi is sitting at the table and the fact that her husband’s  brother recommended the girl she decides to hire Emmi on the spot. She hands her a piece of paper. “Come to work Saturday at four o’clock to train. Write down your information,name an. phone number. I will have my husband call you to give you more details.”

    Emmi has a quizzical expression on her face. Does this mean I’m hired? It looks like it…  strange… I didn’t have to go through an interview. She seems very flustered so I don’t want to bother her by asking any questions. I will just come in on Saturday if there’s a problem  I’m sure Mr. Huang will call me. She politely smiles as she hands the piece of paper to Mrs. Huang, “Thank you… then I will be here on Saturday.”

     “Okay.” She points to the back of the kitchen,” You can go out the back door to the hallway and you will see an elevator. Use that entrance when you come on Saturday.”

     Emmi leaves the kitchen then looks at her watch, I think I will get some lunch then go by the Zhen Group to see that old fart Zhen Sahao. There is no way I’m giving up the deed to grandfather’s fishing cabin.The elevator opens and she enters thinking about where she should have lunch, it isn’t often she gets to come to Bashu City. When the door to the elevator opens she hears someone calling her name. Glancing around she sees a very good looking boy wearing a hotel uniform waving at her, “Chen Emmi! Wait!”

    Emmi recognizes him from the Accounting class she took last semester so she stops.

   “What are you doing at my Unc..”  he quickly catches himself. She doesn’t seem to like capitalists. “At this hotel?”

    “I was applying for a job as a server at Ming’s Restaurant. Han Shi, you work here?

    “Yes.”  He is being punished for crashing his new Porsche, his Uncle makes him work at the hotel three days a week.

   She is a little worried about him.It is the middle of the day, shouldn’t he be at school? Maybe his family is poor and he needs the money. 

    He notices her sympathetic look and scratches his head, “I accumulated a bit of debt, so I work a few shifts at the hotel.”

   “Oh..Did you borrow money to pay your tuition? I know how that is, if you work hard you will be able to pay it off.  It’s good you’re going to school, that is the only way to secure your future.”

   “…” Han Shi notices his Uncle and his friend Yan Jing coming out of the elevator, he quickly pulls Emmi behind a pillar. He doesn’t want to be discovered, afraid his Uncle will come over and she will become suspicious of his identity.Placing his finger on his mouth, he whispers,”Shhh.”

  Emmi looks over to see the three distinguished-looking people who had been in the elevator then at the restaurant. They must be big shots for Han Shi to be hiding. He probably doesn’t want to lose his job for talking while he’s working.So she stays behind the pillar until the three exit the hotel.

  Once the three people leave Han Shi breathes a sigh of relief.  “Ha ha..sorry that was the owner of the hotel.”

   “Oh..” That explains the powerful aura I could feel in the elevator from those two men. “Well you should get back to work I don’t want to get you in trouble.Maybe I will see you again when I begin working at the restaurant.” Emmi starts to walk away. Han -Shi wants to take this opportunity to spend some time with Emmi so he blurts out, “I get off in five minutes for lunch. Do you want to get something to eat with me? I know a place that has delicious barbecue skewers.” He overheard her telling her friend in class how much she likes spicy BBQ.

   Emmi’s eyes light up at the mention of  barbecue, “All right but it’ll be my treat.” She could tell how nervous he was about possibly losing his job he must really need the money. “ I want to celebrate getting a job.” I have extra money from picking up the laptop for the arrogant man.

   “I do work for the man who owns the restaurant so don’t worry about it, he said the next time I come in I should bring a friend. The meal will be on the house.” I will just give him my credit card when she isn’t looking. I can’t have her pay


  “Yes. Wait over on the couch to the left by the large mirror. I will be done in five minutes and we can leave.”

  Han Shi excitedly takes several long strides across the lobby to the front desk and talks to a woman who is looking at the computer. Listening to his request she frowns looking over at the beautiful young girl sitting on the couch then replies, “ CEO Han explicitly told me you need to work a full shift.”

  He responds, “I will be back. I just want to go to lunch. Don’t employees get an hour break for lunch?”

  The desk clerk takes off her glasses and rubs her eyes, “You just got here twenty minutes ago, you were supposed to be here at 8 a.m.”

  Han Shi is very charming, especially when he wants to persuade someone. He leans over the desk with a serious expression,  “ I will make sure to tell my uncle how much I am learning from you Miss Wang. Tomorrow I will be here 8 a.m. sharp.” Then he gives her his signature smile guaranteed to melt any woman’s heart as he pleads,   “Please…”

   The middle aged woman looks at the handsome boy staring at her with an exoectant gaze and shakes her head, “ “Fine but be back in an hour.”

    He hurries to the employee’s changing room and puts on the long sleeved shirt he wore to work. After he changes  Han Shi rushes over to Emmi, “Let’s go.”

    Outside of the hotel Han Weisheng and Yan Jing walk to his car. Yan Jing says, “Wasn’t the girl with your nephew the same one who was in the elevator with us earlier?” Han Weisheng saw his nephew duck behind the pillar but decided not to embarrass him in front of the girl.  “Seems to be.” 

    Han Qing wasn’t paying attention as she walked through the lobby, she looks up from her phone  interjecting, “Ask Little Shi to find out who designed her dress.”  Han Qing has been bothered trying to figure out who might have designed the girl in the elevator’s dress.

  “…”  I am not asking my idiot nephew who designed the little girl’s dress!

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